35+ Funny Shovel Puns that Will Make You Laugh

A shovel is a tool that we use to dig up the ground. It is a helpful tool that you can use while gardening or for similar works. But did you have any idea that it can be used to make stupid and funny puns? Well, now you will know when you read these puns on shovel below.

Shovel Puns

  • The shovel was invented with the help of the ground breaking technology.
  • What would you name the man with a shovel in his hand? Doug
  • What would you name the man without a shovel in his hand? Douglas
  • The shovel is one such thing that is considered to be truly ground breaking!
Shovel Puns
  • There was this guy who was carrying a shovel inside the cemetery. Seeing that I became gravely concerned.
  • Looking for my family is like playing treasure hunt. You also need to carry a shovel and a map if you want to find them.
  • What did the man say he discovered the shovel? He exclaimed that it was a ground breaking journey!
  • If you are looking for the treasure, then do not forget to bring the shovel, man and also a car to rescue us.
  • Whenever I visit the cemetery I remember the last words of my aunt when she said, “what is the use of shovel now?”
Shovel Puns
  • During the times of world wars, infantry used the shovels to dig up trenches in the ground. Well, I believe they did dig up that weapon.
  • Use the shovel to dig through the notes given in the books. 
  • What would you call a shovel that works electronically? It is the ground breaking device.
  • There is this shop that sells things like knives, ice picks, shovel, leather gloves, ropes, brass buckles and women’s stockings. The name of the shop is ‘Accessories of crime’.
  • The broom is an invention that is known to sweep off the nation. But on the other hand, shovel became the ground breaking invention.
Shovel Puns
  • What would be the result of crossing a steam shovel, a dog and some chilli pepper? You will get a hot digging dog.
  • Kid: Mom I do not want to meet my granpa.
  • Mom: Be quiet and start digging with the shove.
  • The kid walked into the house and said that he found his mother. Hearing this, his father told him not to go digging around the garden but let his mother rest in peace.
  • I was digging up my garden when I found a box full of gold. Excitedly, I ran into the house to tell my sister about it when I remember why was I digging actually.
  • Every time I watch a horror movie, digging up a grave seems to be so easy than it actually is. I take days to dig the same.
  • My fifth husband asked me to help dig the garden. And I thought, here I go again doing the same thing for the fifth time.
Shovel Puns

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