51+ Best Snowman Puns and Funny Quotes

Snowmen are very common in places where it snows. Children as well as adults are equally fond of snowmen. Various items are used to decorate the snowman including branches of trees as arms and carrots as nose. Wordplay about snowmen tend to be entertaining. Just like most puns, snowman ouns lightens up our mood easily and makes us smile.

Snowman Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Which is the favourite game of a snowman? Snow and tell.
  • Which candies do snowmen kike the most? Snow caps.
  • What would you call the hot temper of a snowman? A meltdown.
  • What did the father snowman tell his son when he found about his naughtiness? He said, “Icy what you have done.”

_Why was the snowman worried that he would be in trouble? Because he could see snowway out of the problem he was facing.

_What does a snowman call his wife? Hot-tea.

_What does a snowman have on the morning of a cold winter day? He has a cup of frost-tea.

_Why can you not trust the snowman with any responsibility? Because he does not carrot all about anything.

_Which is the favourite character of a snowman from a TV show? Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

_How does a snowman express his love to his partner? He says, “I love you snow much.”

_What would you say to a snowman during the sprig season? You would say, “Water you doing at this time of the year?”

_What would you hear from a snowman who was broken by the wind? You would hear him say, “The storm know snow bounds!”

Snowman Puns

_Which game is the most popular among snowmen? Snowball.

_What do snowmen give birth to? Chill-dren.

_Why do you never see a sad snowman? Because you always find them chilling.

_Where will you see snowmen dancing with their partners? At the snow-ball.

_Why was the snowman taking matters in hand very seriously? Because it was snow joke.

_Why do the kids of the snowman love the winter season? Because they find it to be snow much fun.

_How does a snowman thank Santa Claus? He says, “Thank you Santa for a white Christmas.”

_Why could you not see the feet of the snowman? Because he was standing on two feet of snow under him.

_What is the favourite food of a snowman? Chilly dogs.

_How do you greet a snowman when you see him? You say, “Ice to meet you.”

_How did the snowmen play snow and tell among themselves? With a snowball.

_Which is the favourite music band of a snowman? Bon Snowy.

_How does a snowman ask to have lunch? He says, “Can I avalanche?”

_What does a snowman say to his girlfriend? He says “I glove you.”

_What do you find on the head of a snowman? A snowcap.

_What happens to a snowman when he grows old? He turns into water.

_What does a snowman say after he has had a hard day? He says, “The snuggle is real.”

_What does a snowman to clean up? He takes a snow shower.

Snowman Puns

_What do you find on the bodies of a snowman after he had a nice time with his girlfriend? Frost bite.

_What did he snowman who was smitten by the love of his partner say? He said, “I am melting with your love.”

_Why should you not throw snowballs at the snowman’s wife. Because it is snow way to treat a girl.

_Why did the snowman visit the beauty parlour? To get a perma frost.

_What would call a snowman that is not made up of snow? A snow fake.

_What do you call a land owned by a snowman? Snow man’s land.

_Why was the snowman rebuked when he was caught buying carrots? Because he was picking his nose.

Snowman Puns

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