150+ Funny September Puns and Jokes that Will Make You Laugh

Apart from being the ninth month of the year, the month of September is considered to be the very beginning of the autumn season after the monsoon comes to an end. Mentioned below are some best September puns as well as quotes that you can actually always use.

September Puns

  • He is the SEPTEMBER of that group 
  • I want the SEPTEMBER – SHIP of that group 
  • Are you the SEPTEMBER of that club 
  • I really really wish to have the SEPTEMBER – SHIP of that club 
  • He deals in SEPTEMBER wood 
  • All this furniture is made of SEPTEMBER 
  • Why do you live SEP – RATELY 
  • They are carrying out the SEP – RATIST movement in the state 
  • Johnny SEP was the main character of the movie Pirates Of Carribean 
  • I just love that character of Johnny SEP of that movie Pirates of Carribean 
  • You need to do it SEP by SEP 
  • You need to follow all the SEPTS of this manual 
  • You can actually operate this machine only when you follow all the SEPTS of this manual carefully 
September Puns
  • I saw his foot SEPTS on the floor of your house 
  • His FOOT SEPTS were the clear signal that he was also present their inside the room 
  • I have done all the SEP – RATIONS for the party tonight 
  • Are you SEP – ARED for your examination which is supposed to be held tomorrow 
  • Keep all the dishes SEP – ARED before all my friend as well as my colleagues are home for dinner 
  • Are you SEP – ARED for your viva 
  • Did you SEPT that with you 
  • I want you to do a Dance SEPT 
  • SEPTS are found in the areas of Eastern Europe or Siberia 
  • What will be your First SEPT for beginning with this mission of yours 
  • I SEPT but then she came in to my room and disturbed my sleep 
  • Are you SEPT or still awake 
  • Last night I SEPT with him 
  • Can you please teach me that Dance SEPT which you do so perfectly. 
  • He SEPT while he was driving 
  • Anti – SEPTIC is basically a disinfectant 
September Puns
  • No other person can do this Dance SEPT which she actually do it with so much of perfection. 
  • Dettol is an ANTI – SEPTIC 
  • We must first clean our wounds with the ANTI – SEPTIC before applying any cream on it 
  • Is she SEPT now 
  • You must try the shampoo which I use as I found it very effective for my hair and that is Clinic All YEAR
  • Now it’s time that you think of your CAR – YEAR
  • Just start thinking of your CAR – YEAR now
  • She has SEP – ARED well for her examination and I know she will perform well 
  • In which field do you want to make your CAR – YEAR
  • It was very C – YEAR from her words that she won’t support you at all 
  • Did you decided that what you want to be in your CAR – YEAR
  • When did the symptoms AP – YEAR
  • Let’s just be C – YEAR with our stance over this topic 
  • Her AP – YEARANCE in the movie was merely for few minutes but her acting was fantastic
  • This is the glowing coal which is also known as SEPT – EMBER 
  • You must YEAR your uniforms
  • You all need to YEAR your dresses as it is the time for your performance
September Puns

September Jokes

  • Do you know that glowing coal is actually called as SEPT – EMBER 
  • What are you YEARING with your black dress
  • He is the COMMITTEE SEPTEMBER of that special committee 
  • I will be YEARING red colour accessories along with my white colour gown
  • I have the Amazon SEPTEMBER – SHIP 
  • You need not to COMP – YEAR yourself with her
  • I am not COMP – YEARING you with her
  • You can actually watch many amazing movies on Amazon SEPTEMBER – SHIP 
  • Stop COMP – YEARING me with that stupid friend of yours
  • It is a YEAR or rather a very small amount of money which I have with me
  • That box is of SEPT – AMBER colour 
  • Can you YEAR your uniform by yourself or I need to come for your help
  • SEPT – AMBER is basically a yellow light which is used to signal the trains 
  • In early times S – YEARS were actually used as the weapons with which they safeguarded themselves
September Puns
  • Do you SEPTEMBER what I told you last week 
  • Primitive people used to make S – YEARS as well as axes as their weapons in order to protect themselves from the wild animals
  • I don’t SEPTEMBER that what you told me last month about her 
  • Do SEPTEMBER to take your all the accessories as well as all your essentials with you when you go for your trip to London 
  • Yes I SEPTEMBER that you told me to get your work done but unfortunately I forgot it and I am really really sorry for that. 
  • You must actually take care of your SEP – UTATION 
  • Aren’t you concerned about your SEP – UTATION 
  • I had that scooty which is called SEP PLUS earlier 
  • Earlier I had my personal scooter SEP plus 
  • You must take a SEP of this drink 
  • At least taste a SEP of this juice 
  • I would like to offer you a SEP of this special as well as most delicious drink 
  • If You really want to taste it then I can share only a SEP of it with you any ways 
September Puns

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