50+ Rum Puns that Are Simply the Best Shot!

Are you a big fan of rum? Is it your go-to alcohol when you are stressed out? Here are some hilarious rum puns that can instantly fix your mood. Whether you have rum at home, you always have these rum puns to help you relax and have a good laugh. 

Funny Rum Puns

Rum is one of the most popular alcohols across the globe. Although we must always drink very consciously, a glass of rum can be quite soothing after a day of hard work. Even if you aren’t a drinker, you can always enjoy these funny rum puns and calm your mind.

  • Rumming away from your problems is meaningless.
  • All my relatives like rum because it rums in the family.
  • I was drinking rum with my girlfriend when she said,” Let’s rum away!”
  • Whenever I have rum, I feel like I was born to rum.
  • As a rule of rum, I have rum every Saturday.
  • Rum what may, I will never quit drinking rum.
  • While drinking rum, I was watching ‘The Rum Of All Fears”.
  • A pirate who drinks rum has a favorite brass instrument. It’s a T-rum bone.
  • The photographer was given a glass of rum. He said,” I don’t think this is my shot.”
  • The only character in Harry Potter who likes rum is Rum Weasley.
  • One of my friends refused to have rum. So I said,” I mean, rum on!”
  • I believe rum is enough to rum-ove all your problems in life.
  • Once I’m done with all my work, my stomach keeps rum-bling for rum.
  • Rum-ours say the comedian was arrested for telling offensive rum puns.
  • My friend was going through a crisis. So, we decided to have some rum and rum-inate about the problem.
  • My favorite dialogue from Forrest Gump is ‘Rum first, rum!”
  • When I meet my girlfriends, we always order rum because girls just wanna have rum.
  • We had a great party last night. You never realize how time flies when you’re having rum.
  • My friend was unable to answer my question. So, I gave him some rum and said,” Now, give it your best shot!”
  • I tried getting some free rum from the bar. It’s worth a shot.
  • After our house parties are finished, my friends always wash the glasses they have rum in. I mean, that’s very neat.
  • I am so depressed that I neat to hear some rum puns right now!
  • I speak to no one while I am drinking rum. I just text,” Alcohol you later!”
  • My friend has rum whenever he feels underconfident. But, when he succeeds, we all praise him,” That’s the spirit!”
  • Evil spirits scare me until I have some rum.
  • My friends are in good spirits whenever I serve rum at my house parties.
  • I thought about my previous relationship while having some rum. Then I realized that it was on the rocks.
  •  After I have some rum, I am always ready to rock your world.
  • My comedian friend tells hilarious jokes about rum. I said,” Ice love your rum puns!”
  • Whenever my girlfriend drinks rum, she hugs me and says,” Ice can’t live without you, my dear!”
  • A man tried to stop me from drinking rum. So I said to him,” Wait and watch. I am going to have some rum before your very ice.”
  • Whenever I go to the bar, I order some rum and say to it,” I only got ice for you, baby!”
  • Whenever we have rum, my friends sing ‘Ice, ice baby!”
  • I saw a man stealing a bottle of rum from a wine shop. When we came out, I said,” Icy what you did there.”
  • Drinking rum makes me realize that everyone in this world has hearts as cold as ice.
  •  I always have rum because I think it’s the coolest.

Rum Puns

While you enjoy a glass of rum, you can go through these rum puns that are smart and funny. Then, if you have a party where you have rum with your friends, you can share these rum puns with them, sharing the fun and laughter you’ve been enjoying by yourself.

  • I think rum is now mature enough to go off to cold-lege.
  •  Whenever my friend has rum, he gives everyone around the cold shoulder.
  • I think my glass of rum just said to me,” Stay cool, m’dude!”
  •  I thought I hated jokes, but it turns out I still love rum puns.
  • I was drinking rum when my girlfriend called me and said,” I’m still into you.”
  • People thought I could not drink rum. My principle is to fake it still you make it.
  • I was having a rum with my best friend when he said,” Please don’t make any pour choices in the future.”
  •   I think rum is beautiful enough to still your heart away.
  • We have access to rum, but that doesn’t mean we can abooze our privileges.
  • My friends invited me to a party, but I didn’t feel like going. So, I stayed home and had some rum by myself. When one of them called, I said,” I can’t make it tonight. I am pretty boozy.”
  • Whenever my friend has rum and gets drunk, he wants to play the d-rum.
  • I don’t believe rum can affect your teeth and give you rum disease.
  • I need some rum because I am battered and boozed.
  •  Whenever we have rum at our house parties, we party still your drop.
  • People who think rum is overrated must understand that it is never wrong to go back to booze-ics.
  •  I don’t know if it was the rum, but after the rain stopped, I saw rain-booze across the sky.
  • Whenever I go to sleep after having rum, I dream of rain-booze and unicorns.
  • You cannot serve rum at a maths party because drinking and deriving is risky.
  • A ghost went to the bar and asked for rum, but unfortunately, they didn’t serve spirits at the moment.
  •  It takes a galleon of rum to make a pirate drunk.
  •  When a pirate wants rum, he goes to the baaaaaaaaaar.
  •  When mobile phones want to have rum, they just take a screen-shot.
  •  The race car went to the bar and said to the waiter,” Rum rum!”
  •  I wanted to have a little glass of rum. So, I ordered a marteenie.
  •  Dogs cannot have rum because most of them can’t hold their licker.
  •  The alcohol was so tired of being drunk that it ran away.
  • When mice want to buy rum illegally, they go to the squeak-easy.
  •   A skeleton went to a bar and said,” Hi! Can I get some rum? And a mop?”
  • I like my rum as I like my films- pirated.
  •  I can hold my alcohol pretty efficiently unless the glass is slippery.
  • I say no to rum, but it never listens to me.
  • Who says alcohol is a problem? It is a solution.
  • Having rum gives me hope for the future. I believe the best is yet to rum.
  •  He carried the bottle of rum on his head because he wanted to uplift his spirits.
  • My friend knows so much about rum that it feels like he graduated Magna rum laude.

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