62+ Best Startup Puns and Funny Quotes

It is Monday and it is becoming cold plus the year has almost come to an end. So, obviously, there are some reasons for you to sit back for a few minutes and bring a smile on your face. Here, we have mentioned some startup puns which are guaranteed to make you smile.

Startup Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Have you heard about the businessman who is screaming arrogantly to his grandchildren that he began with nothing and still has the majority of it left.
  • A man asked his friend that a person happens to be a serial entrepreneur and what was the meaning of that?
  • His friend replied that the term serial entrepreneur actually implies that he wishes to burn cash in startups such as on horse races or struggle to get success like a television serial.
  • The boy said that he wanted to construct something more attractive than the Taj Mahal for his girlfriend and let that be his startup.
  • His girlfriend conveyed thanks to him and told not to involve any investor.
  • The boy said to his girlfriend that he will purchase a vehicle for her once he gets funding for the startup.
  • The girl told him that she had been hearing the same thing for the previous one year.
  • The friend of Judy asked him what he had been doing. Judy said that he was making an attempt to develop something which he would be able to sell for $50 billion after 20 years.
  • The startup CEO told his team to work hard for the subsequent year since they are planning to relocate facilities, shares, and much more. 
  • The team asked him when they will get the salary of this month.
  • When the teacher asked the child what he wanted to become when he grew up, the kid replied that he wanted to become an entrepreneur.
  • The teacher said, “A what?”
  • For what reason did the founder of the startup take a tablet in Ibiza? Because he wanted to show a VC that he was cool.
Startup Puns
  • I aspire to develop a bioengineering startup we should be able to solve the world hunger by introducing a self-replicating noodle.
  • Even though you might smile now, one day you will be seeing my Copy Pasta at all places.
  • How will you refer to 3 friends in the Silicon Valley? As a startup.
  • Which Beatle desired to achieve success as an entrepreneur? Ringo Startup.
  • How is it possible for you to achieve a small fortune? You begin with a big fortune and then invest it in startups.
  • Why was Moses hired by Muhammad to assist him with his startup? He desired to make his prophets double.
  • What name can you give to African technology startup? Double click.
  • I am planning to invest in a startup company producing religious icons.
  • I think you said that I’m getting engaged in idol rumor.
  • Why was the laptop put in the microwave by the blonde? Since Windows ended up getting frozen on startup.
  • Have you heard of the fact that Microsoft has succeeded in improving their Canadian tablets’ startup time?
Startup Puns
  • Aboot time, right?
  • For what reason did my Exotic Bird Startup Outlet fail?
  • This is because I did not have adequate seed cash.
  • Where is a porn star going to launch heart innovative tech setup? Silicon Valley.
  • What are you going to call 2 white men? A podcast.
  • What are you going to call 3 white men? A startup.
  • When my father asked me regarding how my smart train startup was coming along, I informed him that it is on the right track.
  • What number of startup CEOs will be required for changing a light bulb?
  • Changing a light bulb? We happen to be game changers.
  • I invested very poorly in an Internet startup.
  • They were selling brick-and-mortar.
  • For what reason did the startup entrepreneur visit the sperm bank?
  • He went there for seed capital.
  • What is a million-dollar yarmulke startup called? A Jewnicorn.
  • Talking regarding startups is not cool. It is building a startup which is actually cool.
  • I just purchased a domain for my startup.
  • Therefore I guess that things are becoming pretty serious for me right now.
Startup Puns

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