94+ Hilarious Smart Puns to Sharpen your brain

What’s gleaming, substantial, composed of steel, and ideal for slicing through bones? Certainly a cleaver! The aforesaid characteristics apply to both cleavers and clever puns because both are famed for their ability to cut through objects with their physical and figurative crispness. Jokes apart, have a go at our fabulous collection of smart puns. Let’s see how smart you are to figure out these smart puns!

Funny Smart Puns

Okay then, smart puns are why we are all here, so let’s have some fun with these clever jokes. As you will soon see, these are some smart puns that will satisfy the needs of any intellectual. They cover a wide range of subjects, from the mundane particulars of daily living to the lofty ideas of great philosophers.

  • Passing through airport security is a photon. If he has any luggage, the TSA officer inquires. The photon replies, “No, I’m moving light.”
  • Do you recall the Buddhist who opted out of Novocaine anesthesia during a root canal? He wanted to go beyond dental medicine.
  • “Make me one with everything,” a Buddhist monk requests as he approaches a hot dog seller.
  • Is it just me, or is this place solipsistic?
  • This is a sentence with threee errors. Can you find out?
  • A logician’s wife is about to give birth. The doctor hands the father the newborn right away. “Is it a girl or a boy?” asks the wife. Yes, the logician responds.
  • How simple is binary counting? As simple as 01 10 11.
  • When two women enter a pub, they start talking about the Bechdel test.
  • In the world, there are ten distinct categories of individuals. Those who understand binary and those who don’t
  • Have you heard about the new band 1023 MB? They haven’t performed yet.
  • Statistics recently revealed that the average person has one breast and one testicle.
  • A Freudian slip, they say, is when you say one thing but actually mean your mother.
  • How many surrealists are required to install a light bulb? A fish.
  • Heisenberg was traveling at a high rate of speed. “Do you have any clue how fast you were traveling back there?” the officer asks him after stopping him. “No, but I realized where I was,” Heisenberg responds.
  • Is a Tesla now referred to as an Edison if it is stolen?
  • “It rang a bell, but I’m not positive if it’s here or not,” the librarian replies when a guy approaches and inquires about works on Pavlov’s dogs as well as Schrödinger’s cat.
  • Two men enter the bar. “I’ll have some H2O”, the first man replies. The other one responds, “I’ll have some H2O, too.” The second man passed away.
  • Russian dolls irritate me. They are very self-centered.
  • G enters the bar with C and Eb. “There are no minors allowed.” the bartender apologizes.
  • What if women had apostrophes instead of periods, a philosopher asks a linguist? They would be more possessive and use contractions more frequently, the linguist retorted.
  • By the pool, two sociologists are relaxing. He responds, “Yes, it’s these terrible wicker chairs,” when the other turns to inquire, “Have you read Marx?”
  • Only the letter Q and four silent letters are used to spell queue. Not at all, no. Simply waiting for their turn, they.
  • Thank you, student loans, for helping me finish university; I doubt I’ll ever be able to pay you back.
  • The First Law of Thermodynamics states, “You can’t win.” “You can’t break even,” says the second law of thermodynamics. “You can’t quit playing,” says the third law of thermodynamics.
  • What distinguishes apathy from ignorance? I don’t café, and I don’t know.
  • A guy once showed me a photo of himself when he was younger and remarked, “Here you are.” Every image of you, I reasoned, is from when you were younger.
  • Who is this Rorschach person, and why does he depict my parents arguing so frequently?
  • Pavlov is drinking a pint while relaxing in a bar. “Oh damn, I failed to feed the dog,” he shouts as the phone rings.
  • You make up the precipitate if you aren’t a member of the solution.
  • This is the kind of English that I will not put up with.
  • What does an inattentive, agnostic, dyslexic person do at night? He continues to wonder if the dog is present.
  • Because they constantly take things literally, kleptomaniacs are difficult to understand when you employ puns.
  • A German enters a pub and orders a martini. “Dry?” the bartender inquires. “Nein, just one,” the German responds.
  • Descartes enters a bar. If he would like a drink, the bartender asks. Descartes responds, “I don’t think so.” After that, he vanishes.
  • What results when a joke and a rhetorical inquiry are combined? Questions that are rhetorical will not be answered.
  • What results when root beer is poured into a square glass? Beer.

Smart Puns

Have some fun with our amazing collection of smart puns. Bet you are clever enough to clear up the punchlines and find the hidden meanings of these smart puns. Let’s have a go at it.

  • People who are capable of extrapolating from insufficient data sets fall into one of two categories.
  • Sixteen sodium atoms enter a bar… followed by Batman.
  • A notice in a music store: “been chopped. Bach in a waltz.”
  • What results when root beer is poured into a square glass? Beer.
  • I frequently receive accusations that I “take other people’s jokes” and “plagiarize.” It is their words, not mine.
  • What is a physicist’s preferred cuisine? Atomic chips.
  • Why don’t you believe in atoms? Mostly because they are everything!
  • Do photons possess mass? None of us realized they were Catholic.
  • One of the hydrogen atoms in the pair is walking down the street when suddenly, the other yells, “Damnit! I misplaced my electron! Are you certain? asks the other atom. “Yes, I’m positive about it!”
  • An apology written in dots and dashes is known as what? Morse code again.
  • Have you heard the story of the man who was chilled to 0 degrees? He’s 0K.
  • Have you heard the story of a mathematician who fears negative numbers? To avoid them, he will do anything.
  • I’d make you a chemical joke, but I doubt you’d react.
  • When Helium enters a bar, he orders a drink. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve noble gases here.” As usual, Helium didn’t react to it.
  • “I’d like a beer,” says a neutron as he enters a bar. “How much will that be?” the neutron asks. “For you?” The bartender responds. “It’s free of charge.”
  • How many programmers are required to replace a lightbulb? Are you serious? That issue is hardware-related!
  • One molecule tells another, “I once lost an electron after a free electron leptonized me. You must continue to keep ion them!”
  • My mood ring was taken by someone. I’m unsure about my feelings regarding it.
  • The only three difficult problems in computer science are off-by-one errors, name problems, and cache invalidation.
  • Have you heard of the legal fetishist? On a technicality, he was let off.
  • A professor of classics visits a tailor to have his pants repaired. “Euripides?” the tailor enquires. The lecturer says, “Yes. Eumenides?”
  • What should you do about a sick chemist? You attempt curium after trying Helium, but if it doesn’t work, you have to try barium.
  • The passing of time is rapid. Fruit flies around like a banana.
  • In what way do mathematicians correct their kids? If I have spoken to you n times, I have spoken to you n+1 times.
  • My finger broke last week. I’m fine, on the other hand.
  • A pun, a wordplay, and a limerick enter a bar. The truth.
  • What do you like best about Switzerland? I’m not sure, but their flag is definitely a plus.
  • Oh, dude! Everything in this bar was completely wrecked by hyperbole.
  • In Paris, if you leaped off the bridge, you would land on the Seine.
  • Between a denominator and a numerator, there is a thin line. Only a fraction of you will comprehend this.
  • Beethoven got rid of his chickens for what reason? “Bach, Bach, Bach” was all they ever said.
  • What was said by the DNA to the other DNA? Do all these genes make me appear overweight?
  • “We don’t serve time travelers in here,” the bartender says. A time traveler enters a pub.
  • What distinguishes a plumber from a chemist? Ask them to say “unionized” out loud.
  • I’m reading a book about antigravity. It won’t let you put it down.
  • Orange rhymes with What? Not at all, no.
  • Have you heard of the new Karma restaurant? There is no menu; you receive what is due to you.

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