61+ Best Snake puns and Funny Quotes

Snakes are fearful to most people. However, making puns about them is not dangerous. It is a great way to lighten up the mood of any person.

Snake puns and Funny Quotes

  • Which snake is good at playing a musical instrument? The Rattle Snake.
  • Which dialect is the most common among snakes? Boomslang.
  • How did the snake manage to tun away from prison? By scaling the walls of the jail.
  • Till what time does a snake boil the pasta? Until the water comes to a slither.
  • What does a snake do before drinking water? Coil it.
  • Which snakes are the best in mathematics? Adders.
  • Which snakes are found on a vehicle? Windshield vipers.
  • Which magic spell is cast by a snake most often? Abra da cobra and Adder ca dabra.
  • Which dance form is the most popular among snakes? Mamba.
  • What would you call a snake who has a great personality? A snake charmer.
  • What do you call a snake who works as an administrator? A civil serpent.
  • What medicine do you give a snake who has a headache? Asp-irin.
  • What would you call a snake which is not wearing any clothes? Snaked.
  • Why can you never make fun of a snake? They do not have any legs for you to pull.
  • What did the snake do when his wife had a cold? Viper nose.
  • Why was the snake running after the mouse? Because it adder stuff.
  • What would you call a cross between a hotdog and a snake? A fangfurther.
  • What would you call a cross between a pig and a snake? A boar constrictor.
Snake Puns
  • What is the other name by which you can call a python? A mega-bite.
  • What does a snake like to eat the most? Hiss cakes.
  • Which shoes does a snake like to wear the most? Snakers.
  • Which opera does a snake listen to the most often? A Wriggletto.
  • What does a snake do while dancing? Rattle and roll.
  • Which is the favourite vegetable of a snake? Coily-flower.
  • Which pop group is the most favourite of a snake? Squeeze.
  • Which is the favourite dessert of a snake? Pie-thon.
  • In which river will you fin the most number of snakes? Hiss-issippi.
  • What do the fathers of snakes give their kids before they go to sleep? A goodnight hiss.
  • What does a snake say to a rate which he has cornered? He says, “Hiss is the end of your run.”
  • What does a snake say to a flute player? It said, “I was charmed when I met you.”
  • Which is the favourite sport of snakes? Boa-ling.
  • Why could the snakes not follow Noah’s orders when he asked them to go ahead and multiply? Because they were adders.
Snake Puns
  • What did the snake answer when he was asked the time? He said, “Don’t asp me.”
  • What do tell a crying snake? You tell her to viper nose.
  • Which snake is the most important in the country? A kingsnake.
  • Which snake got married to the kingsnake? The Queensnake.
  • Which snake is capable of calculating in the dark? A night adder.
  • Which snake gets the opportunity of hugging the bride during a marriage ceremony? Garter snakes.
  • Which snake is the most useful in the kitchen? A dish viper.
  • How do snake couples behave after they have had a fight? They hiss and make up.
  • What stationery is used by a snake to cut things? Scissss-ors.
  • What do snakes wear to a party? A boa-tie.
  • Why did the snake visit the free clinic frequently? Because he enjoys the sliding scales.
  • Why did the couple of boa constrictors decide to get married? Because each of them had a crush in the other.
  • What does a snake like to watch on TV the most? Monty Python.
  • Which subject did the snake study in school? Hisss-tory.
  • What are the bathroom floors of the house in which a snake lives made up of? Rep-tiles.
  • What would you call a snake which is good in baseball? Snake Arrieta
  • What would you call the act of clicking a picture with a snake? A misss-take.
Snake Puns

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