100+ Funny Sad Puns to Make You Laugh All Day

Do you looking for some amazing sad puns? So, here we bring some of the best puns from our list. 

These puns make you feel bad or good but, all in all, it will help you to write for your friends or for other official work. 

Check out the best puns we have listed below and share it with your loved ones through Watsapp or text messages:

Sad Puns

  • Although sad blood over the contract may hurt morale, for now they are happy to have a victory in hand.
  • The last guy that sent her flowers was a motorcycle gang member, a real sad egg.
  • The sad blood exploits patients.
  • It’s better to hit the sad than to suffer later.
  • I know my values. I’m not half sad.
  • While walking on the road, be concious to take the wrong sad.
  • Wrong sad will never lead you to the right path.
  • People mostly shows good sad of themselves rather than their original sad.
  • Ahh! Sad what we call a beauty!
  • Sad only your fault, not mine!
  • I’m not sad much perfect, but sad’s completely fine.
  • Why don’t you understand? You have lost sad person.
  • A girl like sad is a proud daughter to her family.
  • Be sad insane for your passion!
  • Sad is enough!
  • I love sad fruit much!
  • Sad is not right!
  • Sad is compeltly fine to be there!
  • Better to ignore sad stupidity.
  • If you want to get sad happiness, learn to ignore foolish people.
Sad Puns
  • Sad is the clever person.
  • Who is sad in white shirt?
  • I still remember sad show of 90s. I used to watch it with my whole family.
  • Sad’s wonderful!
  • No matter what other’s are saying, Sad’s what I’m
  • The bed is so depressed, because nothing mattress!
  • Some magazines seems sad, because they have so many issues!
  • Watermelon upsets instantly because they’re melomdramatic.
  • So Sorry and Apologize doesn’t work at a funeral.
  • Everyone keep walking over the stairs, that because it was upset.
  • Depresso is a sad cup of coffee.
  • Reali-tea is much hard to digest.
  • Don’t be in sad talk.
  • Sad was too annoying!
  • Sometimes life was not sad much happy. Therefore, adjust with the situation.
  • I tried hard. But, I think, sad was God’s will.
  • He is sad guy because he never think about others well-being.
  • Why you were so sad with people. Learn how to respect others.
  • Sad’s all over!
  • Sad sound great.
  • Thing sad go in a right way.
Sad Puns

Sad Jokes

  • Whether it’s done or not? Sad’s the question!
  • Don’t be in the sad company.
  • You need to work upon your sad attributes.
  • Sad friends will lead you no where.
  • If you follow the sad, sad will come to you.
  • Hard cases makes sad law.
  • Sad rules are not for the welfare of the company but it bring sad outcomes.
  • Students hate sad teacher.
  • Try to be good among sad people.
  • Sad books will never give you good knowledge.
  • You need to be patient during the sad situations of life.
  • The team was pretty sad last year.
  • Karine sad introduced me two books. Which gives lot of benefits.
  • I sad that ravishing earnings, which he gifted me last year.
  • Sad lunch or not?
  • Don’t forget to cover sad during the time of worship.
Sad Puns
  • Why are you talking out of the sad?
  • We sad a great time together.
  • She threw back her sad and laughed hard.
  • As I turn my sad, I saw he was there waiting for me.
  • The rest of the head is filled with injury.
  • She covered sad to toe with clothes.
  • Have you attended sad fair?
  • Sad experiences of haggling with illegal touts in a dodgy minicab offices are rooted in people’s minds.
  • When you do watch sad news daily, it will make you depress.
  • Sad custom and traditions will exploits women.
  • Sad investment shakes the financial stability of the company.
  • Sad spellings or misplaced commas acceptable in text messages.
  • Sad breath and sad smell are common symptoms of this disease.
  • I put my sad over his shoulder and hold there for a moment.
Sad Puns

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