47+ Best Slip Puns and Funny Quotes

Slip is a word that is used so many times and we do not give it much relevance. It slips into statements and is not ever given attention to. But like all words you can use this as puns and make your statements sound a little different from how others speak. Here are some slip puns that you can slip in your conversations. 

Slip Puns and Funny Quotes

  • The cow-slip covered the entire area. It changed the look of that place. It looks happier. 
  • She had some pictures in which the background was covered with cow-slips. Those are her best pictures. 
  • I kept slip-ing down from the slope. It was the only way to come down without falling in the pit that was next to it. 
  • I kept slip-ing out from that relationship slowly and painfully without realising that I can hold on to it. 
  • I told her to keep wearing her slip-pers on the ground else she might end up hurting her feet with something sharp. 
  • She brought me slip-pers from overseas. They were so beautiful and soft at the same time that I was all smitten by them. 
  • The aircraft would slip sometimes and the pilot got confused that what should he do in such a situation. 
  • The slip sailed across the sea for many weeks now. I do not understand how to deal with this sea-sickness. 
  • We planned a slip to the south of the country but due to their leaves, we could not go that year. 
  • I purchased a few slip-dresses last year for summers and they proved to be such a relief to me that I did not crib about the temperature. 
  • Her showroom has such a good collection of slip-dresses that I wanted to buy so many. But I did not buy. 
  • They were advised by the civil engineer to use the method of slip-forming for the building for its better life. 
  • The building was taking time to build because they were using slip-forming method for the entire thing. 
  • The slip that we ordered with the fried was made of mustard and tomato sauce. I can make that at home too. 
  • The waiter dropped the slip on my dress. I still have stains of it and they are not going away no matter how much I try. 
  • She asked me if I had slip balm with me as her slips were getting chipped dues to the cold weather.
  • The slip-stick she wore did not go at all with her dress but suited her skin tone so much that made her look very pretty. 
  • I took a slip from the glass and did not like the taste of that drink. It tasted too tangy and stale. So I ordered another one. 
  • Slip by slip she consumed the entire quarter of liquor. That was too much for her capacity. So she puked her lungs out that day. 
  • I got some slip-covers customized for my sofa set. Since I have renovated my house, I like to do such things. 
  • The slip-covers matched the curtains and that matched the table cloth. It all looked perfect that way. 
  • Since we have stared using slip-sheets for the transportation, it has made us save a lot of money and it more effective. 
  • We had ordered some slip-sheets but they have still not arrived. I think we will have to settle for the wooden ones. 
  • The slip-stream of the car was facing some glitch. I have given it for service twice and yet they are unable to fix it. 
  • The car that met with the accident had some problem with its slip-stream. We came to know that after they brought the car to the workshop. 
  • They had to slip the bandage apart in order to see how is the wound healing. But it caused her a lot of pain. 
  • I will slip the meal and find new diet plans that help me to reduce my weight even more effectively and fast.
Slip Puns

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