120+ Squirrel Puns to Make Your Day Easy, Breezy and Beautiful

You either adore squirrels, or you detest them. While some people find them to be somewhat endearing, others simply become irritated when squirrels break into their birdfeeders. 

Kids, on the other hand, frequently consider squirrels to be among the world’s cutest animals. Below are some of the squirrel jokes and puns that will make your little kids or nature lovers go amazed that you’re the funniest if your child is as obsessed with these forest creatures as the animals are with acorns.

Funny Squirrel Puns

The fact that most squirrel jokes are suitable for children is one of their advantages. (Of course, nuts play a significant role in many of them; therefore, be aware of your audience.)

If you’re taking your kids on a stroll through the woods or organizing a birthday party with a forest theme, having some squirrel humor on hand can come in handy. 

The entire room will be cracking up at these hilarious squirrel puns and jokes. And if you’re looking for funnier animal one-liners to make your kids laugh.

  • Squirrels are excellent communicators because they can summarise information for you. 
  • How do squirrels retain the location of their hidden nuts? They employ acorn-yms. 
  • Why did the squirrel leave the macadamia unattended? It was challenging to unravel. 
  • What would result from crossing an elephant with a squirrel? A creature that is always aware of its concealed nuts. 
  • Are you aware of the new diet for squirrels? It’s just crazy. 
  • What is impossible to see but smells like nuts? Farting squirrels. 
  • What was the father squirrel’s last word to his family? Unfunny joke
  • What footwear wore the squirrel on her feet? Cashews. 
  • Why are there no friends for squirrels? Mostly because they make everyone crazy. 
  • How can a squirrel be caught? Act nut-like by scaling a tree.
  • What seasoning was the squirrel’s favorite? Nut-meg. 
  • Why was the fish tin buried by the squirrel? Because the reverse spelling of tuna is “a nut.” 
  • Which ballet are squirrels most fond of? It’s the Nutcracker. 
  • Why did the squirrel disassemble her vehicle? She was amazed to know the criteria of vehicles.
  • Why do so many squirrels have money? Because they are skilled at hiding their money. 
  • What Valentine’s Day gift did the romantic duo of squirrels give to each other? Nuts-and-bolts
  • Where do squirrels spend their summer vacations? Toward beech trees.
  • What was the pigeon’s response to the squirrel’s race? Don’t try to outrun me like a nut because you think you could outrun me. 
  • When the squirrel was running late for work, what did he say? Nothing Oppa.
  • What was the squirrel’s comment when she unintentionally caught her tail in the door? 
  • The squirrel had to decide whether to gaze at the stars to catch the nuts. What did he say? With regard to this, I’m extremely undecided. 
  • What did the squirrel tell the police dog in question? Stop acting like crazy, and stop barking up the wrong tree. 
  • When the mommy squirrel puts the maggie in the frying pan, what did the papa squirrel say? What are you doing on earth? This pan is nonstick.
  • When the squirrel had to make a decision regarding whether to lay or jump, what did he say? With regard to this, I’m extremely undecided. 
  • Why did the bank manager or assistant want police assistance in getting a squirrel? Because it was believed that the squirrel had been stealing checks. 
  • When the second squirrel put blocks in the pan, what did another squirrel say? What are you doing on earth? This pan is nonstick.
  • What is a squirrel in control of a bank known as? a branch supervisor? 
  • Who would win in a game of scrabble-drabble between a squirrel and a human? The squirrel has a “Q” in it, so she knows the A too.
  • What’s the name of a squirrel who solves crimes? Holmes the Squirrel-lock. 
  • What do you call an interplanetary squirrel? An enthusiast for astronomy 
  • Why did the squirrel hide her lotto tickets under a shrub in question? She was taking a safe bet. 
  • Why did the squirrel blush after being struck by a car? Because she was moved.
  • To the lovely and witty squirrel, what did your lover pigeon say? Do not try to outrun me like a nut because you believe that you can move more quickly than I can. 
  • When he was doing something else, what did the squirrel say to his owner? I apologize, but the traffic was horrible. 
  • When the squirrel managed to unintentionally hook her tail in the door, what did she say? Not much longer, now. 
  • What did the two squirrels say to one another at the movie theatre? I adore our dates, and I adore you.
  • Why did the squirrel disassemble the vintage car? To get straight to the point.
  • The toughest word to say seems to be “sorry,”… except if you’re Chinese. The next word is a squirrel.
  • Why swim on their backs, squirrels? So that their nuts stay dry. 
  • How do you catch a squirrel who is passionate about birds? Act like a nuthatch by climbing a tree. 
  • How can a wealthy squirrel be caught? Act like cashew by climbing a tree. 
  • What draws squirrels to telephone poles? Should avoid touching the ground-level nuts. 

Best Squirrel Puns

It’s usually a good idea to have a surplus of jokes to gorge on during periods of humor hibernation, so wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of all things amusing will want to store up these nuts squirrel jokes. 

The cheeky little chappies are much more than just comical masters; there is certainly no shortage of hilarious squirrels and humorous squirrel jokes. Squirrels are brilliant thinkers, incredible acrobats, and a good source of puns and jokes.

  • My Roomba unintentionally rolled out of my front door, where it was attacked by the local rabbits and squirrels. A vacuum is hated by nature. 
  • Before it had to depart, what words did the squirrel say to its young? Here, I’m going to take a risk. 
  • When his tail became tangled in the door, what did the squirrel say? Soon it will be here! What was spoken to the young squirrel by his father? sarcastic joke 
  • What would result from crossing an elephant with a squirrel? A creature that can recall where it hid its nuts.
  • I once observed a squirrel burying lottery tickets behind a big tree.
  • Today I witnessed a squirrel vomit! It was crazy! What is a holy squirrel known as? An armadillo. Although it seems a little clichéd, we appreciate all that you have done for us.
  • What is a squirrel known as when it lacks nuts? A squirrel female.
  • What brings you here today, psychologist? Squirrel: After realizing that, I decided on nuts.
  • What would result from breeding a kangaroo and a squirrel? A creature that stores its nuts inside its pockets. 
  • Why are squirrels unable to don thin jeans? They won’t fit because of their nuts. 
  • What happens to squirrels when they lose their minds? The nuthouse, please. 
  • Why wasn’t the macadamia nut accessible to the squirrel? It was a thing to consider, but oh! We couldn’t. 
  • Some squirrels attacked you and battered you. No lawyer will take your case even though you want to sue them. Why? They believe you are crazy.
  • Why swim on their backs, squirrels? So that their nuts stay dry. 
  • Although I intended to catch a squirrel, I’m going to find it and put a chocolate bar in its place. He’ll be in awe of that. 
  • What would result from crossing an elephant with a squirrel? A creature that can recall where it hid its nuts. 
  • Why do squirrels like to sit on the poles? To stay away from petty humans. 
  • Why don’t squirrels wear skinny-dipping clothes? Because their nuts will fall.
  • How do you catch a witty squirrel? Climb a tree and act like you own the tree or have the nuts to crack.
  • A monk walks into our house and lays down on a chair. He gasped and asked, “What troubles you, Sister?” Momma said she isn’t able to marry her daughter, that is me, but who will tell her that it’s not that she isn’t able to marry me, but I myself don’t want to marry because i am in love with a squirrel.
  • What draws squirrels to telephone poles? Should avoid touching the ground-level nuts.
  • A nun enters the office of the Mother Superior and sits down. She exhales forcefully. 
  • The Mother Superior says, “What’s bothering you, Sister?” “I assumed you spent the day with your family today,” The SisterSister groaned, “It was. “I then went to the golf course with my brother. As frequently as we can, we attempt to play golf. You are aware that before I gave my life to Christ, I was a pretty good squirrel lover.
  • What is administered to a sick squirrel? Tweetment! 
  • Why raise one leg of a squirrel? Because it would collapse if it lifted both legs! 
  • What is a funny squirrel called? A cameliduck! 
  • When should a squirrel be purchased? When prices drop! 
  • Are you familiar with the story involving the squirrel and the telephone pole? He desired to utter a far-off caw! 
  • What caused the little squirrel to have problems in school? Because he was found tweeting while taking a test! 
  • What caused the squirrel to enter the play area? Since it wants to go on to the next slide! 
  • How did the chewy candy cross the street? On the squirrel’s foot’s bottom!
  • What made the egg cross the street? It scampered over by the squirrel. 
  • When he dropped the plates, what did the squirrel say? Hopefully, I didn’t quack anything, 
  • What squirrel spends their entire life on their knees? Predatory birds! 
  • What do you call a squirrel that is extremely rude? A squirrel that mocks! 
  • What causes wintertime squirrel migration south? Because walking would take too long! 
  • How did the squirrel enter the house, Using a crowbar? 
  • What was the squirrel’s response to the maple tree? Give me a break! 
  • What happens when a squirrel is kissed? On the cheek, please!
  • What game does a squirrel enjoy playing? Beakaboo! 
  • What is a sick squirrel known as? Poor squirrel!
  • What species of squirrel doesn’t require a comb? An eagle, bald! 
  • Why do squirrels go south for the winter? Because walking would take too long! 
  • What song do squirrels sing during rainy weather? Too drenched to woo!
  • What happens when you kiss a sick squirrel? Cherpies. 
  • What flavorings do squirrels prefer in their soup? Crowns. 
  • Which movie about squirrels won an Oscar? LORD OF THE FLIGHT. 
  • What do you get when you mix fireworks and ducks? A quaker of fire! 
  • What game does a squirrel like to play the most? Speak and Hide!

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