100+ Amazing Sunday puns to turn your Sunday into a Funday

The Sun is honored on Sunday and is its namesake. Sunday was the Sun God’s day in Roman culture. The Sun was revered in Paganism as the giver of life, warmth, and illumination to humanity. There was even a cult among the Romans who would stand on Sundays at the crack of dawn to catch the first sunbeams while praying. So stop right here and read these fantastic Sunday puns.

Funny Sunday puns

Because it’s frequently a day of rest, Sunday is a fantastic day. There are so many amazing jokes about it, like these hilarious puns and Sunday jokes, making it a terrific day. Of course, the internet offers an endless supply of stuff to scan through idly, but you don’t have to let it consume your Sunday time, energy, and focus—especially when it’s the final day before returning to work. These Sunday jokes will make everyone who reads them smile, whether they relax or spend time with their family.

  • Sunday is more potent than Monday; why? It is mainly because Monday is a weak day.
  • Monday through Sunday; Tuesday through Friday; and Saturday through Sunday. Those were the days.
  • It could be a dismal and dark Sunday. But a sadder day is the day before.
  • The following Sunday, I made a used time machine purchase. Unfortunately, they are no longer produced with future projections in mind.
  • I like to boast that, despite being married for 12 years, I still have sex with my wife virtually daily! Nearly on Monday.
  • My wife is constantly annoyed by the time I spend on my couch on Sunday mornings watching Formula 1. Why have you been looking at your keyboard for so long, she asks?
  • I’m thirsty, Dad! Friday here. Visit on Saturday, and we’ll celebrate on Sunday!
  • Just a friendly reminder, Sunday is Father’s Day. However, it is not on Sunday this week but on Sunday this year!
  • “Why are there holes in your pants?” my wife questioned. It’s Sunday. I questioned.
  • What causes fish to become lonely on weekends? Because Saturdays and Sundays are days off from school.
  • I’m considering starting a day trading business. Contact me if you’re interested. A Monday or Wednesday conflict for me and another Saturday or Sunday are negotiable.
  • I visited a Thai Buddhist temple in my city yesterday. Before things got going, the group had a brief conversation with the secondary meditation instructor. He was telling me about the Sunday language sessions held at the temple. He was also asked if he knew Thai. Then he said to us that although he didn’t finish all the courses, he still considered himself—a Thai dropout from school.
  • I offer my pal the option of eating soup or bowling with me on this day every year. Therefore, I observe Soup or Bowl Sunday in this manner.
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day both occur only once a year. But Sunday always comes around.
  • Every Sunday, we eat apples and do math at my church. This is because God commanded us to multiply and be fruitful.
  • Are you familiar with the tale of Saturday and Sunday? The weekend was busy, but it’s off to a terrific start.
  • On Sundays, nothing interesting ever occurs. It’s essentially simply a weekday dressed up.
  • Why are Saturdays and Sundays when baseball bats most frequently break around the grip? Primarily due to the weekend.
  • Why did the young child believe it was Sunday? Because it is sunny outside!
  • Why was the Sun’s face covered on Sunday? It caught a glimpse of the moon’s shadow.
  • Why are Sundays and hot dogs such a good match? After all, that isn’t the wurst thing for a day at the ballgame.
  • What do you name a person whose anxiety is only unbearable on Saturday and Sunday? An anxious weekender.
  • What day of the week causes you to feel joyful in the morning and depressed at night? Sunday.
  • What makes Sunday such a good time? Because all you need to do is eat until you feel hungry after sleeping till that point.
  • Why are the weekdays the best days of the week in reality? It is because they are all successful.
  • Why am I healthy every Saturday and Sunday yet sick every other day? Maybe my immune system is just weak on weekends.
  • Last Sunday, I had my automobile serviced. Getting it through the church door was a difficult task.
  • One Sunday, an elderly couple attends church. I just let out a silent fart,” the lady says to her husband as she leans over halfway through the service. What should I do, in your opinion? Put a fresh battery in your hearing aid, the husband responds.
  • I no longer take a Sunday afternoon snooze. The weak take naps. Not the weekends.
  • A man visits a doctor because he frequently sees bugs playing soccer in his vision. Doctor: “So, an MRI scan is required. We could schedule a meeting for you for next Sunday. The patient asks, looking shocked, “Are you crazy? Finals day is on Sunday.

Sunday puns

Sunday is often used as a day of relaxation and reflection. Others view it as the weekend’s demise. Sundays are also a day to unwind and take it easy. There are several ways to grow on a Sunday, including spending time with loved ones, sleeping on Sunday, or being by yourself. Here are some hilarious Sunday puns no matter how you spend your Sundays.

  • On Sunday, we will adopt a grey cat named Ozzy. Think of it as a Black Sabbath.
  • Why is it that Sundays never rain? Because Sunday would then be a rain day.
  • My wife remarked it as we walked by an Easter service concluding where “Sunday finest” isn’t a thing, but it was a mom joke. Me: “Really?! She arrived at an Easter mass wearing torn jeans?” She is wearing her holy pants, my wife.
  • Why isn’t anyone using the gym on Sundays? They are in church.
  • “Dear Lord, without you, we are simply dust,” the priest begins his speech on a Sunday morning in church. When a young child overhears this, she leans over to her mother and asks loudly, “Mommy, what is butt dust?”
  • While Friday was brutally hot and Saturday and Sunday were silent. Being a harmonizer, Wednesday inquired as to their silence, to which they replied, “We are weaker in front of you folks.” I felt hazy.
  • International Mud Day is tomorrow, and I had this wonderful conversation with my 4-year-old on Sunday: “Better get your gumboots ready; tomorrow is Mud Day!” I shouted. Without wasting a beat, my toddler answered, “No, it’s Munday!” The master is now the apprentice.
  • Two little girls were returning from Sunday school. One of them asks the other, “What did you think about all that Satan stuff—do you think he’s real? The other responded, “Don’t be stupid, the Devil’s like Santa-just it’s your dad.”
  • Why was Sunday chosen as the baby’s name by the parents? They decided to call it a day because they already have 12 children.
  • If you struck someone on a Sunday at 11:59:59? Do you mean to hit them until the following week?
  • The lady of an elderly couple turns to her husband while watching a movie one Sunday and says, “I just let out a wonderfully long, silent fart.” “What ought I to do?” Her husband advises her to change the hearing aid’s battery.
  • What did Jesus say to his disciples in the moments before he was crucified? My Easter eggs are for you to enjoy; I’ll be back on Sunday.
  • What is Sunday’s Law of Newton? Until the wife notices and finds him work, a body at rest will remain at rest.
  • On Sunday, Neil attempted to make a list of his week’s tasks but misplaced it. This is because he feels so drained right now.
  • On Sunday, a gamer had planned to visit an art gallery but got a headache. Far too many frames were present.
  • A Mexican magician put on a magic show on Sunday. “Uno, dos,” he murmured. And without a trace, he vanished.
  • What distinguishes the Venezuelan currency from Monopoly money? On Sundays, people can have fun using Monopoly money.
  • Why are weekday births the best time for cross-eyed persons to emerge? They are searching both directions for Sunday.
  • Husband: Sunday is a holiday today. I brought three movie tickets since I want to enjoy the day thoroughly. Wife: “Honey, why three movie tickets?” Husband: For both your parents and you.
  • Why do there seem to be so many ghosts at Sunday night movies? They can’t wait to boo the show.
  • How can you make a blonde giggle on a Sunday? On Wednesday, try telling her a joke.
  • Have you heard about the man who was detained on Sunday because he wouldn’t take a nap? He resisted taking a break.
  • On Sunday, Little Lion, Mommy, and Daddy are going picnicking. As soon as the little lion settles down on their blanket, they prefer to start feeding. Hold on, says Daddy Lion. “We must pray first.”
  • One Sunday, two nuns traveled to church on their bikes in tandem. I’ve never come this way before, the first nun says to the second. Yes, the cobblestone is to blame, the second nun responds.
  • Last Sunday, John Travolta was hospitalized with COVID symptoms. Just another Saturday Night Fever.
  • I take my children to church every Sunday so they can become atheists when they grow up.
  • Why don’t you attend church on Sunday? It was reportedly a question posed to American author Dorothy Parker. I’m too fucking busy and vice versa, she retorted.
  • I used to ask God for a bicycle when I was a young child. When I got older, Sunday school taught me that’s not how prayer works. I then asked for forgiveness and stole a bike.
  • We had a streaker at our church the previous Sunday. An organ grabbed him.
  • Why do fans of Tennessee wear orange? To be able to hunt on Sunday, play in the game on Saturday, and pick up trash on Monday, they must dress accordingly.
  • Do you realize that fish swim in schools? Except for Sundays, they swim in churches and offer prayers to Cod.

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