47+ Best Sugar Puns and Funny Quotes

Sugar is an essential ingredient in most dishes. Sugar has become an important part of our lives. However, puns about sugar also tends to be very popular. Even diabetic people seem to enjoy a good sugar pun.

Sugar Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What do you do when the doctor tells you that your sugar is higher than normal? You shift the jar of sugar in your kitchen to a lower shelf.
  • What to you say to a person who does not know what confectioner’s sugar is? You say, “It’s fine.”
  • What did the sugar addict say to her wife who asked him to between sugar and her? He said, “Goodbye Honey.”
  • What would be the cost of sugar free candies without the sugar in them? Nothing. They would be free.
Sugar Puns
  • What did the painter do to make the colours palatable? He added sugar to it.
  • What happens when a sugar daddy gets hard? He turns into caramel candy.
  • What would have happened if sugar would not have been discovered? The number of suckers in the world would have been much less.
  • What do you say when you say when you see someone taking his revenge by hitting his rival with a sugarcane? You say, “Revenge is sweet.”
  • What would you call the addiction of the sugar free sweeteners in diet coke? Aspertame.
  • How did the cookies taste after the sugar in them was replaced by salt? It tasted sodium horrible.
  • Why can you not hear as many puns about sugar as food? Because demerara.
  • What will happen if a Spanish Satan has too much sugar? He will have diabloetes.
  • Why is throwing a sugar cube at someone not an act of assault? Because it is not a salt. It is sugar.
Sugar Puns
  • Why is brown sugar more expensive as compared to white sugar? Because demerara.
  • What would you call a sugar cube that is magical? You would call it sug-arcane.
  • What is the similarity between a good quality sugar and bad quality cooking oil? Both of them tend to be unrefined.
  • Why is it difficult to make a pun about sugar and four? You need to sift a lot in order to come up with one.
  • What do bees come after other than sugar? A.
  • What do you call a romance between the cream and the cube of sugar? The icing on the cake.
  • Why can you not bring a bowl of sugar close to an electric guitar? Because they get amped up with ease.
  • What do you say when someone buys a lot of sugar? You say, “Sweet!”
  • What would you call a sugar cube from the land of Fidel Castro? Sugar Cuba.
  • What would you call a donkey which has fallen into a heap of sugar? You would call it a sweet ass.
  • What should you do if you want a sugar daddy but can’t get one? Manage with a Splenda uncle.
  • What is Coca Cola made out of cane sugar known as in Mexico? It is known as Coke Cane.
  • What would you call a few cups of tea which has too much sugar in it? You would call it diabe-teas.
  • In order to lose some weight, I went on a diet without including any sugar in it. Needless to say, it was absolutely fruitless.
  • What would you call a juggler from France who performed with sugar cubes? You would call him ambidextrose.
  • How much sugar do you put in the tea for Winnie the Pooh? You put in half a lump.
  • Why did the sugar factory smell like the posterior of rodents? Because there were a lot of mole asses in there.
  • Why are sugar snap peas so popular? They are very ap-peas-ing to the taste buds.
  • Why was the kid asked to not eat too much sugar? Because she was already too sweet.
  • What would you call the death by choking on sugar cubes? You would call it the sweetest way to die.
  • What happens when you put sugar under your pillow before going to sleep? You have sweet dreams.
Sugar Puns

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