100+ Toilet Puns That Do Not Stink

Toilet puns have always been popular with children and could even make adults laugh. To make your friends and family laugh, we’ve put up a collection of our most excellent clean toilet puns and jokes.

We have a tonne of the finest bathroom jokes, from knock-knock jokes to toilet puns, to keep you amused whether you’re at home or on the move.

Can you make that out? It seems like you’re in for some fart jokes! Take a look at these hilarious toilet puns.

Funny toilet Puns

While the constant toilet puns and jokes might be annoying for parents whose main persistent interest is in potty training, it’s a perfectly normal developmental stage and a milestone for children. Then join them if you can’t defeat them.

  • There are some amazing punchlines and humorous puns regarding feces, even though your child may not have the sharpest of poop jokes.
  • Here is a couple that is actually humorous and is sure to make your kids smile as well as you. View our selection of recent ones below:
  • Have you heard of the movie “Constipated”?
It was never released!
  • Man, you look terrible, the bartender remarks. What’s up?
“Nothing, really,” the toilet paper declares. I’m just wiped.
  • Why were the police unable to apprehend the toilet thief?
They had no other thing to go on.
  • Doctor, doctor! I believe I have a bladder infection! I can understand urine trouble!
  • I have a book in my bathroom where I record my emotions and private thoughts when I use the restroom. I refer to it as my diarrhea!
  • Ready for a joke about poop?
No, they stink.
  • My favorite jokes aren’t ones about poop. However, they rank as a strong number two.
  • What is a magical feces known as?
  • Politicians are similar to diapers. For the same reasons, they require replacement frequently.
  • What was the fart saying to the poop?
“You me away,” I said.
  • Yesterday, I had four cans of alphabet soup. My next vowel movement was perhaps the largest ever.
  • Have you heard of the composer who was constipated?
His last movement was problematic.
  • How did one toilet bowl respond to another?
“You appear flushed.”
  • What’s the connection between ladies and toilet paper?
They both endure a lot of crap.
  • My feelings for you are like diarrhea. I’m unable to contain myself.
Toilet Puns
  • Why do physicians claim that diarrhea affects four out of five people?
because a single man enjoys it.
  • What’s the connection between talent and poop?
Both will emerge when it is appropriate for them to do so.
  • Why did one of the female guests bring toilet paper to the celebration?
She wanted to be a party pooper.
  • They said that pooping is nature’s call. So, farting counts as a missed call?
  • What makes feces jokes so awesome?
Your cheeks will ache as a result.
  • What do you never truly value until it’s gone?
toilet paper.
  • What scent do a clown’s farts have?
The smell is funny.
  • Why do some banks lack bathrooms?
Due to the fact that not all banks accept deposits.
  • I discovered today that diarrhea runs in families. Your jeans are affected.
  • What prevented the toilet paper from crossing the street?
since it was entrapped in a crack.
  • Little kids are like farts. Everyone else’s are terrible, but your own are just about acceptable.
  • What response did the puma have for his friend who was cracking faeces jokes?
I’ll puma pants if you don’t stop making me laugh.
  • Have you heard of the follow-up, Diarrhea?
They had to release it early since it leaked.
  • Why did the prankster contaminate the elevator with faeces?
Considering that he wished to take his jokes to the next level.
  • Tigger’s head was in the bathroom toilet—why?
He was on the prowl for Pooh!
  • What feces jokes are you never supposed to tell?
The ones that are cheesy.
  • What do flies say to one another in a nice way?
“Has this stool been taken?”
  • The chicken crossed the road for what reason?
He heard a fowl fart next to him.
  • When is it necessary for Denzel Washington to spend time with the Rugrats?
The day of toilet training.
  • Cavemen defecate where?
Inside a Neander-stall.
  • Why did a toilet seat have candles on it?
due to the unexpected birthday potty.
  • When you discover a dog in your bathroom, what do you name it?
A poodle.
  • Why do people doze off in bathrooms?
because the restroom is another name for it!
  • Why does Spider-Man always make sure to flush the bathroom?
Because that is his doody.
  • Why is it impossible to hear a pterodactyl flush?
due to the fact that the P is silent.
  • What should you do if a bear is using the restroom in your house?
You let it to end!
  • If you’re an American in the living room, then what are you doing in the restroom?
  • What sport does the toilet like most?
  • What is the name of Superman’s toilet?
The super Bowl.
  • In what place do bees use the restroom?
BP’s gas station, naturally!
  • What is the name for a fairy that uses the restroom?
Stinker Bell!
  • The infant placed quarters in its diaper for what reason?
It was in need of changing.
  • How does it feel to tumble into the toilet?
So either you stink or you swim!
  • When is it OK to make vegetable soup in the bathroom?
when a leek is included!
  • Where do sheep like playing?
Inside the baaa-throom.
  • After using the restroom, what do octopuses do?
Hands, hands, hands, hands, hands, hands are all washed.
  • Why do elephants use the restroom so frequently?
since they consume much too many peanuts.
  • How many people are required to smell the restroom?
Only a phew!
  • A man says while pointing to some toilet paper “You seem disgusting. What’s the issue?” “Nothing really, I’m just feeling wiped today,” the toilet paper responds.
  • What was spoken between the two bathrooms?
You certainly appear a touch flushed today.
  • A child requested permission from his instructor to use the restroom. She said, “Of course,” but only if you could tell me every letter of the alphabet. He therefore uttered “abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz”. Where is the P?
Asked she. “Halfway down my leg” He replied.
Toilet Puns

It’s making memories, spending time with loved ones, or just relaxing after a long day, home is where we find comfort and happiness. For more laughs, check out our collection of Home puns.

Toilet Jokes

Something has an unpleasant odor. Surely it’s the smell of these hilarious toilet puns and jokes? A funny toilet pun and diarrhea joke will always bring out the child in you, regardless of your age. It is, after all, the great equalizer.

  • Everybody poops! Poop jokes have dominated the category of the funniest jokes to crack for decades (pun intended). We’re very certain that our parents and their parents’ parents cracked a few fart jokes or feces jokes.
  • The idea is that toilet puns are timeless; therefore, we’ve compiled all the amusing material you’ll need to continue this custom.
  • Have you heard the story of the girl who fell off the toilet?
Her cheeks were pink from embarrassment.
  • Why did the tissue slide down the slope?
to get to the bottom of things.
  • Why are ducks feathered?
To hide their butt quacks.
  • Why did the woman stop making jokes about poop?
Everyone informed her that they are shitty.
  • Why does Piglet smell terrible all the time?
He plays with Pooh, after all.
  • A fart is like love. It’s probably shit if you have to push it.
  • What does the word surprise mean?
A fart that contains a lump.
  • That is disgusting, she said. Sorry, but I occasionally prefer to go potty with the door open. “You shouldn’t be pooping in the car at all,” she said.
  • What time is ideal for using the restroom?
  • A man approaches the father of the girl he is dating to request permission to marry her.
  • “Are you serious? The father sneers, “You’re so poor, you can’t even afford to buy her toilet paper!” True, the man replies. But a girl that is full of shit like that, I’d never marry.
  • Why did the officer go to the restroom?
To do his duties.
  • Why did they build a toilet inside the trash bin?
Everyone needed to take a dump.
  • What do creators of special effects call bowel movements?
They are known as 3-D farts.
  • My feelings for you are incontinence. I’m unable to contain myself.
Toilet Puns
  • What’s the nicest treat to have when watching a bad movie? .
  • Is a fart from Queen Elizabeth regarded as a noble gas?
  • Clearly, the person who coined the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” never experienced diarrhea.
  • Which film in the trilogy is consistently the worst?
The turd one.
  • What’s large, dark, and concealed behind the wall?
Humpty’s dump.
  • Did you know that the movements of your mouth and your genitalia when you speak the word “poop” are the same?
The term “explosive diarrhea” is also accurate.
  • Love is supposedly the finest emotion there is. However, I believe that going to the bathroom while you have diarrhea is preferable.
  • What’s this fly doing in my soup?
Asked the customer. Pooping, said the waiter.
  • Is the odor of bear feces in the woods unbearable?
  • My four-year-old son and I both made an effort to explain to him that inadvertently pooping in your pants is quite normal. He is still making fun of me, though.
  • A little, elderly guy with hearing loss visits a physician. He brings his wife since he has trouble hearing. After examining the patient, the doctor determines that sperm, urine, and stool samples are necessary. What did he say, the elderly guy goes to his wife and inquires?
“He said he wanted your underpants,” the wife responds.
  • What does bravery actually mean?
Attempting to fart while experiencing diarrhea.
  • A button slipped out of my shirt this morning when I was buttoning it. When I picked up my briefcase after that, the handle broke off. The doorknob dislodged as I attempted to open the door after that. As I attempted to open my automobile door, the door handle disintegrated in my hands. I’m reluctant to use the toilet right now.
  • A wife texted her husband in a passionate manner. If you’re asleep, email me your dreams, she urged. Please email me your grin if you are laughing. I’d like a nibble if you were eating. Send me a drink if you’re drinking. Send me your tears if you’re sobbing. I cherish you. In response, her spouse texted, “I’m on the loo, advice please.”
  • Two buddies went tent camping. One complained after leaving the camping restroom, “Why does one-ply toilet paper even exist?”
In response, the second buddy said, “I actually like single ply. Because the sheets are thinner, it feels lighter and works better, and the rolls last longer. After pausing for a while, the first said, “OK, poophands,” rolling his eyes.
  • A Lincoln Log faeces is what?
poo that is so large that you are hesitant to flush it without first breaking it up into small pieces with the toilet brush.
  • Today at work, I experienced a restroom emergency. My coworker attempted to open a window, so it must have been worse than I anticipated. We construct submarines.
  • What caused the dung to cross the road?
Because it was attempting to use the restroom
  • What results when breeding a rhino with a toilet?
No clue. But I won’t be using that lavatory.
  • What do you call it when a janitor gets let go because they won’t clear the toilets out?
Abandonment of doodie
  • How come the soldier didn’t flush the toilet?
It wasn’t his obligation.
  • What distinguishes quality toilet paper from inferior toilet paper?
One is terrible while the other is tearable.
  • Who had the worst day was the topic of contention between the toilet and the toilet paper. The home’s owner was diarrhoeic. Whose day was worse, then?
  • I recently purchased a toilet brush, however I must say… I favor using toilet paper.
Toilet Puns

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