71+ Best Space Puns

When we talk about space, people think us as nerds. But the truth is that all of us are curious about what is spread in that vast wide universe. Here are some puns that will make you laugh when you talk about space. 

Space Puns

  • We have to throw his birthday party. We do not know who will planet. 
  • If you want to hang out you can comet my place. 
  • The wedding is near. We got to start to planet. 
  • We have been trying to meet since such a long time. We have to decide one place where I have to comet. 
  • We have to buy the moonlight, lunar or later. 

– If it is you only who has to do it, do it lunar than later. 

– I have been waiting for you since  a long time, Jupiter come on time. 

– You have made a lot of mistakes last time, Jupiter check your work before sending. 

– I know you have lied to me in past but I am giving you a second chance. Jupiter don’t prove me wrong. 

space puns

– The earth quake was so Saturn. 

– You are bad luck. You come Saturn. 

– I have noticed you Saturn. You are meant to repeat it. 

– Cheating is your Saturn. I know you will do it again. 

– It happened all of a Saturn. I did not get a chance to understand anything. 

– He was surely moving forward in life but it is that space I had problems with. 

– Everyone has their own space. And you have to agree that people with move according to that. 

– Put on your space and start doing your work. 

– You are that space of my heart without which I just do not know how to survive. 

– She knows everything about me. She is my vesta friend. 

– This is the vesta day of the week for me. 

– You should know all your Cybele rights well. 

– I met him after a long time. He is my school juno. 

– Open the doris and let them come inside. 

– She is my doris friend. 

– I have written a letter to my doris friend. 

– I could see all of themis cheering for me from the crowd. 

– In such times when there is chaos all around. You should try to maintain your palma. 

– There is no palma is taking a second opinion. 

– He has coins those are centauri old. 

– Ceti your goals. 

space puns

– All gliese kids are getting addicted to social media. 

–  You remember how Ted was left at the altair. 

– Wear your bootis and get ready. We got a log day to deal with. 

– Do you miss me wherever you arae now?

– She was like arae of hope in my life. since she left is has been all eclipse. 

– The world may be bode but you tray and be a better person. 

– I am like olaf. I like warm hoags. 

– She made a mice out of the entire situation. 

– Life is a mice. 

– It was a great party but I was just feeling halo. 

– He maybe not very good with with words but he is nit Herschel. 

– There was encke on your shirt. 

– This dress really space suits you. 

– I have a friend’s wedding coming up. I need to get a space suit for that. 

– She spoke so well that she has already kraken my heart. 

– Find a Kuiper and keep her. 

– Terrible rings keep happening to people.

– I just do not like the geospace between us.

– It has been too much last week. I need my geospace to breathe. 

– He is young and has a lot of dark energy in him. 

– What is the dark matter with you!

– In some dark matters you got to stay calm and react accordingly. 

– Even though he was drunk he did not cross his karman line. 

– Please do not throw ozone at the dogs. 

– He is next hire to the ozone. 

– She is my karman line. 

space puns

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