65+ Best Tanker Puns and Funny Quotes

Tankers happen to be a heavily armed combat vehicle which operates on a couple of endless metal chains known as tracks. Tankers are known to provide plenty of protection to the crews during a battle and here, we have mentioned some interesting tanker puns for your enjoyment.

Tanker Puns and Funny Quotes 

  • For what reason do the French tanks come with rear view mirrors?

For seeing the battle.

  • What is a tanker called in the Jewish street?


-During WWII the French tankers featured rear-view mirrors.

This enabled them to view the frontline as well. 

-My wife deserted me for she told that I went on leaving oxygen tanks all around the residence.

I was of the notion that the atmosphere was created by them.

-Who ought to refill the tank once the appliance ends up running out of gas?


tanker puns

-Orcas do not belong in tanks.

It is imperative to teach them the way to drive one sensibly at first.

-Why was the road crossed by the Tank Man?

What do you mean by Tank man? Who is that? Nothing took place in Tiananmen Square.

-The tank navigator tanked the tank driver for passing him that shell.

-What number of gears does a French tank possess?

1 forward and 5 reverse.

-I am sure you do not know the number of gears possessed by a Swiss tank.

Since they are in neutral at all times.

-What is a dom having an army kink called?

A tank top.

-Although not many people are aware of this, the person in the reputed Tiennaman Square photograph has been run over by a tanker. 

He is referred to as “Tank man” by the English-speaking persons while he is called “Lobster” in Chinese since he had been a crushed Asian.

-A couple of soldiers had been sitting in a tanker.

While one of them drowns, the other says “GLUB GLUH BLUH GLUB GLUB BLUB”. 

-The original French tankers come with 14 gears.

While 13 of them go in the reverse direction, 1 goes in the forward direction in case they are attacked by the enemy from behind.

– Thomas The Tank Engine had been extremely rebellious when he had been younger. 

A genuine steam punk!

-Have you heard of the 2 fish in the tank?

While one of them drove, the other was responsible for controlling the big gun.

What are you going to get in case a child is thrown into a pirhana tank?

Red water along with a ban for the entire life.

-The septic tank of my friend backed up.

I believe that all the shit caught up with my buddy eventually.

tanker puns

-During the WW2 the French tankers came with special features.

They featured side mirrors which helped them to see the Germans while escaping.

-I have got a pole for dipping into the septic tank which helps me to know when it has to be drained. 

-I do not believe in septic tanks since they are packed with shit.

-What is common between a zoo and a tank museum?

Both of them come with pumas, panthers, elephants, and tigers.

-How will it be feasible to stop an Albanian tanker?

-The person pushing the tanker has to be shot.

-I bought a new tank for my fish only recently.

Unluckily none of them was able to drive it.

-For what reason are tank tops put on by many Americans right now?

Since they have got the right of baring arms.

-A friend of mine presented me a rat putting on a tank top for the Christmas.

He told that it was a gymrat and he hoped that he would work out for me.

-A vehicle having an engine at the rear agued with a tanker that what type of idiot has got their heart right in the ass?

The vehicle with the rear engine answered that at least he did not feature a cock on his forehead.

-For what reason is Germany considered being one of the most grateful nations?

Since they sent their tanks beforehand in WWII.

-You are almost similar to a septic tank.

You happen to be packed with shit and ought to be buried under the ground.

 -What are you going to say when Thomas the Tank Engine ends up beating his wife?

Domestic Caboose.

-One of the 2 fish inside a tank told the other to control the guns while he will be driving. 

-Out of the 2 fish in a tank, one asked the other how to drive this stuff.

-How will it be possible to stop a tank which happens to be blonde?

By shooting the individuals who are pushing it.

tanker puns

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