51+ Best Rock puns

Geology is a serious study and people studying it can be considered to be geeks and boring. To strike humor in conversation and brag about your knowledge about rocks that you study, you can use them in your sentences as puns. Here are some rock solid puns for you. 

Rock puns

  • Stay away, albite.
  • You should know that if you hurt me, albite.
  • He was not taking me seriously when I said albite. They forced me anyway so I bit. 
  • You need ti start cracking jokes that do not fluorite over my head.

_ The form is important, you must phyllite. 

_ Father has been screaming for hours. Can you leave that work and focus on the form that was given and phyllite. 

_ She asked him if he was cummingtonite. 

_ It had been quite late. He just wanted to makes your that she was cummingtonite.

_ It has been a week since he did not tell his plans. I had to call him again and ask of he was cummingtonite.

_ She made very delicious food. But basalt was less. 

Rock Puns

_ She added too much basalt and the food was not edible anymore. 

_ I was sitting across the hallway and chalk-ing to her. 

_ She asked me if I would like to go for the pep chalk with her. 

_ She chalk-ed for a very long time before she got tired and shut up. 

_ It was such a difficult paper that I was not sure that I might diorite. 

_ He met will such an awful accident that I think he might diorite. 

_ The pain she felt was tremendous. She felt she is going to diorite. 

_ Of quartz she will attend the wedding. This is not even a question of doubt. 

_ Of quartz I have prepared the entire thing for the exam that are being conducted next week. 

_ He asked me if I will do him a favor. I told him of quartz I will. 

_ The quartz ordered him to be kept under watch for atleast a week before letting him go. 

_ The situation of the city was not so good. The quartz ordered people to stay at home and maintain peace. 

_ The quartz is above all. Above you and me and the police. 

_ The party was so jaded that most of us left in just half an hour of our arrival. 

_ She is such a great poet. The metamorphs she uses in her poems are crafted so intelligent. 

_ Metamorphically speaking, the sky will never meet the sea and people with always think they do because they are fooled by the illusion of horizon. 

_ She had a great collection of all clastic books of 80’s.

_ She dresses up in such a clastic way that my heart melts. 

_ With all these wars and riots, Geode might be regretting creating humanity. 

_ If there is Geode, he might me laughing at us sarcastically for all the hate we have created on his name. 

_ The death happened so naturally that all that people could say was that it is an act if Geode. 

Rock Puns

_ With time and distance, the relationship eroded and finished. It was painful but it was meant to be.

_ If you do not coat it with love, affection and care, relationships have this tendency of eroding with time and distance. 

_ It was a cobble’s night at the bar. 

_ The stags were not allowed. Only cobble’s entry was permited. 

_ They were my favorite cobble. They way they looked at each other melted my heart away in a second.

_ He was such a tuff nut, hard to crack open.

_ The paper was so tuff that I was in sweat and could to sitin the hall. 

_ She has a particular way of talking. Pelite and calm is her quality. 

_  His attitude was so rock solid that we did not ask him anything. 

Rock Puns

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