236+ Seal Puns Of to Brighten the Day

There is something about seals alone that makes the human heart go ‘aww.’ However, something that brings delight as well as kaughter into the table is a seal-ection of rad seal puns and jokes that will surely seal the deal. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy because you are in one seal of a ride!

Funny Seal Puns

I seal-iously cannot stress this enough. Seals are the cutest, and seal puns and jokes have the ability to cure the most depressed! Brace yourselves for this seal-ection of seal puns and jokes presented solely for you.

  • I sealed a deal for a 100 million rupees today. It was terrific!
  • I seal you bought a new car. It is gorgeous.
  • “Seal you later!” Said Sarah, waving goodbye to her friend.
  • “I seal love him,” sobbed the grief-stricken ex-girlfriend.
  • “Can I seal a star for you?”
Asked the young boy to his crush at school.
  • The sunset was so beautiful, we could see seal-houettes.
  • “I seal love to be your friend,” Harish said and smiled at the new boy in class.
  • “I seal start working on the contract as soon as possible,” assured the lawyer to her client.
  • Seal-ly me! I cannot stop laughing at these seal puns.
  • These seal puns are the seal-iest I have heard so far.
  • Seal with it!
  • Oh seal, yeah!
  • Do not be seal-y.
  • Seal-ing is an offence under the law.
  • The third button on my shirt came off, so I sealed it with a needle.
  • “Do you seal want to play with me?”
Asked the girl who accidentally hurt her best friend.
  • “I seal see you in court!” said the defendant of the most recent murder case.
  • “Can I get more drinks, seal vous plait?”r.
asked the French man visiting the ba
  • The company just made a huge seal that led to millions of profit. It was time for a seal-ebration.
  • Let us all go to the seals for a vacation.
  • I love to have seal fish at the beach.
  • Ever since she has moved in, she keeps sealin’ my t-shirts.
  • “I seal be of great service to you and your country,” said the prince from Seal-station.
  • “Good to seal you after so long!” He exclaimed after he met his best friend after two years.
  • I cannot seal with the pandemic anymore.
  • This seal-ection of seal puns is taking my heart away.
  • “It seal be my pleasure to take you out on a date,” said the sea animal to his girlfriend.
  • It seal not bother me if she talks crab about me.
  • He pulled out a hand and said, “seal we dance?”
Seal Puns
  • I seal-ute the men who die for the country every day.
  • I seal-ute the men who are in the Navy Seals.
  • “Did you seal what I just did there?”
Asked the amused seal.
  • “It’s been a long day without you, my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I seal you again!” Wiz Khalifa vocalized.
  • Seal you on the other side of the bridge.
  • Seal videos on Instagram Reels always succeed in sealing my heart.
  • These seal puns are seal-liously so funny!
  • Do not be seal-y, you’ll pass the exam with flying colours.
  • Seal-f care is essential.
  • Seal puns are the seal-iest!
  • The kid was terrified about his examination because he didn’t even know the seal-abus.
  • If you spot a seal that enjoys gazing at the stars, it is interested in seal-lestial bodies.
  • All the seals wanted to seal-ebrate his upcoming birthday.
  • If you think we won’t seal-ebrate your birthday, think again because we will.
  • I hope your seal-lebratory birthday supper fills you up!
  • They seal-ebrated my birthday with a huge cake.
  • All seal broke loose when the two seals got into a nasty brawl.
  • Today’s generation sure is addicted to seal-fies.
  • “Oh crab! I forgot my seal-met!” Exclaimed the seal when it sat on its two-wheeler.
  • “You are too seal-fish!” screamed the seal.
  • The seal-ection of food at that restaurant is amazing!
  • They were seal-fish because they never sent the seals any gifts on Christmas.
  • “It seal be my pleasure to take you out on a date,” said the seal to his girlfriend.
  • It seal not bother me if she talks crab about me.
  • She was one seal of a girl; too bad she’s moving to the Pacific.
  • The seal gave up and bought a seal-phone as well, owing to pier pressure.
  • I seal call you on your seal-phone.
  • Being greedy and seal-fish doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • The seal-fless seal sacrificed itself to protect the country.
  • A bunch of the seal-fless seals in the army received a tidal of honor for saving the country.
  • It a-piers to me that seal puns are one seal of a thing.
  • The seal-ection of funny seal puns made everyone laugh.
  • Last night was a turtle disaster and the seal-ection of events that followed was shrimply horrifying.
  • She wanted to get rid of her seal-f esteem issues.
  • The seal-ebrities on the stage crabbed everyone’s attention.
  • One should set their seal’s goals early in life.
  • I don’t under-seal how seal puns can be so seal-y.
  • Seal-ing is a bad habit.
  • His ex-seal-ment was contagious.
  • Being a Navy Seal requires you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • The seal-ver lining is, that it is finally summer break.
  • I went shopping with the girls today because Forever 21 had a huge seal.
  • Baby seals never fail to seal my heart away.
  • Seal puns are funny, snow joke.
  • All seals are accustomed to the same elevation, the seal level.
  • She didn’t have anything to wear to the party, but she had to seal the deal.
  • I love to have seal-food.
  • They seal-ebrated their huge victory by doing a seal-y dance.
  • His seal-fy was just otter than mine.
  • He was sealing with the devil for playing Dungeons and Dragons with the rowdy kids.
  • The businessman made a fair seal that day.
  • He aspired to be a doctor so that he could seal the slowly dying world from sickness and diseases.
  • It was one seal of a meal we had in today’s brunch.
Seal Puns

Funny Seal Jokes

Seals are attractive and amusing creatures, and simply thinking about them can quickly improve anyone’s demeanor. Seal puns and jokes? They’re a step ahead.

  • Why was the seal so secretive?
Because it was con-sealed.
  • How did the sea animal ask a girl out on prom?
By saying, “Seal we dance?”
  • Where do seals work usually?
At the seal-icon factory.
  • What did the seal’s best friend say?
“I cannot give you the seal of approval for such stupidity.”
  • What did the wounded seal say to the shark?
“Do not consume if seal is broken!”
  • How did the seal enjoy its weekend?
By diving into the sea-nemas.
  • How did the seal propose to his girlfriend?
By saying, “Will you be my seal-mate?”
  • How did the seals enjoy their date night?
By observing the seal-lestial bodies and gazing at stars.
  • What do seals do with their smartphones?
They take a million seal-fies.
  • How do seals call each other?
With seal-phones.
  • What did the seal’s childhood friend say to him?
“Long time no sea!”
  • Where does a seal keep its books?
On its book-sealf.
  • What is a famous seal called?
A seal-ebrity.
  • What do rich seals travel in?
A seal-icopter.
  • What is the funniest book about seals called?
A Seal-ection of Seal Puns and Jokes.
  • Why do seals never donate?
Because they are too seal-fish.
  • What did the young seal say to his mother before she tucked him in?
“Seal night!”
  • Why did the seal decide to cross the road despite being away from its mates?
To get to the other tide.
  • How did the seal propose to his girlfriend for seven years?
By saying, “Seal you marry me?”
  • How do seals measure time in space?
With seal-years.
  • How seals keep a secret?
By keeping their lips sealed.
  • What did the seal say when it got its favourite ice-cream?
“Oh seal, yeah!”
Seal Puns
  • What is a seal’s favourite snack to munch on in the sea-nema hall?
  • What is a seal’s favourite food item?
A pup-sicle.
  • What do seals do when they require medical attention?
Sea kelp.
  • Where do seals go to see movies?
The sea-nema hall.
  • Where do seals go to see movies?
The dive in.
  • Why are George W. Bush’s grades similar to a seal’s feeding habits?
Because they are both below the C level.
  • What animals can be found in legal documents?
  • How do you send a letter under the sea?
With a seal.
  • What seals defend the country?
Navy seals.
  • What is a seal’s favourite shape?
A seal-inder.
  • What prevents the ocean from leaking?
  • What did the seal say when it hit a wall?
  • What did the teacher say when the students complained about the excess homework?
“Seal with it!”
  • What kind of Pokemon would a seal be?
A sealmon.
  • What do you get when you cross a seal and a salmon?
A sealmon.
  • What did the consumer court of seals recently deliver?
“One should not consume the product if the seal is broken.”
  • Why was the technician hesitant to remove the seal?
It did not want to make the warranty void.
  • What stops the seals from entering the world of fairies?
A magic seal.
  • Why were the seals sad?
The veterinarian could not seal the sick seal.
  • What did the businessman ask his client?
“Seal or no seal?”
  • Why was the businessman so happy?
Because he made a huge seal.
  • What did the polar bears order from McDonald’s?
A happy seal.
  • How did the seal show compassion to the upset otter?
By saying, “I seal you.”
  • How did the seals celebrate the victory?
By doing a seal-y dance.
  • How do seals elect their leaders?
With a seal-ection.
Seal Puns

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