56+ Best Science Puns and funny Quotes

Science students are usually considered geeks and boring. You can relate science things in your daily life. You need to break this myth but letting them know that science can be fun to and can be used in humour. Here are some science puns that will make Edison laugh from his grave.

Science Puns and funny Quotes 

  • When she was asking for my advice, I wanted to give her a solution and not be just a precipitate. 
  • In relationships if you want to come down to one solution, you will have to dissolve. Those who do not dissolve, they precipitate. 
  • If she is ready to sit down with you and be a part of solution that means she is dissolving her anger for you. Otherwise it is very easy to precipitate. 
  • We all carried heavy luggage for the trip but he said he is like photon, travelling light. 
  • I just can not trust you anymore. You are like an atom. You make up everything.
  • Good ones will always stay. Bad ones argon. 
  • I sat there waiting for you to come back that day. But you argon. 
  • It was a very chemical situation. We all busted laughing. 
  • The space at which he is walking, he might take another couple of hours to reach the destination. 
  • It was a very sad moment for all of us present there. We all had theory eyes. 
Science Puns
  • It is empirical that he was cured from such a grave illness. 
  • Why are you here? You should be atom the library. 
  • This is the test book of science I have read so far. 
  • The situation was so fact that I had no idea how to actually deal with it. 
  • The electron kettle has stopped working and I need someone to repair it for me. 
  • I proof-er coffer over tea. 
  • They lab the crowd to a deserted location so that every one was safe from the disaster. 
  • The matter was too small. They fought for it uselessly. 
  • You have not even matter. How can you be so sure about how she is like. 
  • The mass was shut and we had to cook for ourselves. 
  • The nuclear dress was so pretty that she wore it on the same day. 
  • You should first make a nuclear solution and then the start the experiment. 
  • The fusion show was a big it. It earned a lot of money. 
  • We are going for fusion next morning. If you want, you can join us. 
  • The fission will be great at this time of the year. You should come with us in the morning when it is all quite around. 
Science Puns
  • The fission was failed and we sat with our low hopes and sadness until the leader stood up and talked about how to begin again. 
  • The hidden measure was the most talked topic of the town but no one really knew as to where it was. 
  • It was a lucky gas. 
  • Can you cell his name?
  • I can cell some thing fishy in the room. 
  • The best Edison for any illness is laugher. You must try it. 
  • The motion of society is out dated. You can do it as you please. 
  • The motion was aborted because the climate conditions do not allow that. 
  • The magician performed his matrix and all of us were amazed. 
  • I do not have time to talk for now. I will get back to you laser. 
  • The nobel rang and children rang out.
  • He was in joule. They let him out last week. 
  • The entire solar system is corrupt.
  • There was no solution to the problem he was talking about. 
  • Acid that I will meet him soon but he was not ready to wait. 
  • The refract was that he can go about on his own. 
Science Puns

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