180+ Hilarious Time Puns to Make You Lose Track of Time

There’s always time for one or two amusing puns, especially if your jokes center around clocks, timepieces, hours, or minutes. For some amusement and a pun or two, continue reading. If you got a minute for more chuckles, check out these time puns.

Funny Time puns

We could stay here and make puns and jokes about time all day. But there are better ways for every one of us to occupy our time. So, allow yourself a minute to go through these time puns and jokes to make your time fly. Your sense of humor will appreciate!

  • Sound moves more slowly than light. It turns out that’s why, before you hear them talk, certain people seem bright.
  • The past, present, and future always disagree when they go camping. Tents are incredibly stressful.
  • For my birthday, a friend gave me a watch, however, after two days it stopped operating. I haven’t yet told them. There is never a good time.
  • Second only to noon, 11:59:59 is my favorite time of day.
  • I faced the mirror with my wristwatch. It was time to pause and reflect.
  • I purchased six watches yesterday. I suppose you could say that I have a lot of free time.
  • My brandnew 24hour clock, which I just received, is already damaged. It was just a day long.
  • How can you know when your clock is actually starving?
It goes back four seconds.
  • My acquaintance attempted to fashion a belt out of watches. The time was wasted.
  • Without a doubt, 6:30 is the ideal moment. Hands Down.
  • The watch didn’t accept the narrative that the clock was informing it. It was heard about secondhand.
  • Keep the clock from running no matter what.
  • The neighbor across the street is constantly waiting for his turn. He said he wanted to be on time always.
  • Although it takes some time to finish each watch, my sister has started to eat watches. Not gonna lie, it’s very time consuming.
  • Before he started sleeping in his herb garden, my neighbor was constantly late. He now awakens on thyme.
  • I keep saying I’m going to look for my lost watch, but I never have the time.
  • I remark that a movie about clocks is finally being produced. It’s past due.
  • Rolex is the name of our dog. He is a guard dog.
  • At home, my clock quit working. In the end, it only needs a little hand to start going.
  • Before divulging a secret, I always take my watch off. Time will tell, after all.
  • Finally, the chronology book I ordered showed up in the mail. It’s past due.
  • We played hideandseek today with my best pal. The duration was hours. It’s difficult to find good pals.
  • At work, I wished to accomplish a little. I, therefore, placed the clock under my desk.
  • The manager agreed when I asked if I may leave early as long as I made up the time. Sure, it’s half past thirteen, I said.
  • I would work in a clock factory if I wanted to live it up.
  • The thief forced entry into the clock store while yelling “hands up.”
  • After working so many extra hours, I can’t even believe the watch factory fired me.
  • What transpires if you irritate a clock?
You might have to tick it off!
Time Puns
  • What is the name of a smart clock?
You call it Clockwise.
  • I recently purchased a Tolkien clock and it announced, “My beloved, at the third stroke it will be five o’clock.” I have therefore put my clock forward.
  • The nation’s top chronometer is up for grabs in a competition. I have therefore put my clock forward.
  • The castleshaped clock I gave my spouse for his birthday did not go over well. Isn’t it the fort that counts!
  • That clock’s phone should no longer be visible to me. It is annoying me with its silly tick tocks.
  • What is the name of the timepiece on the moon?
A lunartick.
  • What is the name for confectionery that is never delivered on time?
It is chocolate.
  • Why did the historian measure a clock, I wonder. He might have wished to know when time began and ended.
  • If you go for seconds, eating a clock takes a lot of time. It’s past due!
  • A movie on clocks is now being produced. The time has finally come!
  • What is the name for a belt constructed of clocks?
A waist of time!
  • What made the individual raise their wall clock to the mirror?
It is time for some reflection.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa will have time and inclination if it is given a clock face. It is a reflection of the times.
  • What does it indicate when a wall clock is depicted on a billboard?
It is a reflection of the times.
  • Clocks will eventually rule the globe, it’s only a question of time.
  • The girl put an alarm clock in her shoe for what purpose?
She did not want her feet to get comfortable.
  • Unexpectedly, my spouse gave me a timer clock. I was alarmed!
  • What do you name a tale told by one watch to another?
secondhand knowledge.
  • The man’s watch was thrown out the window for what reason?
He wanted to see time fly away.
  • For those who dislike having time on hand, a pocket watch is a perfect option.
  • What is the grandfather clock’s alternate name?
He is an oldtimer.
  • What did the grandfather clock say in response to the digital clock?
Watch out, Grandpa! I’m handsfree!
  • What do you say if you discover that your grandfather clock has a bug infestation?
Time flies.
  • Why is it so hard for you to part with a grandfather clock?
Since it’s a timeless price.
  • What prompted the clock to be summoned to the principal’s office?
It was very tockative.
  • What time of day do ducks awaken?
Maybe at the quack of dawn.
  • What results from the union of a chicken and a clock?
A Cluck.
  • How do timepieces meet one another?
They go by. “Hour you doing?”
  • Do you know the cause of pendulum pauses?
They probably lose their swing.
  • The tick questioned the clock, what? “
“Hey mate, what are you tocking about?
  • Why don’t some cuckoos in the clocks open their doors?
Because they have stage fright.
Time Puns

Time Jokes

It’s time to make light of the enduringly perplexing idea of time. Whether it’s gazing jokes, clock humor, or quips about time, our time jokes for youngsters can be relished by the young and the old alike. You’ll undoubtedly laugh remembering some of our time puns you read here the next time you buy a new timepiece; we’re confident of it!

  • What do you name it when you put a clock below your desk?
working past the hour.
  • What time is it when an elephant steps on a clock?
Nothing! It is time to get a new clock!
  • Which dog always knows about the time?
a watch dog!
  • The girl sat on the clock for what reason?
She merely wished to be on time!
  • Unwound clocks have something to say to their owners. The time has come.
  • When you’re running behind schedule, why should you stop to buy a clock?
You buy time in this manner.
  • The scientist placed a wrist watch inside the flask, but why?
He was seeking a timely resolution to his research issue.
  • When do you take a clock to the gazebo?
When it needs its time out!
  • When the hour and second hands cross paths, what does the second hand say?
“Hello, there mate! See you in a minute!”
  • How do street clocks greet the tower clocks?
“High! Hour you doing?”
  • Where did the timer end up in a race?
Wherever she was wounded.
  • Why did Bob Dylan change the time on every clock?
Because “For the times they are achangin.”
  • Why do affluent people purchase so many clocks?
Because a moment is worth a penny.
  • How can you tell whether a witch is carrying a time bomb?
You can hear their brooms ticking.
  • What do you call it when a store offers discounted halffaced clocks?
A limitedtime sale!
Time Puns
  • What do you call the girl with the hourglass figure?
A waist of time.
  • I’m reminiscing about an old car of mine that got jammed in reverse gear. It really took me back in time.
  • What time of day do most people go to the dentist?
When it’s toothhurty.
  • Why did the historian measure a clock, I wonder. He might have wished to know when time began and ended.
  • If you go for seconds, eating a clock takes a lot of time.
  • I once attempted to fashion a belt from clocks. It was such a waist of time.
  • A sign of the times is a billboard with a picture of a wall clock on it.
  • Clocks will eventually rule the globe, it’s only a question of time.
  • Wall clocks likely remain in place after they stop working.
  • I wonder why my alarm watch doesn’t work. It might require assistance.
  • I wanted to cultivate some herbs, but I was unable to locate the thyme.
  • What was the thief’s comment to the clock?
Hands up!
  • If I wanted to enjoy the time of my life, I would engage in a clock shop.
  • I heard a terrific time travel joke tomorrow.
  • After working so many extra hours, I can’t even believe the watch business fired me.
  • I’m irritated. A brandnew 24hour clock I purchased is already damaged. It was only there for a day and it was also such a waist of time.
  • When do space travelers eat?
At launch time!
  • How can a witch determine the time?
She examines her witch watch!
  • The bartender stated, “we don’t serve time travelers in this establishment”. A time traveler enters a pub.
  • What occurs if you bother a watch?
It gets ticked.
  • With my closest buddies, I played hide & seek today. The match went on all day. I guess wonderful pals really are hard to find!
  • Without any numbers, what would a clock be?
  • When is a suitable time to leave to use the restroom?
  • Always take off your watch before divulging any information. Only time will tell.
  • I was perplexed as to why my clock had stopped working, but I later discovered that all it required was a hand to restart.
  • The watch had doubts about the narrative the clock was reciting. After all, it was based on hearsay.
  • I’ve been attempting to start cultivating herbs in my yard, but I’ve never been able to locate the thyme to get going.
  • My new watch, which I just received for my birthday, is already damaged. It never seems to be the proper time for me to bring it into the business.
  • The woman’s desk clock was kept there for what reason. She was determined to put in extra hours.
  • What time do the top tennis players turn in?
  • I’ve been meaning to assist my wife hunt for her misplaced watch, but I can never find the time.
  • What is the best technique to recognize a hungry clock?
Four seconds are lost.
  • Why do so many people knock clocks over?
to pass the time
  • A time traveler will always go back four seconds when they are hungry.
Time Puns

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