56+ Best Soldier Puns and Funny Quotes

Lots of things are performed by the soldiers ranging from shooting the enemy to digging trenches. Soldiers help to defend our nation or even attack the army of another country. It is imperative for these people to be in top physical condition at all times. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some intriguing soldier puns.

Soldier Puns and Funny Quotes

  • For what reason was the injured puppy helped by the German soldier?
  • Since he had been a veteran Aryan.
  • A soldier succeeded in surviving mustard gas in the battle and also pepper spray done by the cops. 
  • Right now, he happens to be a seasoned veteran.
  • We debated all day regarding what should a mediaeval soldier be called?
  • However, we took the decision to call it a knight since it was becoming quite late.
  • What are you going to do in case a grenade is hurled at you by a polish soldier.
  • Simply throw it back by pulling the pin.
  • A roman soldier enters a pub and holds 2 fingers up.
  • He tells, “Please give me 5 pints of beer”.
  • The Sergeant-Major cautioned the young soldier by telling that he did not observe the soldier at the camouflage training that morning.
  • “Thanks so much, Sir”.
  • What is an undead soldier fighting for social justice called?
  • A Wight Knight.
  • What is a soldier who resides in a bathroom called? A loo tenant.
  • A North Korean soldier enters a pub.
  • When the bartender questions how everything is going, the soldier answers that he has nothing to complain.
  • What is told by a soldier to a whore after enjoying sex with her? Thanks for the cervix.
  • A Roman soldier told his friend that he will not be able to even imagine with how many females he had slept with. 
  • “Mmm”.
  • “Not so many!”
  • What are autistic soldiers called? Special forces.
  • 3 Nazi soldiers enter a pub.
  • Needless to mention, things did not go well for them. 
  • A soldier caught his wife cheating.
Soldier Puns
  • He shouted at the man to leave his house immediately. 
  • While leaving, the man thanked the soldier for his cervix.
  • What does happen to all those soldiers that are meant to be sent to Iraq? They sit and then Kuwait.
  • What are you going to call it once a soldier needs to go undercover being dressed as a female? A transmission.
  • What are you going to call a soldier who happens to be jittery while fighting and carries a long weapon? Shakespeare.
  • What happens to be the preferred type of sushi of a soldier? A combat roll.
  • What is common between pregnant ladies, dying soldiers, and burnt bread? Pulling out quite late.
  • What is going to be the best thing to tell a female soldier after having sex? “Thanks for the cervix”.
  • When a Roman soldier returned home after work, his wife asked him regarding the way in which the crucifixion stuff did go. 
  • The soldier replied that he nailed it.
  • After capturing an Australian soldier in the American soil, a US soldier asked “Have you come here for dying?” The Australian soldier replied that he arrived there yesterday only.
  • For what reason did the terrorist and the soldier go out for a date? Since the soldier had been ordered for taking him out.
  • When the officer asked the soldier whether he could break a $20, the soldier replied “Absolutely buddy!”
  • This made the officer angry who said that it was not the way to address an officer. He again asked the same question and the soldier replied, “No, SIR!”
Soldier Puns
  • What is an elated Roman soldier with a hair stuck in the teeth called?
  • “Happy he ate her”.
  • How will it be possible to make 490 Roman soldiers smile? XD.
  • Even though the queen wanted to retire to bed, the king had been making an attempt to come up with a name for the soldiers and would not go to sleep prior to coming up with one.
  • The Queen told, “K night”.
  • The king replied that the queen was a real genius.
  • For what reason was the toilet not flushed by the soldier? Because it is not a part of his duty.
  • At which place did 2021 soldiers learn shooting? In school.
  • What number of French soldiers will be needed for defending Paris? I have no idea since it was never performed before.
  • After looking at the sky, a soldier suddenly shouted that they needed to act quickly since it was about to neutralize their base. The commanding officer exclaimed that what the soldier was talking about since they were not even at war. 
  • The soldier answered, “Acid rain”.
  • How is it possible to tell how efficiently a Soviet soldier will be able to shoot? His marxmanship.
  • A couple of soldiers is seated within a tank.
  • One of them tells the other, “GLUB GLUB BLUH GLUB GLUH BLUB”.
  • The second soldier drowns. 
  • I had heard of a veteran German soldier who started looking after sick animals after retiring from the army.
  • I am of the notion that he had been a Veteran Aryan.
Soldier Puns

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