63+ Best Skeleton Puns and Funny Quotes

Skeleton is a part of the body that shapes the supporting configuration of an organism. Skeletons can be frightening or they can be entertaining. Given below is a list of some skeleton puns that will definitely make you laugh.

Skeleton Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Why does skeleton never lie?

Because the skeleton expects tibia to be honest.

  • Why was the battle begun by the skeleton?

There was a bone that he had to choose.

  • Have you any clue about the coolest portion of a skeleton?

The hip.

  • What do you name a humorous bone?

A humerus.

_What was the reason for the stupidity of the skeleton?

The skeleton was a numskull.

skeleton puns 

_Why was there no one to accompany the skeleton?

Because the skeleton had no body.

_Why are bones so relaxed?

Because as they have no skin, they don’t feel anything.

_Where do you locked up an indecent skeleton?

A rib cage.

_Why can’t a few skeletons ever get anything accomplished?

It’s a skeleton team.

_The skeleton was shedding tears because he didn’t have any essence to adore.

_Skeleton 1: Why are graveyards not peaceful places?

Skeleton 2: I am clueless. Why?

Skeleton 1: It is all because of the caskets.

skeleton puns 

_Who was the most popular skeleton investigator? Sherlock Bones

_I wanted to tell a pun about skeleton but there are no guts in me to tell it.

_The skeleton couldn’t be able to keep anything neat because his bones are lazy.

_It is not liked by the skeleton to communicate on the rotary skelephone. He likes to communicate in his own cellbone.

_Skeletons like to binge-watch their series they like the most on the skelevision.

_The skeleton was compelled to be fearful of the storm—there were no guts in him

_Certainly that skeleton brought his craving to the feast—and some extra ribs.

_What does the skeleton culinary expert say when a meal is served to you by him?

Bone Appetit.

_Skeletons are outstanding standup comedians when their funny bones are used by them.

_Tea and coffee are served by the skeleton on bone china.

_Why didn’t the skeleton move his body in a rhythmic way at the Halloween gathering?

The skeleton had no body with whom he can do the movement in a rhythmic way.

_The mode of travel that skeleton pilots like the most is waiting for it, the skelecopter or the scareplane.

_The dissimilarity between two skeleton teachers of school is one is funny and the other one is extremely sternum.

_Where did the skeleton get the information about rain on Halloween?

It was felt by him in his bones.

_The skeleton preferred to bone up on the truths for the big test.

_The hall exhibition of skull-ptures of the skeleton was canceled by the skeleton himself because his soul was not really in it.

_The skeleton was aware about everything that was going to happen next because it was felt by him in his bones.

_Everybody named the skeleton a bonehead and he was absolutely cool about it.

_A cabernet wine with an entire body was ordered by the skeleton because he didn’t get any.

_What is the reason for the skeleton for not being so bad at cutting down trees?

Because skeletons are LUMBARjacks.

_A melodious solo riff on the polished sax-a-bone of the skeleton was played by the skeleton.

_What will happen to a skeleton after staying by the fire for a long time?

The skeleton will start to be bone dry.

_why didn’t the skeleton move his body rhythmically to the music?

because he is not alive, you stupid person.

_Music can’t be played by skeletons merely because they lack their organs.

_What do you name a skeleton who has no companions?


_Why was the bank not robbed by the skeleton?

Lack of guts.

_What will be ordered by a skeleton order at a cafe? 


Skeleton Puns

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