99+ Cute Smile Puns to Make You Smile

Laughter is a therapeutic way of healing. It not only heals other faces but also smiles while someone is grinning. Everyone desires happiness. By using smiley faces and puns, you can make people happier and put a smile on their dejected faces. 

Funny Smile Puns

Every person experiences ups and downs in life. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop grinning. You may easily get through a difficult period if you smile throughout it.

A happy expression makes our troubles go away. Although it doesn’t resolve your issue, it does make you more resilient to deal with it and fight through every challenge, making your issue appear simpler to resolve. Here we have a collection of more than 99+ smile puns that will make you smile a bit more. 

  • My girlfriend frequently laments the fact that I no longer smile. She, however, was the one who desired a committed relationship. 
  • Why is the word “smile” the longest one there is? Because it contains a mile. 
  • Why does the infant smile each time his mother works out? He enjoys milkshakes a lot. 
  • What makes me grin, you ask? Face muscles. 
  • I pretend to grin to make him not swim.
  • At a deli, a stunning woman places an order for a turkey sandwich with pickles on the side. She receives a question from the man behind the counter, “You like big pickles?” along with a wink. As he gives her a pastrami sandwich, she looks at him, smiles, licks her lips, and says, “Wait, wrong sub.”
  • Two years ago, my mother’s leg was severed. I wanted to make her laugh, so I made this punny post. It was really successful, and her doctor was impressed.
  • I smiled as I attempted to pay my taxes to the IRS. It appears that they favor cash. 
  • How can one make a mouse smile? by cracking a bad joke on it. 
  • Laugh, they advised; things could be worse. I did, and it worked. 
  • This is why I felt happy today. my skeletal face. 
  • I made sure my wife woke up this morning with a BIG SMILE on her face because it’s Mother’s Day weekend. I’m no longer allowed to keep Sharpies in the house. 
  • A community whose motto is “anything for a smile” is where I placed my order. But even when I smiled and paid the delivery man and closed the door behind him, he didn’t appear thrilled. What’s wrong, I wonder… My face, my wife remarks
Smile Puns
  • Relationships resemble algebra in many ways. Have you ever wondered about Y when you gazed at your X? 
  • Always get a loan from a downer. He won’t look for it back. 
  • Why do Americans pick just two candidates from 50 to run for president and Miss America? Rarely do kids misquote you. In fact, they frequently quote exactly what you should not have said. 
  • We’ve all heard the joke about how Shakespeare’s whole cannon could be written by a million monkeys tapping on a million typewriters. We now know that this is untrue owing to the Internet. 
  • Miss Right and I were wed. I simply didn’t realize that Always was her first name. 
  • A celebrity is a person who has dedicated their entire life to gaining notoriety and who then dons dark spectacles so as not to be recognized. 
  • A fine is a tax for breaking the law. Taxes are fines for performing well. 
  • Any party has two categories of attendees: those who want to leave and those who don’t. The issue is that they are frequently wed to one another. 
  • I used to work at a calendar manufacturer, but I was fired for taking a few days off. 
  • Having heard the news? UPS and FedEx are combining. From this point forward, they will go by the name Fed-Up. 
  • Have you heard about the French cheese factory explosion? De Brie was the only item that remained. 
  • “Good for you!” is probably the worst comment you can receive when sporting a bikini. 
  • When he was 60 years old, my grandpa began to walk five kilometers every day. He is currently 97 years old, and we are unsure of his whereabouts. 
  • My dad is a road worker, and I never wanted to believe that he was stealing from his business. Why did people notice the scarecrow? He was the best in his area.
  • I mistook my girlfriend’s statement that she was breaking up with me for being a The Monkees fanatic for humor. I then got to see her face. 
  • Have you ever begun to devour a horse just to discover that you weren’t actually that hungry? 
  • About cow disease: asks one of two cows as they stand in a field. The second cow replies, “What do I care? I’m a helicopter.” 
  • Did you hear about the person who submerged himself in a solid block of ice? He is now OK! 
  • A left-footed man enters a shoe store and requests to purchase some flip-flops. 
  • Knowing that a tomato is a fruit is knowledge; not including it in a fruit salad is wisdom. 
  • Good evening is the opening line of the evening news, which is followed by an explanation of why it isn’t. 
  • One careless match, how is that? It can ignite a forest fire, but a campfire needs an entire box to get going. 
Smile Puns

Funny Smile Jokes

What function does a smile serve? In addition to improving your physical and psychological well-being, grinning also contributes to the global spread of happiness. The benefits of smiling extend beyond only yourself; grinning at others has advantages as well. We frequently underestimate the power of a grin. 

Here we have the excuses and ideas or jokes which can make you chuckle hard:

  • Did you know that dolphins can teach humans to stand on the very edge of the pool and toss them fish after only a few weeks in captivity? 
  • A child’s middle name serves just to help him recognize when he’s in serious difficulty. If in doubt, murmur. 
  • Nostalgia has changed over the years. I once kept quiet with my husband for a full week, after which he said, “Hey, we’re getting along fairly nicely lately! 
  • When the doorbell rings, why do dogs constantly rush to the door? Rarely is it for them. Bank of the Third? I don’t believe.
  • You’re a good number cruncher, which is what I look for in a bank. 
  • Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. That is only for women. For guys, Christmas Eve signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season.
  • Congress is the antithesis of progress since con is the reverse of pro. 
  • My husband and I opened our fortune cookies after eating our Chinese cuisine. Mine said, “Silence yourself for a time.” “Talk while you have the chance,” it said. 
  • I can still recall a period when my knowledge extended beyond my phone. 
  • In the field, 196 cows were counted by a farmer. When he rounded them up, he had 200, nevertheless. 
  • My main worry about time travel is how many days you would need to pack. 
  • I’m now utilizing the Internet at work. But in my head, I’m already accessing the Internet at home. 
  • You receive all the Chapsticks you lost in heaven. 
  • A penny that is saved will remain dormant in a jar for five years. 
  • My wife claimed that I intentionally misinterpreted what she said. That is a compliment to me. 
  • A guy once showed me a photo of himself when he was younger and remarked, “Here you are.” Every image of you is of a younger version of yourself. 
  • I handed my father $100 and advised him to spend it on something to simplify his life. He then left the house to buy my mum a gift. 
  • Eating healthy means avoiding foods with TV commercials. 
  • I had a low-carb, lactose-free, gluten-free pizza for dinner today. It was an uncooked tomato. 
  • Yesterday, I coined a new word: plagiarism. 
  • A kangaroo can jump as high as a house, but can you? A home doesn’t jump, of course. 
  • I’m shocked that I neglected to visit the gym today. That makes 7 consecutive years. 
  • I once lost to a computer in chess, but the machine was no match for me in kickboxing. 
  • Banks are willing to lend you money if you can demonstrate that you don’t need it. 
  • Keep in mind that the Fire Department normally uses water instead of fire to put out fires.
  • I purchased the planet’s last day’s worst thesaurus. It’s terrible, terrible, terrible. 
  • The audience is informed by a Mexican magician that “I shall vanish on the count of three.” “Uno… dos,” he counts down. He then vanishes without a trace. 
  • I advised my girlfriend that her eyebrows were drawn too high. She appeared startled. 
  • I recently finished reading a book on Stockholm Syndrome. At first, it was quite horrible, but in the end, I liked it. 
  • What do you get if you cross an agnostic with a dyslexic and an insomniac? Someone who wonders if there is a dog while they are asleep. 
  • There are two goldfish in a tank. You understand how to, one says as they exchange glances.
  • Why are there two doors in a chicken coop? Having four doors would make it a chicken sedan. 
  • It dawned on me after waiting and trying to locate the sun all through the night. 
  • The speed of milk, why? Due to pasteurization occurring before you even see it. 
  • When I declared I wanted to be a comic, everyone laughed, but they’re not laughing now. 
  • In my pjs, I once shot a lion. I’ll never understand what he was doing in my jammies. 
  • Why should you always play golf wearing two pairs of pants? Just in case you hole out.
  • If you’re sleeping, email me your dreams, my wife texted to cheer me up. Please email me your smile if you’re laughing. I’d appreciate a bite if you were eating. Send me a drink if you’re drinking. Please send me your tears if you’re crying. I adore you. “I’m on the toilet. Please advise,” I said. 
Smile Puns
  • Did you realize that smiling prevents you from breathing through your nose? I’m glad I got your smile. 
  • What is the dictionary’s longest word? Smiles. Because the Ss are separated by a mile. 
  • When I unexpectedly purchased some new beads for my wife’s abacus, she was a little perplexed. I smiled and replied to her, “Honey, the simple things matter the most!” 
  • Why do bees stay? my son asked me, during the winter in the hive?” I replied with a smile. “Swarm.” 
  • What genuinely brings a grin to my face? My brow muscles.
  • My partner frequently laments the fact that I no longer smile. He was the one who desired a parental commitment.
  • I advised my wife to embrace her faults. She then grinned and gave me a hard hug. 
  • Why are homosexual people so happy all the time? Because they are unable to maintain their composure. 
  • Oh my God, I think our son is… kicking,” my wife exclaimed while smiling through her tears. 
  • “Isn’t that how soccer is supposed to work?” I questioned. 
  • I made the conscious decision to ensure that my wife awoke this morning grinning broadly. 
  • Sharpies are no longer permitted in the house. My daughter exclaimed with a smile, though I wasn’t able to smile after that.
  • Some individuals are like slinkies… Although they aren’t really good for anything, pushing them down the stairs makes you smile. 
  • The same goes for smiles. Your cheeks are kept up by them. 
  • Why do goldfish crackers always have a smile? Since they have been baked. 
  • A woman in pregnancy gets on a bus. She sits down and sees a man grinning at her. She shifts seats out of self-consciousness, but he seems even more delighted. He starts to laugh as soon as she moves a third time. He starts giggling after she makes her fourth move. At the following stop, they both exit the bus. The angry expectant mother wants an explanation. What is so freaking funny exactly? The grinning man answers, “I’m sorry, ma’am. But you were sitting under a sign that read, “Coming Soon: The Gold Dust Twins,” so I couldn’t help but see what you were anticipating. You then sat next to an advertisement that said, “Sloan’s Liniments Remove Swelling.” You then passed by a deodorant advertisement that said, “William’s Stick Did the Trick.” The fourth time you moved, you sat next to a tire advertisement that read, “Dunlop Rubber Would Have Prevented This Accident,” and I just couldn’t take it anymore. 
  • I enjoy giggling and eating newborns. I detest punctuation, though. 
  • If I smile at you, it’s because I’m planning to do something naughty. 
  • I’ve already started laughing if you see me doing it.
  • Why do grandfathers always smile? Thus they are unable to hear a word you are saying. 
  • Go on grinning! People are alarmed by it. Additionally, it raises suspicions about your activities. 
  • If you catch me grinning on a Monday… It implies that I was killed by an alien who is now hiding behind my flesh. 
  • Why did the infant smile each time his mother worked out? He enjoys milkshakes a lot. 
  • What do you name a woman who beams at you as you leave the house and then beams at you once more as you return? Wife of the neighbor. 
  • I made an effort to pay my taxes to the IRS while grinning. It appears that they favor cash. 
  • What causes a mouse to smile? Using a corny joke.I did, and it worked. 
  • My wife claims that when I grin, my face appears odd. I deal with it every day. 
  • Why are electrons not amused? They just think bad things. 
  • What makes a fan of anagrams grin? Limes.
  • The smile she gave was the best smile I have ever did in my whole life. 
  • The reason for being depressed is that i forgot how to smile. 
  • Smile makes you look young they say, then why a kid grows up? 
  • We were going to mall. Suddenly, a woman came and asked whether her lipstick is on point or not. I replied, “Ma’am, your lipstick is fine, but your smile isn’t.”
  • I have seen dogs smiling to their owners. Maybe, they are indicating that their smile is best than of humans.
  • Buddha was laughing. His monks questioned him, why are you laughing? Buddha said so that my statue in the future would be the same.
  • Smile not because you can. But because you should. That doesn’t mean you will smile at strangers though.
  • Do not smile at me, i said to people. People thought I was joking. So they smiled and waved more. 
Smile Puns

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