55+ Best Second Hand Puns and Funny Quotes

In case we purchase a second-hand item it will be feasible to save the object from getting added to a landfill anywhere. Also, in case individuals purchase lesser new items, the pollution created in manufacturing them will be more secondary as well. There is likewise no need to pay sales tax once again. Here we have mentioned some captivating second-hand puns.

Second-Hand Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I watched an individual shopping at one particular second-hand store with only one arm.

I informed him that he will not be finding what he was searching for.

  • Yesterday I had been a vehicle boot sale and purchased a container of second-hand publications.
Second Hand Puns

Although they might be outdated they are nevertheless news to me.

  • It is not clear to me why so many affluent parents purchase second hand vehicles for their spoiled kids.

For what reason would you like to have 2 things which are 20 years of age and will not work?

_Although I placed an order for several second hand cards decks one month ago from a casino, I am yet receive any of them.

Once an update was asked by me, they told that they are nevertheless dealing with it.

_I had been smoking in a crowded space and was somewhat concerned initially when somebody shouted at me whether I knew that second hand smoke was more detrimental as compared smoking.

However, after thinking a little, I understood that the right decision was actually made by me.

_Although I purchased a second hand DeLorean only recently, I make use of it only on special occasions.

_I received a second hand Apple personal computer only recently and it is in very fine condition …

You might say it is actually iMaculate.

_A second hand Time Machine was purchased by me, and I like to inform you that they no longer manufacture them in the same manner they used to do some 50 years ago.

_I purchased a second hand vehicle only recently.

It had only one previous owner who had been an old lady and she used it just once every week on Sundays when it was taken by her drag racing.

_I came across a fantastic bargain at a second hand outlet.

Second Hand Puns

At present, I simply require purchasing the remainder of the watch.

_Although a second hand bunch of cards was purchased by me in Las Vegas from a casino, they had not arrived even after 4 weeks.

While I demanded for an update it was told by them that they were nevertheless dealing with the order.

_I was in the habit of purchasing second hand ballet kit from eBay.

Although I still do, I made use of tutu.

_I had been in a second hand outlet.

I asked the shop’s owner whether they had condoms.

He told me not to be unreasonable and that they did not have any condoms. 

I told him that he had been a bold man and I admired his style.

_I am about to go to Bangalore for opening a second hand garment outlet.

And I will be calling it “Who is Sari Now.’

_To whom will you sell second hand bikes?

A re-cyclist.

_Captain Hook’s hook was purchased by him from a second hand outlet.

_For what reason was the road crossed by the one-handed person?

For reaching the second hand outlet.

_I am planning to open an outlet selling artificial limbs.

One should name it as second hand second hand outlet.

_Right now I went through a book regarding clocks.

All of it had been almost second hand information.

_Man 1 asked Man 2 that he had been dating his ex-girlfriend and how he liked making use of second hand.

Man 2 replied that it seems like brand new after the initial couple of inches.

_I have a buddy with just 1 arm.

He purchased a second hand since he wished to generate more cash.

_When one door is going to close another is going to open …

… and this is exactly when you will come to know that you have purchased a really awful second hand vehicle.

_Although an antique clock was handed to me by my grandfather it had been missing the minute as well as the hour hands.

I think that’s what happens once you obtain a clock which is second hand.

_I have heard that r/Jokes will be opening a brick and mortar site …

Obviously, it is going to be a second hand outlet. 

Second-Hand Puns

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