51+ Best Robbery Puns and Funny Quotes

The robbery comes under law-breaking situations where a man invades some one’s privacy and steal everything that is of any value. Even though robbery, not something any person would advocate and laugh at, but sometimes finding humour in the most difficult situation can ease up things to a lot of levels.

There have been jokes around most of the things in this world and robbery is no different. Let us have a look at some puns that revolve around robbery. 

Robbery Puns and Funny Quotes

What would a man call a pair of robbers who enter a moving car and steals everything from the owners?

They can be called Pirates of the car 

Robbery Puns

What time do robbers usually choose to move out and pull their act?

They wait for things to get a bit muggy 

What did the person say to the robber asked for his wallet?

He said ” No worries, you can have it, it is empty anyway.”

What happened of the robber who went for the ice cream?

He was caught off guard and was taken into custardy.

What was the well-suited place for people to avoid bank robbers’ bullets?

The best place could be where it is safe

What did the man was told by the police when he starts to tell about the incidence of the robbery that happened the other day?

He was asked to quit it and get to the chase already 

What is the most popular tool used by bank robbers to take care of their disguise?

They use Masking tape to fix the disguise 

What made the robber go through an emotional meltdown?

The robber took things too personally

What did the man tell the cops when he filed the complaint of his emotions been stolen by the robbers?

He said he could not feel a thing 

Robbery Puns

What would a robber say to the clock?

Robbers would pull out the gun say “Hands up!!”

-What was the biggest fear of the robber who robbed an apple store?

He was worried if there could be any iWitness coming up in the future

What happened to the robber who stole a calendar?

He was giving 12 months of imprisonment

How did the two-robber manage to go to the club, play golf and yet not win?

Because those two robbers did not play the fairway  

What are the most popular words of wisdom that is popular among the world of robbers?

They say “what you seize is what you get!”

What happened to robbers who stole the doughnuts?

They got away with the robbery as the case had a lot of Loop-Holes.

What can one term out the robbery of coffee?

It can be called a mugging 

What do people say about the bank robbery?

They say it is quite a safe job 

How would a robber go and rob a fruit stall?

He would pull out his gun and ask all the people to raise their hands “This is a strobbery!!”

How did the old day react when she was robbed and her television was also stolen?

She went running behind the robbers and reminded them that they forgot the remote!

Who would the worst kind of robbers?

It would be colds because they are way easier to be caught

 What happened when the two robbers went to do bank-robbing but both of them failed on doing so?

Because when one of them shouted “everyone in the building raise your hands”, they did it too in all the stress. 

A robber went to a bank and screamed: “Raise your hands or you will be GEOGRAPHY”.

To which the cashier replied – “You mean to say “raise your hands, or you will be HISTORY?”

The robber frustrated replied, “Don’t try to change the subject !!” 

How did the duck manage to rob the bank?

It learned to quack the code of the safe 

How did everyone in the bank got robbed so easily?

Because the robber was a yoga teacher as well, therefore, when he asked everyone to calm down, they did.  

Robbery Puns

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