50+ Funny Scoop Puns and Jokes

A scoop of ice cream is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights in the world for anyone who loves ice cream. Ice cream scoops are available in different flavors throughout the world and enjoyed by all kinds of people. Making puns about scoops can also entertain a lot of ice cream lovers.

Scoop Puns

  • What did a scoop of ice cream say o his partner for making him fall in love with her? He said, “You have always made me melt.”
  • What kind of a girlfriend do you have if you are dating a scoop of ice cream? You have a sweet girlfriend.
  • What did the chocolate scoop answer when it was asked why it was always late for work? It said, “Gelato my time is used up for feasting on ice cream.”
Scoop Puns

_Why did the shopkeeper keep the scoop away in the refrigerator? Because it lost cone-trol whenever it was brought out.

_What would you say about a scoop of ice cream that was sentenced to twelve years in prison? You would say that it got “Just desserts.”

_Why can ice cream scoops never make good soldiers? Because they are softy.

_Why does the scoop of ice cream never stop having a good time? Because it is always chilling.

_What did the strawberry scoop say to his lover? He said. “You are my one and cone-ly true love.”

_Why are ice-cream cones known to make amazing partners? Because they love you un-cone-ditionally.

_What did the scoop hear from his lawyer? He heard that he had just been served.

_Why does a scoop of ice cream so good? Because it is creamed with tasty ingredients.

_Why does the ice cream scoop always take an umbrella wherever he goes? Because for him, there is always a possibility of sprinkles.

_Why should you never hire an ice cream scoop for an important work? Because it will always be found chilling out.

_How do you serve a scoop of ice cream to an astronaut? You give him a float.

_How do I demand a vanilla scoop that is denied to me? Ice cream.

_What did the scoop tell his friend who was sad on his birth anniversary? He said, “Cheer up! Its sherbet day.”

_How do you encourage a scoop of ice cream to do something it is not too sure about? You say, “I know you cone do it.”

_Which flavour did the electrician choose for his scoop of ice cream? He chose shock a lot.

Scoop Puns

_How do you know that someone loves the soft serve scoop? They have a soft spot in their hearts for them.

_What did the ice cream scoop say while breaking up with her boyfriend? She said, “We were never mint to be together.”

_What did the over excited gossip monger say to his friend? She said, “Did you hear about the latest scoop?”

_Why are ice cream scoops so popular among their friends? Because they are the coolest.

_How did the ice cream scoop express his love for his partner? He said, “I love you cherry much.”

_What do you call a group of ice cream scoops who take part in a heist together? You call them partners in cream.

_What were the ice cream scoops protesting against? They were protesting against the dis-cream-inatory policies of the state.

_Why was the ice cream scoop bad at playing tennis? Because it was a soft serve.

_Why was the ice cream scoop always invited to the party? Because it was cool to have him around.

_What did the ice cream say to compliment his wife? He said, “I melt when you are here.”

_Where did the ice cream scoop go to complete his studies? He went to the sundae school.

_Which TV series does an ice cream scoop love to watch? Game of Cones.

_Which is the ice cream scoop’s favourite day of the week? Sundae.

_What would you call an ice cream scoop who refuses to abide by the law? You would call it un-cone-stitutional.

_What a scoop of ice cream like to do the most during its free time? Netflix and chill.

_Which breed of dogs have scoops of ice cream as its staple food? The Dashchundae.

Scoop Puns

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