100+ Cirrus-Ly Funny Sky Puns that You Have to Check out Proximately

Sometimes our only option is to search for a raincloud with a silver coating. Hence, we have the solution for you right here: jokes about the Sky. Good for a laugh on a bad day and a fantastic addition to your expanding collection of sky puns. When you notice storm clouds gathering, save this list and pull it out for some entertainment, for amusing sky puns to make your day; continue reading.

Funny Sky Puns

These sky puns will have you covered no matter what the weather is. With these cirrus-ly humorous atmospheric wisecracks, You will be on cloud 9! Start enjoying reading jokes to lighten the mood on gloomy days. Don’t be so cirrus; chuckle at these clever sky puns instead.

One of the guys I met claimed to be the night sky’s brightest star. “Are you Sirius?”

I asked.

I interrogated Siri, “Confidently, It is not going to shower today?”

because the Sky was looking awful. “Yes, it is, but don’t call me Shirley,” she retorted. Tactlessly, I discovered I had left my phone in Aircraft mode at that fact.

My youngster asked me how stars die when looking up at the Sky, “Usually an overdose,” I said.

How come the Sky is blue?

Nobody bothered to inquire about its feelings.

“I matched each star in the sky with a reason why I love you,” the speaker said. That is really sweet. “Not especially. The day was cloudy.”

I just met this teacher for skydiving who is incredibly gorgeous. I guess you might say I had fallen.

Actually, skydiving can be done without a parachute. If you only want to jump once, you only need one.

Have you heard the story about the skydiver who puked?

The city is covered in it.

What do alcoholics find to be their favorite feature of the night sky?

It is the moonshine.

When I’m lying in bed awake, I occasionally look up at the Sky and wonder, “Where the heck did my roof go?”

What do you call moving objects that fall out of the Sky?

It is called Van Halen.

My father constantly used to tell me as a child, “The sky is the limit.” However, he never encouraged me to pursue my ambition of being an astronaut.

My son queries me, “What causes the rain? Is the Sky dejected?”

“Yes, son, the sky is pretty blue,” I respond.

Never have I gone skydiving. However, I quickly zoomed in on Google Earth.

Why do the colors of the L.G.B.T. community appear in the Sky after it rains? It is mostly because the sun just rose.

Why do the L.G.B.T. community’s colors show up in the Sky after it rains? It is primarily due to the sun that just rose now.

Why was Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk no longer able to go to the sky castle?

It is because he has already arrived.

These two inebriated people are debating whether the object in the Sky is the sun or the moon. Since they are at a loss, they choose to query a bystander. Hey dude, there’s a fight going on. The thing in the Sky is either the sun or the lunation. “I don’t know, man, I’m not from about here,”

Before my trigonometry test, I would likewise gaze above. I was trying to find a sine from above.

Which animal flies from the Sky, do you know?

It is the Reindeer.

Have you heard about the blind woman who skydived?

Unfortunately, while she enjoyed herself, her dog did not.

Why do the NoMansSky creators go by the name Hello games?

It is since you never receive a fair deal from them.

What typeface is Sky using?

It is Aerial.

“It is not how many times you fall down, It is how many times you get back up,” I yelled, raising my fist to the skies. The officer responded, “Sir, That is not how field sobriety tests work.

If you ever get lost while wandering in the woods, simply peep up and locate the brightest star in the Sky. You will be talented to tell which way planetary is.

We need to act quickly since It is about to neutralize our base, a soldier shouts as he surveys the skies. “What the hell are you speaking about, we ain’t even at conflict!” instructions his superior commander. Acid rain, the soldier responses.

I had a dream last night that I was traveling toward the Sky in a really rapid elevator. But I wasn’t afraid since I thought it was inspiring.

I was trying to find out how to improve color to the Sky. I also cultured about fireworks.

In Soviet Russia, an airplane came crashing to the ground. Stalin, he said.

I recently bought my kids a dog, which they named Sky. So I suppose I’m now a Jedi.

What attire do clouds wear beneath their raincoats?


My wife was yelling as I entered the room that she detested low-lying clouds. I had no idea what I mist.

Why did the smaller clouds worship the larger one?

He was the raining champion, therefore.

My wife just informed me that she’s debating donning a cloud costume for Halloween. You cannot possibly be cirrus, right?

I told her that.

After witnessing the light show, what did the clouds do?

They applauded thunderously.

Have you heard about the cloud that rose to power?

It rained for years.

I cracked a cloud-related joke. Each and every person has it over their head.

Do you recall the story of the man who hid in the clouds?

He was sheltering from the plane.

Oh no, we don’t have enough water to produce a rainstorm, one cloud remarks to another. “Don’t fear, we’ll make dew,” the other cloud promises you.

A cloud entered the establishment and ordered a drink. “I’m sorry, but your rumble-aged,” the bartender specified.

Why did the cloud join a gang and use drugs?

It is due to climatic pressure.

I had no idea Moses was so highly adept. But as of today, I was informed that he owned the first tablet with a cloud connection.

Why was the cloud so ominous and threatening?

It had a misunderstood sensation.

Why choose not to gamble was the cow on the cloud. It is because of how tall the steaks were.

Why do clouds come in a variety of sizes and shapes?

It is as a result of the de-skies.

Why did the district attorney rejoice when he saw stormy skies?

Considering how much prosecutors enjoy being in court.

Sky Puns

A proverb states that every cloud has a silver lining. The good news is that we also get a tonne of funny puns about the Sky! So, laugh at these amusing sky puns instead of letting the clouds ruin your day!

I believe in having seen a cloud in the shape of a pastry. It was unrealistic.

There is a bright side to every cloud, which must be very unsettling for pilots of commercial aircraft!

Moose were dropping from the Sky, and I informed my mum. “It is reindeer,” she remarked.

Why did the smaller clouds worship the larger ones?

He was the raining champion, therefore.

The phrase “the sky’s the limit” was one that my father frequently used, which is probably why he lost his position at N.A.S.A.

There are more submarines in the sky than there are in the ocean. So this much is a flight to the sea.

Have you heard the story of the mother who gave birth to her child while flying through the air? Of course, you could say that the infant was airborne.

What language is used by things that fly in the air?

It is plain English.

Rudolph the Red was out for a stroll with his wife. We should move quickly since a storm is approaching, Rudolph the Red stated as he raised his head to survey the Sky. In response to his wife’s “how do you know” question, he said, “Rudolph the Red knows rain, darling.”

When skydiving, if your parachute malfunctions, It is okay—you have the rest of your life to fix it.

In 1986, the Chernobyl reactor exploded, which sent a brilliant, radioactive beam into the Sky. People in distant places gawked in astonishment at it. They must have thought it was really cool.

This morning, I questioned Siri, “Surely It is not going to rain today?”

because the Sky seemed a little ominous. It is, and don’t call me Shirley, Siri retorted. My phone must have been on Airplane mode.

You are the sun that brightens my Sky, honey. Although I’m pleased You are there, I detest gaping at you.

Avians that migrate can be fascinating. They frequently soar across the Sky in a “V” formation. One side can occasionally be longer than the other. Really, It is a straightforward scientific explanation. Just so happens that side has more birds.

A small boy and his father were relaxing on the lawn and admiring the Sky. Will you educate me about the Sky, Dad?

The young kid requested. It is way over your head, the father retorted.

Why the ball in the Sky kept growing was beyond my comprehension. Then it dawned on me.

Why is a rock you discover on the ground less tasty than one that fell from the Sky?

Meteor, that is.

Why do blind individuals detest skydiving?

Their pets are terrified to death by it.

Someone would be inspired if they fell from the sky and landed on a church.

Why do the colors of the L.G.B.T. community appear in the sky after it rains?

It is mostly because the sun just rose.

What serves as the universe’s nucleus in No Man’s Sky?

It is a refund.

“I matched each star in the sky with a reason why I love you,” the speaker said. That is really sweet. “Not especially. It is during the daytime.

Compared to submarines in Sky, there are more aircraft in the water.

My father’s favorite thing about flying is, “You are aware that there are more planes at the ocean’s bottom than there are skyward-bound submarines. One has never been left up there.”

What distinguishes hamburgers dropping from the Sky from water falling from the Sky? A meatier shower is among them.

When does money seem out of thin midair?

Because it is because of the change in weather.

He told me that Santa had killed himself on Christmas Eve after shooting his air rifle into the Sky.

Why do meteorologists focus their attention so intently on thin clouds?

They treat them cirrus-ly.

What is a rich cloud used for?

It is to create rain.

When a dinosaur gets wet, what do you name it?

The driplodocus.

When a cloud scratches, what does it do?

First, the closest skyscraper is located.

Why was it forbidden for the cloud to breach the line?

Considering that it was a for-Rainer.

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