50+ Best Theft Puns and Funny Quotes

Theft is the crime or action of dishonestly taking someone else’s property or personal goods and keeping it. Send some hilarious and funny theft jokes with your buddies and family to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some humorous and amusing theft puns.

Theft Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I denied to accept it as a truth that my child got kicked out from his job as a street laborer for theft.

But when I reached my house, all the clues were there.

  • It is said by me to my wife, “I can’t accept it as truth that our child was thrown out from his employment as a street worker for theft.
Theft Puns

My wife responded that the proof was all there.

  • The cops interrogated me for the theft of a cheese toasty.

Man, I was truly grilled by them.

_A cop was inspecting the theft of a suitcase.

The cop found the criminal very quickly so that the case can be known as a very brief case.

_One of my companions named Sid was a sufferer of ID theft.

Now he is called Sssss.

_What was the strategy to steal music known by the sheet music theft?

He began by taking remarks.

_Once my cat followed a hum and took it to me. The owner of the hum blamed me for the theft. It was said by me in my justification that the hum wasn’t looted.

…it was purr-chased

_The individuals in Southern France certainly concerned about theft.

The individuals of South France own much Toulouse.

Theft Puns

_Administrations in Louisville, Colorado register the stealing of bathroom appliances in the only cops office in the city.

It is said by the cops that they don’t have anything to continue.

_Your deodorant is theft by someone else. You’ve been tricked.

_If there are ten chicken nuggets and someone attempts to steal two, how many will you have?

10 chicken nuggets and a lifeless individual.

_Why isn’t Uno played with Mexicans by individuals?

Because everytime they are accused of the theft of the green cards.

_why is the individual who steals is very outstanding at basketball?

 because the individual can hit, steal, and move.

_Why was the DJ prohibited from the large store?_Because he was charged for the theft of all the samples.

_What was said by Julius when he noticed a lady stealing a costly chandelier?

“Guards! Seize her (Caesar)!”

_When the cops arrested him for the theft of the batteries he got instantly charged.

_If a lottery ticket was stolen by you, is it assumed Grand Theft LOTTO?

_What was yelled by the 90s rocker Space Engineer in multiplayer Miner at the Troll taking his thing without permission?

Hey! hand over me my Nickelback!

_Last time I was arrested for the theft of a calendar I got 365days.

_What would an Asian that was accused for the theft of cars be called?- Tommy toke a motor

_Why did the cops charge the baseball player?

 He tried to take away a third.

_How would antifreeze be made by you? 

By stealing her sheet.

_lol I continuously take my father’s medication money without his permission and the best thing is he always forgets.

_Who would an individual be called that was caught for the theft of his brother’s girlfriend and refused to accept by his full family? Brandon.

_why was an AK-47 stolen by the cow?

 The cow was a mooslim.

_An individual was charged for the theft of a bar of soap from a corner shop. The cops assumed that he made a proper escape.

_What type of individual will be accused for the theft of Captain Hook hook?

A hooker.

_Do you know about the individual who was charged for the theft of electricity?

The individual was cleared of all charges.

_Once my companion was charged by the police for the theft of a window.

but he was framed.

_What would an individual be called that arrested for the theft of your heat?

A brrrglar.

_Two individuals got caught for the theft of fireworks.

One was charged by the police and the police let the other one off.

Theft Puns

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