71+ Best Star War Puns

You might be passionate about Star Wars. It might be the fact that you have seen each and every movie at least once. You might be able to recite every single word of every single scene. Here, we have mentioned some amazing Star Wars puns that will turn you ecstatic.

Star War Puns

  • The Adobe Wan Kenobi program is used by Jedi for opening PDF files.
  • Chewbacca got detained for making which particular website? Wookieleaks.
  • For what reason was the road crossed by Anakin Skywalker? He had the desire of reaching the Dark Side.
  • Is BB feeling hungry? Nope, BBS.
  • How Darth Vader came to know what is going to be given to Luke for Xmas? He could feel his gifts.
  • Why was Rey chased by Kylo Ren through the jungle? Perhaps he simply desired to have a girlfriend since he would Ben Solo for a long time.
  • How is Wicket capable of getting around Endor? By Ewoks.
  • A pirate droid is called by you in the name of Arrgghh-2-D2.
  • Gungans is known to place things in Jar Jars.
Star War Puns
  • When chocolate gets stuck in the hair of Chewbacca, you call him as Chocolate Chip Wookiee.
  • The hair of Princess Leia is tied in buns at all times because the hair will not Hang Solow.
  • You are able to unlock the doors on Kashyyyk with the help of a woo-key.
  • Darth Waiter happens to be a Star Wars figure which works at an eatery.
  • The least preferred Star Wars film of any baseball player happens to be The Umpire Strikes Back.
  • The nickname of Anakin was changed to Skywalker since he was not able to endure the outdated one Ani more.
  • An invisible droid is called by you in the name of C-through-PO.
  • Bon Jovi-Wan Kenobi happen to be the Jedi which turned out to be a rock star.
  • What was Luke told by Obi Wan when he was having trouble consuming Chinese food? Make use of the forks.
  • The main reason why Yoda happens to be a decent gardener is because he has got a green thumb.
  • What did Obi-Wan assert on the rodeo? Luke, make use of the horse.
  • The most well-known Star Wars film in Italy happens to be The Phantom Venice.
Star War Puns
  • A bird of prey having 1,000 lives is called a millennium falcon.
  • The droid became annoyed because individuals went on pushing the buttons.
  • The middle name of Jabba the Hutt happens to be “The”.
  • The type of car that makes you reach a jedi happens to be a toyoda.
  • 5 Siths which are placed on the top of a lightsaber is known as a Sith-Kabob.
  • Luke Skywalker always becomes invited to picnics since he has the forks always along with him.
  • An evil procrastinator is called by you as Darth Later.
  • The Force is similar to duct tape because it has got a light as well as dark side, and it is able to bind the universe together.
  • A Jedi who happens to be in denial is known as Obi-Wan Cannot Be.
  • If Padme would have been a dog then you call her as Petme Imadoggie.
  • Doctors make the most effective Jedi since it is imperative for a Jedi to have patience.
  • You will not depend on Yoda for picking up the tab since he is always somewhat short.
Star War Puns
  • The Star Wars figure which travels all around the globe happens to be Globi-wan Kenobi.
  • When Harrison Ford will be smoking weed he will be called as Han So-high.
  • A potato which is turned into the Dark side will be called Darth Tater.
  • Jabba the Hutt consumes his food items at Pizza Hutt.
  • Luke got hold of the bionic band from the secondhand store.
  • The most preferred toy of Jedi happens to be a yo-yoda.
  • Sith shops at the Maul.
  • The internal temperature inside a Tauntaun happens to be lukewarm.
  • A Sith who will not combat is called a Sithy.
  • Tusken’s are able to cheat on the taxes by singling files for concealing their numbers.
  • In case you happen to be dating somebody who does not love Star Wars puns then you are searching for your love in Alderaan locations.
Star War Puns

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