65+ Best Summer Puns

Summer is as we all know one of the season, when you actually face high temperatures, sunny days, long days, as well as shorter nights. It is actually the season very well suited for short dresses, ice creams, exotic fruits. But the only drawback is that these summers actually tan your very skin and leaves you sweaty usually. 

Mentioned below are some summer puns or quotes which you can always use. 

Summer puns

  • Tropics are hotter because I am the one residing there. 
  • Higher temperatures of tropics are just because me staying there ! 
  • All my funny days are actually the sunny days ! May be because I am HOT ?!
  • This summer it’s just gonna be The Game of Ice cream cones and not that Game of Thrones !
  • Summers are not meant for the Game of thrones because they are only for the ice cream cones ! 
  • When you are in Tropics, then it actually means that you love ice creams ! 
  • This summers are only and only for Vitamin Sea ! 
  • Me and my friends are actually always in for Vitamin Sea ! 
  • Ten minutes of sun bath actually never TANS you ! 
  • Sun time is actually sea time ! 
  • This summers melt your hearts and actually not your ice creams ! 
  • This summer actually add “ some more ” sweetness to your own self !
  • I am hot actually because I live at 23 degree 26’ latitude ! 
  • Temperates are actually always jealous of tropics as tropics are actually hotter that temperates ! 
  • Not these sunny summers but my sexy figure makes this climate much more hotter ! 
Summer Puns
  • Summers are actually meant for “ some more “ ice cream ! 
  • I love only two things it is summers and hummers ! As both of them make me look even sexier ! 
  • Not chilling winters but actually hot summers are just my specialty ! 
  • It is only that sun and me that is actually brightening this very planet earth ! 
  • You can actually never withstand me ! Just like you can never withstand sun ! 
  • Some more of ice cream and summers is actually just so very perfect combination ! 
  • Dare you withstand me, then you see burning your own self ! Me and that hot sun are just sisters ! 
  • You can never know me wholly ! Scientists are still struggling to actually know all about sun ! 
  • Bye bye moisturisers ! Hello sun screens ! 
  • All moisturisers packed ! All sun screens unpacked ! 
Summer Puns
  • These summers actually makes me even sexier ! When my goggles are on ! 
  • Sexy dresses ! Beautiful goggles ! Perfect combination ! 
  • Hot summers and bold hummers actually turns me on every time ! 
  • Now it is actually time for a hair bun ! When I actually that very sun ! 
  • Sun screens are all done as outside is waiting our burning sun ! 
  • Some times I actually just feel that these summers do make some people even more dumber ! 
  • Do save your self this summer, from being even more dumber ! 
  • I actually just decided that this summer will be a greater distance from one who are dumber ! 
  • Ice creams not in numbers for these summers ! 
  • Cold drinks not in numbers for these summers ! 
  • Summers are actually the seasons for more and more Plumbers, especially in case of my house ! 
Summer Puns
  • I actually like the summers with out the plumbers inside my house ! 
  • Summer actually make Dummer look so much more beautiful every time ! 
  • Starting days of summers as well as the new Hummers are actually always my first priority !
  • I actually just wish for a soothing summer in the very house built in Dummer ! Along with my lavish Hummer ! 
  • Summers are not only season of fruits but they are actually my strong roots ! 
  • I actually just wonder that how people just spend there summers with out goggles ! 
  • How incomplete they are who actually do not wear googles in summers ! 
  • I am actually always a late comer especially when it is summer ! 
  • These summers and all those late comers are actually whom I hate the most ! 
  • Beach in summers ! Music with drummers ! Perfect combination 
  • Summers with the drummers at the beaches are actually just my favourite ! 
  • No mobile phones but only ice cream cones for this summer ! 
  • You must actually keep away your mobile phones and must actually pick up your ice cream cones like me ! 
  • How you would actually know sweetness when you just always pick up phones instead of those sweet ice cream cones !
Summer Puns

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