48+ Best Ron Weasley Puns and Funny Quotes

Harry potter, with time has become one of the most important parts of our life. The three most important characters Harry, Ron and Hermione became a household name, Ron Weasley gets as quirky at it could get, the weirdo of the trio and the one who had humor on his sleeve. There could be nothing funnier than having our favorite Ron Weasley be the part of new situation where he could be pun subject 

Ron Weasley Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What threat this Ron use while dealing with his bully? He could go up them and tell them that they are barking up the Ron tree 
  • What did Mr. Weasley say to his wife when they Ron was born? Mr. Weasley said “Well, honey we got off the Ron foot!” 
  • How did Hermione and Harry deal with the topic of Voldemort? Everything that came up with Voldemort in it they would say “if anything can go Ron, it will“
  • What did every one say to harry when he decided to go and fight Voldemort?Everyone would get paranoid and say “you are jumping to the ron conclusion “
  • What would Hermione say to Ron every time she visited him? She would say that he was always there in the right plays at the Ron time 
  • What would be happen if Ron would have a doppelgänger? Nothing, because two Rons don’t make a right 
  • What did the inner voice of Ron say every time he saw food? Ron would thank god for all food he has and say “Ron Appetit “ 
  • What did Harry and Hermione say to Ron every time the school got over and they returned to their homes? They would say “Ron Voyage “
  • What happened when Ron was born in the family of Weasley? The family said to themselves that there is yet another addition in “Bag of Weasleys”
  • Everyone thought that Ron was dumb 
  • Later, in the movie everyone discovered if he was quite a Weasley character 
  • What did Ron say to himself every time he faced a challenging situation to calm himself down? He would say to himself “Don’t worry Ron, you will get away with this Weasley!” 
  • How did Ron express his experience with the class Infront of Hermione? He would say it was a dry Ron 
  • What happened when Ron escaped with Harry in his car? It was a close call and they got saved by a miracle. It could have been a hit and Ron case 
  • What vegetable did Ron always add in his meals without missing every day? Ron would religiously add spinach in his diet because it was high in I-Ron!!
  • What was Ron’s favorite color? It was Saff-ron 
  • How did Hermione know that Ron was the best boyfriend ever? Because, Ron was a Keeper 
  • Is there anything like right Weasley? No, there is nothing but Ron Weasley 
  • Why did the protos decided to vote for Harry Potter as the president? Because, they did not want to elect Ron 
  • If Ron lives a decent life and dies what would he reincarnate as? If would take birth as a neuron 
  • Why did Ron lose the election? Because people thought that his elect Ron campaign was quite negative 
  • Why was Ron a legend to so many men out there? Because Ron was the only man who made it out of Friendzone 
  • What did Hermione say to Ron after she realized that she was in love with her?Hermione said to Ron that he was Ronderful 
  • What was one of the one that was on the bucket list for Ron? He always wanted to experience Squad-Ron 
  • What did Ron had to hear from his father every time he did a blunder and went into dept ? Ron’s father would say that “A fool and his money are usually Weasley parted “
  • What was the most ancient health sickness that run from generations in Ron’s family?Every one in his family once in their life time at least got Weasles
  • What did Harry realize when he met Ron for the first time? Harry knew that Ron would be a very good and loyal friend in the long Ron !
Ron Weasley Puns

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