100+ Delicious Recipe Puns that Will Leave You Hungry but Laughing

Everybody has a favorite dish. It’s a terrific chance to meet new people, share your culture, and try fresh foods. Another thing we all have in common is the need to laugh. So, for your safety, avoid telling these recipe puns while someone is eating.

These puns are so dense that they pose a choking hazard. (You have been forewarned!) So we hope you’re hungry because we’ve got a feast of hilarious recipe puns that will leave you in stitches!!

Funny Recipe Puns

These funny recipe jokes and puns are the perfect formulae for fun and amusement! And nothing is more wonderfully amusing than a good recipe pun. While these particular plays on words will not satisfy your appetite, they will make you laugh and leave you yearning for more.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a long list of delicious (and amusing) recipe puns that will have you laughing and daydreaming about your next meal. Good appetite! Have fun with them!

Most recipes in French-language culinary books call for only one egg. An oeuf is one egg.

My friend cooks by improvising a recipe and including a German white wine. It’s an add-on method of cooking.

Did you know Aerosmith recently published a Chinese cookbook?

Wok this way!

“Refrigerate for twenty minutes,” according to the recipe. I’m not going to fit in my fridge.

A friend’s recipe company, “Cooking with Spices,” has failed. His bank has requested bay leaves.

My neighborhood fajita restaurant serves delicious meals but refuses to share their recipe with me. Instead, they keep it a secret.

I have a collection of soup recipes. Do you want the detailed pages or simply the summary?

I tried to follow a recipe that recommended doubling everything for a larger quantity, but my oven only goes up to 600 degrees.

I came across a new recipe book for cooking with herbs. Thyme is the topic.

According to the recipe, I’ll need five cubed apples. One hundred twenty-five apples for a pie seems like a lot.

I was trying to come up with my haggis recipe, but I’m not sure what it entails.

The Great Skaro Bake Off featured a Dalek who was asked how many eggs were in the dish and how he prepared them. “EGGS, STIR, MIN 8!”

“Place the stew in the oven at 180 degrees,” the recipe instructed. It’s now poured all over the area.

It was a waste of thyme because I made a crap recipe using all the herbs and spices I knew.

My French friend shared his family’s recipe for cooking duck in its fat with me. His confidante is me.

How do you use the KFC secret recipe to open the vault?

Using a kinetic-key

What do you name a coven of witches who prepare simple recipes?

A Simple Bake Coven!

I’m not permitted to reveal the recipe for the bread served at the Indian restaurant. It’s a naan disclosure contract.

Have you heard about the chef who got an award for his chickpea recipe after passing away?

Unfortunately, it was given after hummus.

In one of my recipes, a deep dish crust is filled with little mice and topped with whipped egg whites. It’s called a Lemming Meringue Pie.

I discovered a new bread recipe that does not require you to get your hands dirty by mixing the dough. To put it another way, it is kneadless.

I will launch a website dedicated to discovering hidden dishes that use vegetables from the same family as onion and garlic that are incredibly fantastic with potatoes. It will be known as wikileeks.com.

Last night, I tried a vegan cookbook and was pleasantly impressed. Compared to any of the recipes in it, it was much better.

My mother refused to share her family’s secret chili recipe with me until she was 85. Then she revealed the truth.

A wife comes home to find her husband watching chess with a raw egg propped up on the other side.

I planned to experiment with a new spice recipe for my burgers. But I didn’t have any thyme.

A friend handed me a bunch of cooking supplies but no recipe. “I’m not sure what to make of this,” I thought.

Government employees can practice mixing up their own secret recipes in the Pentagon’s bakery. It operates on the principle of knead-to-know.

My legendary Irish uncle’s chili recipe calls for 239 beans. Another would be too farty.

Everyone got food illness due to my attempt to recreate authentic Middle Eastern dishes. I falafel.

However, I mistook the recipe for creating margarine. It churned into butter.

Recipe Puns

We might have come across recipes that aren’t too tasty. Recipes may or may not work or do not exist in this measurement. But I swear you will feel guilty about neglecting these amusing, inedible recipes, so we gathered them all in one collection, especially for you.

In one of my recipes, a deep dish crust is filled with little mice and topped with whipped egg whites. It’s called a Lemming Meringue Pie.

Try some Elephant stew, with “optional” rabbit thrown in for garnish. Serves thousands. However, I’m not sure the elephant would be edible after two months of being sliced into bite-sized pieces.

You’ve mastered ice. But can you stand the heat of boiling water?

I’m not sure; it sounds complicated.

Two cups of water and two tablespoons of water should be combined. To taste, add extra water. “I wish this recipe came in a Crock-Pot version. Unfortunately, I work long hours and do not have the time to devote to this type of hands-on cooking.”

This unusual dessert will necessitate a little larger refrigerator. “This is just for infrequent events – it takes a lot of time and effort, but the presentation is stunning!”

“This herb combines great with hog, beef, duck, and chicken meals, especially fatty meats,” she explained as she handed me a jar. “That’s pretty wise counsel,” I thought as I looked at the label.

What do you name a compact computer file containing pastry recipes?

Little bytes.

What do French dogs use to begin their recipes?

A roux

“This herb combines great with hog, beef, duck, and chicken meals, especially fatty meats,” she explained as she handed me a jar. “That’s pretty wise counsel,” I thought as I looked at the label.

Where can you learn the most challenging ice cream recipes?

Sundae high school.

What dish incorporates chicken and elephant parts?

Chicken dumbo.

I read the recipe wrong. I was preparing myself to make cottage cheese; unfortunately, I got rottage cheese instead. I found the flavor to be weird and disagreeable.

So I tried to prepare a cheesecake using a recipe from r/foodporn. The final step was to “cool in the refrigerator for sometime.” I’ve got my beer but it is freezing and suffocating here.

How do you describe a Mexican woman with three boobs?

Tres Leches Cake.

My wife was caught adding yeast to my favorite flatbread recipe, but I knew she was only teasing me.

A massive cargo of Chinese dumplings was hurled to the ground and broken into bits today by vandals who are upset about a modification in the recipe for the tasty treat. Local leaders are believed to be outraged by the indiscriminate devastation.

I recently purchased a new recipe app. Unfortunately, I’m having problems with security. 

The same way I read science fiction, I read cookery. Well, *that’s not going to happen,’ I think to myself as I draw to a close.

Eleanor, my grandma, offered me some of her excellent seafood dishes. However, no one wants to try my Salmon, Ella.

Cake day on Reddit marginalizes those who do not have a cake recipe. Cannibals, for example.

What is the recipe for Taco Bell’s secret sauce? No idea; they keep it a secret. I’ll prove myself.

My recipe for vegan beef pie. Step 1: Go out and find a new vegan.

What do you call it when a family’s turkey recipe is passed down through generations?

Basting and copying.

I asked my neighborhood baker for her incredible bread recipe. She stated that it is knead into a dough.

I was getting a recipe from a chef the other day. He informed me that the recipe required clarified butter. So I asked him to be a little more precise.

I discovered a simple cookie recipe that instructed me to combine all ingredients in one bowl and beat them together. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what good it did because nothing had changed when I returned.

What did he say when the frustrated cook ran out of spice for a meal?

“I’m out of thyme for this stuff.”

I came upon a book the other day that left me perplexed. **101 Recipes for Leftover Wine** Who doesn’t have leftover wine?

If you wait long enough, you’ll be able to make dinner. Everyone will consume cereal. Follow me on Instagram for more recipes!

Discover why Americans are so enamored with breasts! All of their cooking recipes are written in cup measurements.

Recent research has led to the discovery of a Samuel Taylor Coleridge translation of a British recipe for a citrus-based sauce. The “Lime of the Ancient Marinade” was its name.

My recipe for brats infused with vodka was never very well-liked. The dish was called the Absolut wurst.

My mother unintentionally used more butter than asked for in the recipe. It was merely a little blunder.

Why are there only 239 beans in Irish stew recipes?

Because one more would be too farty.

Is there a recipe for sausage with apples?

When I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for dinner tonight, she said she wanted a wiener in cider.

I recently received a recipe book for roadkill. So I gathered some roadkill and followed the recipe exactly. It tasted excellent, but I didn’t know what to do with his bike.

I discovered these tasty cannabis cookie recipes the other day. “That’s an odd place to put cookie recipes,” I thought.

Why didn’t the butter manufacturer reveal his secret recipe to anyone?

He was worried they’d spread it.

The recipe stated that the garlic should be crushed. “You’ll never amount to anything!” I told it.

This fresh barbecue taste air is delicious. But I think I’d want to return to the original recipe now.

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