51+ Best Reindeer Puns and Funny Quotes

In conventional festive legend, the reindeer of Santa Claus help Santa in delivering gifts to the kids on the Christmas Eve by pulling a sleigh through the night sky. There are as many as 8 fictional reindeer names, and here we have mentioned some interesting reindeer puns for enlivening your Christmas.

Reindeer Puns and Funny Quotes 

  • A 3-legged reindeer is going to be called Eileen.
  • Which reindeer of Santa has got the most horrible manners?


  • Reindeers come with fur coats since they appear to be pointless in plastic macs. 

_The favorite game of a reindeer happens to be stable tennis.

Reindeer Puns

_For Christmas, Rudolph wants a pony sleigh station.

_Rudolph did not go to school since he had been elf-taught.

_You do not see a lot of reindeer in the zoos because they cannot afford to admit them.

_What has to be given to a reindeer suffering from an upset stomach?

He has to be given elk-aseltzer.

_What is hung by the reindeer on the Christmas trees?


_A reindeer without any eyes will be called no idea.

_A reindeer without any legs and eyes will be called still no idea.

_What did Santa tell to his wife on Christmas Eve after looking out of the window?

It does appear like reindeer. 

_A reindeer that is able to write using his left as well as right hooves is going to be called bambi-dextrous.

_A reindeer having 3 eyes will be called a reiiindeer.

_The difference that exists between Rudolph and St. George is the fact that while one of them is known to slay a dragon, the other is known to drag a slay.

_A reindeer that has put on ear muffs will be called anything you want since he will not be able to hear you.

Reindeer Puns

_It will be possible to enter the house of Rudolph by ringing the deer-bell.

_A reindeer having one eye higher as compared to the other will be called Isaiah.

_Who happens to be the least favorite reindeer of a dinosaur?


_The reindeer are going to work for Santa against their wish on Christmas Eve. 

They are forced into sleighvery.

_What will be the price of Santa’s reindeer?

Nothing at all. They happen to be on the house.

_What is written by Santa when one of his reindeer expires?

A  Yule-logy.

_Why do Blitzer and Rudolph always drink coffee?

Since they happen to be my star bucks.

_No body bid for Blitzen and Rudolph on eBay since they had been two deer.

_What does a reindeer have which is possessed by no other animal?

Baby reindeer.

_What is wanted by young reindeer for Christmas?

They want a pony sleigh station.

_A reindeer who adores cheese will be called Mickey Moose.

_Why was a reindeer taken by a man to a party last night?

Because it had been a stag night.

_What is taken by the angry reindeer for dessert? They eat Cross Moose Puddings.

_Reindeer are known to use an advent colander for draining their carrots.

_What was done by Rudolph when he ended up losing his tail?

He visited the re-tail outlet.

_Why Rudolph became angry with his wife?

Because she visited the pub and blew 40 bucks.

_Why do Blitzer and Rudolph always drink coffee?

Because they happen to be my star bucks.

_Whom does Rudolph consider to be the meanest reindeer?

Olive since he always laughs and calls him names.

_What did Santa tell to Rudolph regarding the weather?

It will reindeer.

_Rudolph happens to be jealous since people always fawn over Bambi. 

_Nobody purchased Prancer or Rudolph since they had been extremely deer.

_What is a reindeer ghost called? 

A cari-boo!

_My deer, it appears to be like rain.

_You happen to be extremely deer to me.

_Oh deer, its Christmas Eve tonight!

_This Christmas is going to be cloudy with a possibility of reindeer.

_Although I slay every single day, I sleigh throughout the day on Christmas.

_One more day, one more sleigh.

Reindeer Puns

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