100+ Short Puns that Will Keep You Giggling!

You Don’t Always Need Stories in Order to Tell Jokes. These Short Puns Are Short, Crisp, and Concise but Will Make You Laugh for A Long Time. Short Puns Are Also Easy to Remember, and That Helps You Use These Short Puns Anywhere and Everywhere You Go. 

Funny Short puns

Short puns are always in demand, and everyone wants something to make them laugh once in a while. If you love short puns, you might want to remember these. Use them anywhere you want, and these short puns will make people fall in love with you.

  • If I take the job of cleaning mirrors, I can actually see what I’m really doing.
  • A man who never stands is called Neil.
  • A bird that is ill must definitely get some tweetment.
  • She challenged me to drive a car auto spaghetti, so I simply drove pasta.
  • I don’t know why it just run when I called the ladder company.
  • They seem to have been too many knights during the Middle Ages.
  • The eater clock is really time-consuming.
  • Hold on tight
  • Six was afraid of seven because 7 ate 9.
  • The bond we’re definitely has to use Caesars the cart an Italian emperors hair.
  • You can always cut an ocean in half. With the sea-saw of course.
  • The longer fairy tales seem to dragon.
  • A factories that sell items that we like is known as satis-factory.
  • That famous dentists name has been put on a plaque.
  • Do you know what eggs love to drive?
  • Every time I wake up seems to be an eye-opening experience.
  • My computer has had a very hard drive and the heat has got to it.
  • Ever since I came to know that atoms make up everything, I simply stopped trusting them again.
  • A stick is only a boomerang that never returns.
  • A large mammal with long hair in sandals in Africa is known as a hippie-potamus
  • If a fish has no eye what is it called?
  • Some water animals escape from the zoo, and there was otter chaos everywhere.
  • Never eat excess alphabet soup. You may have extreme vowel movements.
  • Until it hit me, I just kept wondering why the ball was getting bigger.
  • The Little Pony is hoarse. It’s called the cold and has a sore throat
  • The two walls went ahead and met in the corner 
  • The scarecrow prove to be truly outstanding in his field of work.
  • Trying to become a vegetarian has been one of my biggest missed-steaks.
Short Puns
  • It is a complete waist to buy a belt that does not fit.
  • Want to know how your Mercedes-Bends?
Drive it into a tree.
  • To make an astronomer’s birthday party a grand success, you must planet well in advance.
  •  “Aye Matey,” is what the octogenarian pirate captain said on his birthday.
  • Don’t tell me it’s the end of the world just because I don’t know what apocalypse means.
  • Using aloha heat for cooking it’s a really healthy thing to do.
  • I seem to have dyed a little inside ever since I accidentally drank that color.
  • Tuning a piano is OK. Now try to tuna fish also
  • When the teacher got the students’ report on cheese, she simply grated it.
  • Ever since I lost my moodring I’m at a loss as to what I should actually feel about it.
  • What are the two first meals that Vin Diesel eats every day?
Breakfast and breakfurious.
  • You’re bound to lose your case if you sue the airlines company for the loss of your luggage.
  • Whittle by whittle I carved this wooden figurine.
  • It is simply a waist of time to have a belt made of watches.
  • Dumbo was sad when they said he was irrelephant.
  • When I zeroed in on him I simply said: “Thanks for nothing mate.”
  • My lionhearted grandfather was simply banned from the zoo.
  • You know why a club goes back 4 seconds?
Because it’s hungry.
  • Everyone has always been dying to get into the cemetery. Should the vicar simply put the friends around it.
  • Even the cake was in tiers at the beautiful wedding ceremony.
  • Guess who you will meet when you follow The Fresh Prints of Bel Air?
Will Smith.
  • You can always trust a state with anything, especially since they always lead up to something.
  • Do alcohol may not fix our problems, but it’s definitely worth a shot.
  • Do you think February can March?
No, April May though.
  • I really don’t know Y, but I know only 25 letters of the alphabet.
  • If you watch a shipwreck, it will sink in.
  • A restaurant in the moon will have fantastic food but hardly any atmosphere at all.
  • What does a bossy man do when he walks into a bar?
He orders everyone a round.
  • Do you know Forrest gump’s e-mail password?
  • The most favorite music that mummies love is wrap.
  • A walk is only a fly without wings.
  • You need to let a mango if he doesn’t really value you.
  • Today butterflies really aren’t what they once used to be.
  • When a crazy wife sees she can see moves are falling from the sky, the husband corrects her by saying that those aren’t moose but reindeer.
  • Sprinters eat nothing before a race. The fast awesome
  • Darth Vader always felt the presents of Luke Skywalker. No wonder that he could predict what was bought for.
  • Sir-Cumference was the night who invented king Arthur’s round table.
  • Fanta-sea is a fantastic ocean of orange soda.
  • Guess why the Viking bought a secondhand boat?
Because he couldn’t a-fjord a new one.
  • Time flies like an arrow. But it takes a banana to fly like a fruit.
  • A complete nervous wreck is what you will find shooting at the bottom of the sea.
  • Guess what you’ll get by crossing a moment and a goblin?
  • The South is too far to walk it. No wonder then that birds have to fly there for winter.
  • Do you know how an Eskimo builds his house?
Igloos it together.
  • Have my last wish is that I have a smoking hot body. So cremate me when I die closer.
  • Vikings only buy boats whenever there is a sail.
  • The grape give out a little wine when it was being crushed.
  • Colds are really bad criminals as they’re easy to catch.
  • Aliens in Star trek have three ears – the left ear, the right ear, and the front-ear.
  • The cyclops had to close his goal because he had just one pupil.
  • A father computer is always addressed as Data by its offspring.
  • Whenever the banana does not peal well it simply goes to its doctor.
  • The only rock show that costs 45 cents has to be a 50 Cent concert that features Nickelback.
  • Oysters or shellfish that never donate to charity.
  • The coffee had to call the police because it got mugged.
  • Lionel Richie cross the road just to say Hello to us.
  • Say bye bye to winterfat and hello do spring rolls.
Short Puns

cool Short puns

Didn’t get enough of short puns, did you? Worry not, for we have more short puns made just for you to gag on. These short puns are fresh and will keep you tingling with some laughter the entire day. Happy Laughing along with these short puns.

  • Sign language is pretty handy.
  • Only because it was framed, the painting landed up in jail also
  • The Penguin’s favorite aunt is called Aunt-Artica.
  • R2 detour it’s actually a Droid that has taken the longer route.
  • That book on antigravity is impossible to put down.
  • I’ve tried exercising, but it never seems to work out.
  • I bought this boat because it was on sail.
  • To get to the other slide, you really need to across the entire ground.
  • The cat didn’t bother to go to the vet because it was feline fine.
  • When my lamps were all stolen, I was simply de-lighted.
  • All jokes about German sausages are the wurst ever.
  • What is a man without arms and legs in your mailbox?
  • Guess what the Dalmatian said after lunch?
That really hit the spot.
  • A hippo and a zippo are different only by weight.
  • The store is practically the only thing that falls but never gets hurt.
  • Of course, I can stop drinking brake fluid anytime.
Short Puns
  • How many Spaniards I need it for any job? .
Just Juan
  • When the machine at the coin factory stopped abruptly it just made no cents.
  • The only animal you’ll find at every baseball game is the bat.
  • I must admit that my ex-wife’s aim is improving, although she still misses me.
  • Every feline loves this book. The Great Catsby.
  • To talk to a giant you must use big words.
  • Do you know how Moses makes coffee?
Hebrews it.
  • Did you know that Jack and the beans talk?
  • Gist do it if you have to go ahead and write something in short.
  • The best haircut that the moon can get is when it eclipse it.
  • I think some is actually religion that is non-prophet.
  • A tornado loves to play twister.
  • A poultry-geist is only a chicken ghost.
  • Geology definitely rocks. But it’s geography where it is.
  • An investigator’s just an alligator in a vest.
  • My ponds about maize are simply too corny.
  • An ocean is truly friendly since it waves and everyone.
  • And the no-bell prize goes to the person who invented the door knocker.
  • Can you guess the actual difference between a tricycle and a bicycle?
Just one tire.
  • If one goes to seven days without any pun, it will make one weak.
  • I’m not a mourning person. Naturally, I hate early morning funerals.
  • One volcano set to another, “I larva you.”
  • Try writing a pun on carpentry. You’ll find that nothing wood work.
  • When the sun asked his father whether they are a family of pyromaniacs, the father answered, “We arson.”
  • Give the computer some computer chips, and will gladly do anything you ask.
  • Large beaches have big waves. Tiny beaches have microwaves.
  • My Watch Dogs are named Timex, Rolex, and Swatch.
  • My Dutch girlfriend never dutches when we go out on a date.
  • The Public Library is the only building in town that has the most stories Umm.
  • Even after I grilled the chicken for over an hour it never told me why it crossed the road.
  • The guy who jumped off the Paris bridge was definitely in-Seine.
  • The two things that come out at night are False teeth and stars.
  • When you try mixing alcohol and literature you get ‘Tequila Mockingbird.’
  • Why wouldn’t a car by Apple become popular?
Because it wouldn’t have Windows.
  • Someone saw a kidnapping yesterday, but soon he woke up.
  • Two birds in love are called tweethearts.
  • Do you know who can drink 2 liters of gasoline?
Jerry can.
  • The only way you can make a squirrel like you is my acting like a nut.
  • Having a brain transplant actually made me change my mind.
  • Guess what a short mother is called?
A mini-mum.
  • Although she had photographic memory, she never developed it.
  • Which dogs can be magicians?
  • I just had to fire the guy who mows my lawn, because he didn’t cut it.
  • Just carry a ladder with you if you have to reach high school.
  • Imagine a cross eyed teacher trying to control his pupils.
  • The biggest creatures of earth always have a whale of a time.
  • How do you describe a hippie’s wife?
  • BeefStew is just not stroganoff password for your online accounts.
  • The cucumber became a pickle by going through a jarring experience.
  • There is no kidney bank in England. But it does have a Liverpool though.
  • I’ve never seen a dolphin that has a sense of porpoise.
  • I just took a day off, and for that I was fired from the calendar factory.
  • Always remember that if you clock does strike 13, it is high time you got yourself a new clock.
  • I need to change my masseuse because she seems to rub me up the wrong way.
  • The innerwear that clouds wear are known as thunderwear.
  • The primary reason that we have so many divorces is only because we have so many marriages.
  • When one windmill ask the other what kind of music he loves, he said that he is a big metal fan.
  • Guess why Daniel Craig add green hair in his last Bond film?
He had no time to Dye.
  • No use explaining funds to kleptomaniacs especially since they take things literally.
  • That claustrophobic astronaut really needed some space.
  • The maximum number of tickles in octopus can take are Ten-tickles.
  • A door is not actually a door when it is actually ajar.
  • Learning to fly would have been an uplifting experience.
  • I’m trying to write a drama about puns. Naturally, it’s a play on words.
  • His business is toast ever since his bakery burned down.
  • The mother was a wafer a long time. No wonder that the baby cookies started crying
  • I went to buy some camouflage the other day but couldn’t find any
  • An executive with a briefcase in the tree is definitely a branch manager.
  • My wife’s application to the post office was rejected. They just wouldn’t letter in, saying that only mails we’re allowed to work there.
  • Whenever an ATM machine has withdrawal symptoms it means it has got addicted to money.
  • Every candy cane that we collected we’re all in mint condition.
  • Crustaceans love taking shellfies on their mobiles.
  • That snowman was picking his nose in a bag of carrots.
  • All fish are quite intelligent because they are always in some school.
  • Guess what I did caught on his report card?
7 Cs.
  • Infinity is a concept that any mathematician can go on about forever.
  • Daddy, will you explain a solar eclipse please?
No sun.
  • Every pound I make about the wind seems to get blown.
Short Puns

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