51+ Best Spiderman Puns and Funny Quotes

Who can forget the most famous Peter Parker, the first guy who introduced us to the world of Spider-man, the superhero we all did not know we needed? He was the creation of DC and has been the most quirky and fun superhero amongst all the other superheroes in DC.

It would be more than just amusing to see how our favorite spiderman fits in the world of humor writing. Let us have a look at some puns on Spider-Man.

Spiderman Puns and Funny Quotes

How did Spider-man manage to get his daily bread?

Spider-man managed to get his daily bread by working with a company as a Web-Designer 

How did Spider-man be capable of giving such witty comebacks?

Because Spider-man knew that with great power came great response-ability 

What road did Spider-man love travelling through?
The road was Peter Parkway 

Spiderman Puns

What was the most favourite day for Spider-man?
The most favourite day for Spider-man was Flyday 

What would Peter Parker call a LEGO Spider-man?
His alter-LEGO 

Can you tell me about the day and month that Spiderman adored?
The favorite day for Spider-man was Web-nesday and the favorite month was Webuary 

Why did Spider-Man’s aunt and uncle worry about him so much?
Because he was always occupied in web 

What was the difference between Spider-Man and a dragon?
Well, to be true, Nothing.  They both were Fictional creatures 

Where can one find Spider-Man’s home page?
On the web

What will be the term used when one Discover’s that Spider-man decided to join the Marvel Universe?
It would be called a spin-off 

What can be the most suitable home for Spider-man in this 21st century?
The perfect home could be Worldwide Web 

What is the Favorite outdoor sport for Spider-man?
He was into Fly-Fishing 

What would a person get when that person comes across Spider-man and share a glance with him?
The person will discover a Website 

What did Spider-man say to all these friends whenever he was happy?
Spider-man would say “Happy Spunday!”

Spiderman Puns

There was once a time when Spider-man amid his heroic act was stuck in love and unfortunately, it was more of a love triangle

People in the newspaper started calling it a tangled web 

What would people call Spider-man and his wife if he ever got married?
People would call them Newly Webs 

What would be Spider-man’s order in Paris whenever he craved for authentic fast food?
He would order French Flies 

Which part of the computer was most used by Spider-man?
He was kind off addicted to the Webcam 

Why could Spider-man not drive a car decently even once?
Because he always confused drifting with spinning and end of in accidents 

Why was it easy for Spider-man to be a part of a swim team?
Spider-man easily made it in the swim team because he had webbed feet.

What did Batman say to Spider-man when he was irritated by his mischievous acts?
Batman would say “Do not bug me!”

Why did all the tissue roll in the wall mart not enough for Spider-man?
Because Spider-man was more into flypaper kind of tissue roll 

Why did Spider-man choose to always spin the webs?
Spider-man always choose to spin a web because he could not knit one 

What did people start calling Spider-man when he started to stop minding his own business and started interfering in others?
He was called Nosy Parker 

How did Spider-man start into any new mission?
He would go into the matter and first take time to surf about him on the web!

What would one call Spider-man when he would decide to go in a medical field?
People would call him Web MD 

What did Spider-man find the most amazing part of any joke?
He would find the most amusement in the Punch line 

Where did Spider-man keep himself busy when he was not saving the world or fighting off enemies?
Spider-man would keep himself busy in browsing in the web 

What was Spider-man’s favorite choice of drink when he went out for dinners 
Spider-man would always order Fruit Punch 

Spiderman Puns

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