86+ Shower Puns to Make Your Shower Experience Funny

Are there any jokes that kids find funnier than ones involving showers? 

Shower jokes are always a hit with kids, and they might even make adults laugh. You can share these 86+ of our favorite clean restroom and toilet jokes with friends and family to make them all laugh. 

Funny Shower Puns

We have a wide selection of the best bathroom jokes, from knock-knock jokes to bathroom puns, to keep you amused whether you’re at home or on the go. If you enjoy these, you should also read our selection of the funniest robot jokes for young technology enthusiasts or our amusing tennis jokes for kids.

  • When my wife and I got home, our bathtub was filled to the brim. When I saw her terrified face, I said, “Oh, damn it.” I recognize that it’s an odd spot for a door to be, yet there it is. 
  • Why is bathing a cat not a good idea? It will undoubtedly end in a cataclysm. 
  • Why do pirates not take a shower before they walk the plank? Since they wash up on the shore. 
  • A sign selling bath plugs was seen. That wasn’t electric to me! In the shower, I can’t find my scrubber.
  • I’m going to take a shower, and I told my wife. Don’t take it too far, she warned. 
  • The moon bathes in what manner? Meteor showers are present! 
  • Why is it advised to “hit the showers”? What effects have they had on you? A blood bath is a dialysis. 
  • I tried bathing my cat, and it was awful. For a week, I was unable to remove the fur off of my tongue. 
  • You have more bathroom space but fewer bathrooms when you purchase a larger bathtub. 
  • My phone just fell into the bathtub. It’s synchronizing right now. 
  • I’ve witnessed meteor showers, but never a meteor becomes clean. 
  • I asked the doctor why he advised me to soak in a milk-filled bathtub to treat my sunburn.
  • “When are you going to put it back?” he said. 
  • What bathroom does the Japanese mafia use? the yakuzzi. 
  • What distinguishes a peeping tom from a person exiting the bath? The other is bare and rosy, while the first is unpleasant and nosy. 
  • What is James Bond bathing known as? 07 Bubble Why Bed Bath & Beyond is seen as a non-essential company baffles me. 
  • Do they not stock essential oils? I was considering getting in the shower. However, I became aware that I could trip and damage myself. 
  • The sexy showerhead said what, exactly? I get excited whenever I see someone naked. After taking a hot bath, my doctor advised me to sip on two glasses of red wine.
  • However, I can’t even finish my hot bath. What did Archimedes’ girlfriend say when she noticed he hadn’t showered in days? 
  • Eu-reek-a Wait until you attempt the 110-degree hot tub if you think the 45-degree ski slope is challenging! I
  • Recently purchased a new bathtub, but we don’t need to discuss that right now. 
  • The finest showers are the cold ones. 
  • Why do individuals sing in the shower after you get to know them? Because the bathroom audience is sh**!
  • Two primates take a bath. “Ooh ooh aah ooh aah,” is what the first one says. Put some cold water in it then, the second one advises. 
  • When is it acceptable to take a nap in the bathtub? Whenever you’re exhausted. 
  • I daily bathed my pet leopard. He is now pristine. 
  • You say you saw the meteor shower. No, I respect the privacy of others. 
  • I gave my wife a bath after she had a difficult day at work. She wasn’t satisfied. I even used colored pencils for this since I’m so angry. 
  • My acquaintance realized he wasn’t a very good burglar as he was having a bath. 
  • What do you call a duck that raids the bathroom for soap? A burglar duck.
Shower Puns
  • The burglar stole a bath, right? He intended to flee without a trace. In the bath, I was by myself. 
  • Just picture my shock when I felt someone tap my shoulder! 
  • What is it called when shampoo goes in your mouth while singing in the shower? A telenovela.
  • In-shower sexual activity bothers me. 
  • One of the worst things about prison is that it’s slippery and dangerous. 
  • What distinguishes hamburgers dropping from the sky from water falling from the sky? A meatier shower is among them. 
  • What distinguishes NHL athletes from Jersey Shore girls? After three periods, NHL players take a shower. 
  • Shower quip What distinguishes NHL athletes from Jersey Shore girls? 
  • Do you understand the distinction between a shower curtain and toilet paper? Oh. It is thus you. 
  • Why went to the gym did the priest? To build muscle. 
  • This morning when I was in the shower, I had this idea.
  • Shower quip After work, my fit female supervisor, saw me in the bathroom taking a shower. 
  • Is farting in the shower a German oven if farting under the sheets is a Dutch oven? 
  • I don’t like to boast, but the shower starts when I take my clothing off. 
  • How do you persuade a hipster to use the restroom? Give them a faucet with a leak. So they may stay away from the mainstream, of course. 
  • TIL that Latina girls have a baby shower at age 15 and Jewish girls have a Bat Mitzvah at age 13.
  • I had a shower addiction for years, but I’m now totally clean. 
  • Why are you unable to let a Pokémon use the restroom while you are taking a shower? Considering that he might Peek-at-chu. 
  • And if he gets very aroused, he might Squirtle.
  • I told my boyfriend that a snack tastes better cooked when he asked why I enjoy taking showers in water that is nearly boiling. 
  • While taking a shower today, I got shampoo in my eyes. 
  • That must have been an eye-soapening experience, my partner said. 
  • What did Descartes remark after going a week without a shower? I’m awful.
  • Or, what did Descartes say after he started drinking? “I am; therefore, I drink.” 
  • I was being dad-joked by my wife in the shower. I was therefore relishing my lovely, warm shower. Do you always take a cold shower in the morning, she asks? “I’m not taking a cold shower,” I declare. She responds, “Yet,” and then drenches me with icy water. I would have moaned, but I was preoccupied with contracting. 
  • In the shower, I tried to take a selfie. It came out completely hazy. I believe I have a selfie-steam problem.
  • Up until you get soap in your mouth while singing in the shower, it’s fun. Then a soap opera follows. 
  • What do May flowers bring if April showers bring May flowers? Pilgrims 
  • My physician is such a nice person. He never fails to compliment me. He just informed me that I had acute tonsillitis. 
  • “Dad, I’m going to take a shower” Just return it. 
  • What does Eminem do while bathing? 
  • Osama Bin Laden didn’t ever bathe. He simply enjoyed using it.
Shower Puns

Funniest Shower Jokes

For children of all ages, teenagers, and adults who don’t want to grow up, you’ll find a great collection of amusing, ridiculous, and corny shower jokes right here. These amusing shower jokes, riddles, and puns are clean, suitable for kids of all ages, and friendly. These bath jokes are sure to make kids laugh out loud! LoL!

  • I couldn’t shower alone for ten years after my ex passed away. However, I’ve since been released from prison. 
  • In the shower, my girlfriend attempted to shoot a selfie, but it came out fuzzy. She struggles with her selfies. 
  • The Pope enters the shower to cool off on a scorching hot day. 
  • He feels the urge to bang one out, but just as he does, he notices a flash of sunshine reflecting off the open window across the street and realizes that someone has been taking pictures. 
  • He calls the Swiss Guard on his shower intercom in a fit of rage, demanding they locate the photographer. 
  • I conducted research on the shampoos that ladies use.
  • My garment was torn when I got caught in a downpour on the way to my wedding. 
  • When I attempted to file a claim with the insurance, they said I lacked an umbrella policy. 
  • I’ve been attempting to understand how to use bar soap in the shower, but it’s not going well. 
  • Why do Russian sailors not use the restroom when at sea? They prefer to wash up on the beach. 
  • Please refrain from making jokes about golden showers. They are shitpour. 
  • In the jail shower, what was Thor wearing? Asgard. 
  • Following a workout, George and Ted are in the shower when George finds Ted’s length is around nine inches long. 
  • May flowers come after April rains, but what do Mayflowers bring? Smallpox.
  • Which species of owl can be found near the shower? a cloth 
  • The authorities advised us to pee in the shower during a water crisis to prevent the water from flushing. 
  • It’s unclear to me how taking a shower three to four times a day assists with the water crisis. 
  • A very filthy and disheveled-appearing homeless man approached me as I was crossing the street and requested a little money for food. 
Shower Puns
  • I took twenty dollars out of my shower.
  • Will you spend it on fishing rather than food? I queried. 
  • Last night, my house was robbed. All of my soap, shower gel, towels, toothpaste, and mouthwash was not taken by the intruders. Those filthy scumbags. 
  • If you have diarrhea, can you take a shower? If you have enough, yes. 
  • A stunning woman, three males, and an apartment building 
  • One of the males knocks on the woman’s door when she is in the shower one day. She hears the football player’s voice and recognizes it, so she dons a towel and asks him what he wants. 
  • NFL player: Wonderful news! My group won the match!
  • That’s really thrilling, woman! Congratulations! 
  • As a safety measure against COVID-19, I ceased taking showers or changing my clothes. 
  • I can tell if someone is losing their sense of smell if they are within six feet of me. 
  • My wife and I were in the shower yesterday when I unintentionally urinated on her, and as a result, she was furious. Dude detailing how he made his first $10 million: 
  • Get up every day at 5:00 AM. The 90-minute cardio session, a chilly shower.
  • I’m a multimillionaire, age 21. This is what I did. 
  • I always get up at 5:00 AM, run for an hour before breakfast, and then take a cold shower to jolt myself up. 
  • Journaling is important. Nobody can predict when they will need to recall something. As soon as you receive an appointment, note it down. 
  • A billionaire hired a Canadian, an American, and a Mexican to train his uncooperative pet parrot to speak within two weeks.
  • The Canadian spent the entire time reading stories and reciting the alphabet to the parrot while also playing documentaries for it. 
  • 90% of women sing, and 90% masturbate in the shower. Do you know the song they sing? (shrugs) Consequently, you must be a masturbator! 
  • A 74-year-old man’s wife gave him a gift card for his birthday. 
  • The gift card covered the cost of a visit to a neighboring reservation medicine man who was said to have a fantastic treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • He drove to the reservation after being convinced to go, gave the medicine man his ticket, and wondered what he was in for. 
  • No product appears after a month has passed. The farmer is aware that it can take some plants two or three months to bloom. 
  • A farmer places his plants in the shower in the winter in order to grow them. 
  • In the winter, a farmer wishes to raise his crops. He puts the vegetables in the shower because he thinks he can sustain them if he gives them room to develop deep roots.
Shower Puns

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