51+ Best Tacos Puns

Puns have always been the pillar of wit and comedy; they basically are making a witty remark on words that are alike but have different meaning.

Lets mix a popular Mexican cuisine taco , which is like a hand shaped corn shallow piece with  fillings inside it , lets see at some of the puns of tacos that will spice up your conversational skills every time you wish to talk about taco and add a pinch of comedy to it 

Tacos Puns

  • Trusting tacos can be an issue, any idea why?

Because they are infamous for spilling the beans 

  •  Where does your GPS tracks you down for tacos?

In the Gulp of Mexico 

Tacos Puns
  • What life mantra would a taco chef suggest you to follow to live a wholesome life?

Make sure that you are seasoning every moment 

  • What made the taco chef stop while cooking?

The grocery was deprived of thyme 

  • What excuse did a taco chef gave for being late to work?

He had the worse queso the flu 

  • What is your favorite fitness tip?

Try to fit’n’ess a whole taco in your mouth 

  • What is the worst situation for a taco chef to be in?

When he had to deal with jalapeño business  

  • Do you think you can spill the beans of the episode that happened with you today ?

I don’t think I want to taco ‘bout it.

  • You wish to meet me for lunch to discuss our work?

I think we can taco-ver the phone 

  • What do you suggest I should do now after the news we got yesterday?

Let’s not Burrito round the bush 

  • What do you think about him?

I assume if he does not like tacos, He is into nacho type 

  • How do you like the tacos?

They are mexcellent !

Tacos Puns
  • I am very upset today, what should I do?

For starters, lets taco ‘bout your feelings

  • I am going for the interview of chef, wish me luck !

Have a spec-taco-lar day!!

  • What does a good chef suggest for a good life?

Taco big or taco home  

  • I am hungry where should we go?

Let’s go to this new restaurant, it is the taco of the town currently 

  • What do you call a taco lover’s favorite show?

Better call salsa 

  • I guess you are a taco 

Why, because you think I taco a lot?

  • We are human beans at the end of the day, what do think will be  our future ?

We will rice together 

  • Want to taco about it?

I don’t know, I feel like I am nacho your friend 

  • What do you call when a taco stands on your way ?

An obs-taco 

  • Not a lot of people seem to enjoy jokes on taco every now and then, do you know the reason why?

They are too corny 

  • I met this beautiful woman working at taco bell today 

She was definitely a taco belle 

  • My brother said that I had a taco problem 

I asked if he wants to taco about it?

  • Do you know what is the sad part about a taco ?

It at times fall apart 

  • Have a fantas-taco birthday 
  • She mentioned about my food habits yesterday 

I replied I am here to eat not taco ‘bout this. 

  • How was the dinner at her place last night?

It was so good, I cant stop taco ‘bout it . 

  • You made such amazing Mexican cuisine yesterday ,it has become taco of the town 
Tacos Puns

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