100+ Tomato Puns that Will Make You All Saucy with Laughter!

Tomaytoh or Tomahto! No matter which you choose, you will laugh hard at these tomato puns. Tomato puns are fresh and cheesy enough to make the perfect meal. Sounds Italian, but these tomato puns are great recipes for inducing some fun in otherwise mundane life. 

Funny Tomato Jokes

If you’re having a tough day and are exhausted, you might want to switch from your tomato soup to these fresh tomato puns. These tomato puns are original and will make you cheerful instantly.

  • I loaf tomatoes the most.
  • Tomatoes have a favorite band – Las Ketchup,
  • A tomato that still thinks it’s a fruit it’s called a cherry tomato
  • When people didn’t like a play owner drama, they would love throwing Rotten Tomatoes and the actors.
  • Leaf me alone with my precious tomatoes.
  • What do you call a Latina who loves tomatoes?
  • Any tomato that has been deported from Italy is called an Italian tomato.
  • After having traveled around the world in 80 days who is known as the globe tomato.
  • The tomato told the potato: “You are just not my type.”
  • If tomato is a fruit, why should they be among vegetables?
Because gourd works in mysterious ways.
  • Whenever in a salad, tomatoes have always well dressed.
  • To punish your tomatoes it’s best to can them.
  • When the potato make the tomato he said: “What’s making you blush, darling?”
  • These tomatoes are growing I’m making fantastic wormholes. No wonder that they’re real time travelers
  • A tomato that has never been married is called a single tomato.
  • The new vigilante in town as we named the Phantomato.
  • Tomato Sloop is what boots eat with spoons.
  • The tomato asks the sad pickle what the big dill was.
  • What is a tomato that is squashed and fried with eggs?
A tomato omelette.
  • I’m so addicted to ketchup then whenever I have a hot dog, I au-tomato-cally go for the ketchup.
  • What did the bacon say to the tomato?
Lettuce get together.
  • Can you guess why tomato went out on a date with a prune?
Didn’t find another date.
  • What do you call a tomato that is sad for having been picked on constantly?
A sad tomato salad.
Tomato Puns
  • My favorite book is ‘Uncle Tomato’s Cabin’.
  • How does Schwarzenegger name his tomatoes? Germinator one, germinator 2, germinator 3, germinator 4, etc.
  • Do you know what actually looks like half a tomato?
The other half of it..
  • Have to make a tomato laugh you always need to tell him a green joke.
  • You really need to get accustomato any new place that you go to.
  • What does a tomato desire the most?
A jerrymato.
  • I relish smothering my burger would not serve onion, garlic and tomato.
  • Do you know what a tomato with a pH D is called?
A doctored tomato.
  • Tomatoes just have to come from the tomato source. I believe that.
  • When Schwarzenegger watered his tomato seeds he said: “You have been germinated.”
  • All I do is add Canada tomatoes, Canada beans, Canada corn, etc.
  • A tomato is both a fruit and a vegetable, but only when it is arrested.
  • Hello, you seem to be asymp-tomato-ic with the flu.
  • If a tomato was not round and red, but was actually long and green it would have been called a cucumber.
  • Every genetically modified tomato will tell you not to be worried at all.
  • When two tomatoes meet after a long time, they really know how to ketchup.
  • When the fortnite game stopped after it got to tomato town, the gamer simply used red tomato paste and fixed it.
  • The most favorite dance that tomatoes love is the salsa.
  • It is an ultomato to be faced with choosing between two tomatoes.
  • When do tomatoes go to the bar?
To either make or take a drink.
  • Never shame anyone by calling them fat tomatoes.
  • When Mrs tomato so Mr. Green Pea, she immediately turned red.
  • What do you call an Italian tomato that smells beautiful?
A Roma.
  • What do you call rotten tomatoes that people throw at each other?
Tomato bombs.
  • Tomato paste is really handy to fix any broken tomato.
  • Any potato that mimics a tomato it’s cold and ImiTATOR.
  • I put tomato ketchup on my shopping list just like my wife asked, but now I just can’t read it anymore holster.
  • What should you call a tomato that has been run over by a car?
A smashed tomato.
  • The tomato should have knocked before entering the room. He wouldn’t have to see the salad dressing and then leave red-faced.
  • Tomato, tomato. Potato, potato. Who gives a damn how you say it.
  • When that guy over there tried to fight me by throwing shredded cheese, tomato sauce, and dough at me, I shouted, “Do you want a pizza me?”
  • Any tips on how to catch a tomato?
Throw a net over it.
  • When the kid accidentally drove his bicycle over my foot it really hurt. No one ever gave so much pain to-ma-toes.
  • I have this notion that LGBT means lettuce ginger bacon and tomato. But I was told that G actually stands for garlic.
  • You should have seen the tomatoes face when lady garlic started to take off her cloves.
  • The tomato just had to cross the road to get to the vine yard on the other side.
  • Tomatoes that are made to your specific liking are called customato.
  • Weather you say tomato or I say tomato, it doesn’t really sound different when you read it.
  • What is the similarity between tomatoes and potatoes?
  • What is a tomato with no eyebrows?
A tomato, silly.
  • When the tomato was put under the microscope a new atom was found. It was named the tomatom.
  • When you put some cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, onions in front of a chicken, it only sees a salad.
  • I really don’t understand what’s tomato with this guy and why he makes so much fun of salads.
  • A tomato joke is a seedy joke. What is a cherry joke?
  • “Papa loves me from my head tomatoes,” said the baby tomato when he was asked to explain how much his father loved him.
  • The guy with the hose in his hand is the one who tries to grow tomatoes in his car.
  • Rotten Tomatoes always seem to be left behind. They really can never catch up.
Tomato Puns

Laughter is just one of the many benefits of salads. They are also a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. If you’re looking for even more fun, check out our collection of Salad Puns.

Tomato Jokes

Had enough of tomato…errr…tomato puns already? Surely not! Here are some more tomato puns cause no one can have too many tomato puns! 

  • When did tomato asked the bartender to make him a drink, the bartender said that they do not the bartender said that they do not serve food there.
  • To mate or not to matter.
  • At the race, although the news was running, the cabbage was way ahead, but the tomato just could not ketchup with them.
  • When the tomato was in danger, Schwarzenegger get to him so that he could get out to the ketchupper that was waiting.
  • The tomatoes went to the salads house and said: “Lettuce in.”
  • What cartoon do tomatoes watch?
Tom-a-to Jerry.
  • Always ask a slow tomato to ketchup with you.
  • A tomato can also eat noodles. All it needs is ketchup-sticks.
  • Do you see that tomato is a fruit. That makes ketchup a smoothie.
  • The bottle of ketchup told me that mental illness is on the rise.
  • This tomato source is simply fantastic.
  • A tomato needs to do everything to ketchup whenever he is be-Heinze schedule.
  • Two tomatoes were crossing the road. Then the first one turned around to see whether the joke was still on or got screwed up.
  • I always stop making sandwiches with tomatoes if there is no more meat.
  • Tomatoes always lag behind because they hardly ever ketchup.
  • The psychiatrist told the ketchup then he mustn’t keep his feelings all bottled up.
  • To know that tomato is a fruit is knowledge. However, not putting it in a fruit salad is actually wisdom.
  • Ketchup and life have the good things come slow, and worth the wait.
  • What do you make from Basel, cheese, and tomato?
A Caprese.
  • All the tomatoes bow down to the new tomato king and told His Royal Heinze-ness that they were all at his service.
  • A tomato is red with insult because someone said it’s not a vegetable but a fruit.
  • If tomatoes are unproductive, just can them.
  • Seeing the salad dressing, the tomato blushed.
  • I missed the TV show on how to make tomato soup. I will have to ketchup later on.
  • Tomato paste is not very fast paste especially since it’s viscous.
  • The macaroni thought that the tomato was getting too saucy with her.
  • The tomato told the weed to go pasta, and that he would eventually ketchup.
  • Tomato soup accidentally spilled over the book my friend was reading it seemed like he’d never be able to ketchup on his reading.
  • Because it isn’t a vegetable, tomato will always outrun a broccoli
  • What would you call a tomato if it were long, skinny, and green?
A bean.
  • Can you name something that is red and square?
And uncool tomato
  • Sing the tomato where this makes for the first time, the mustard made fun of him saying that is Heinz-sight must be really bad.
Tomato Puns
  • Oh, to-hate-o to-mah-to. That’s supposed to be pseudo English.
  • A tomato is practically the only thing that is red and keeps going up and down in an elevator.
  • The lemon in the salad asked the tomato to give it a squeeze.
  • The ketchupped steak is a novel concoction back he’s made of barbecued tomatoes with lots of ketchup.
  • Guess why the bread kicked the tomato over?
Because he loafed him.
  • Tomatoes are the pantastic fruits that are also vegetables.
  • The tomato went on the motorbike because he was trying to ketchup with his friends.
  • The tomato asked for a leaf home.
  • When the steaks are high you really need to ketchup on your back logs.
  • The only movie that Donald Trump hates the most is ‘Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes’.
  • My friend who deals in fruits and vegetables has gone into liquidation. He now makes tomato smoothies.
  • The tomatoes decided that they were true soil-mates.
  • This series on tomatoes gives everyone a chance to see what goes be-Heinz the scenes in tomato world.
  • When a tomato self identifies as a carrot, you definitely have a transplant.
  • A tooty frutti there’s actually a tomato with the trumpet.
  • Do you know that I seed him eat the tomato yesterday?
  • At the marathon for vegetables, everyone thought that it would be extremely difficult for the red-faced tomato to ketchup.
  • A shortage of tomato ketchup in America is bad. But imagine if they run out of mayonnaise as well. Will definitely have a double dip recession.
  • It was setting up a tomato stall that made others put a sensor on the market.
  • Tomatoes love riding the seed-saw in spring.
  • Now in Heinz-sight, I don’t think adding that extra ketchup to the tomato soup was a good idea at all.
  • You’ll always find the tomato and pasta going to the dance at the Meat Ball.
  • A friend accidentally rub tomato ketchup on his eyes. In Heinz sight, that wasn’t a good thing to do actually.
  • The tomatoes only came out from under the cover to see whether the rain had stopped or not.
  • What happens to the tomato after heat confesses his sins at church?
He simply turns into tomato pure-e.
  • Tomato soup is really soothing, especially if it’s cold can you add some ice and celery stalk. And also some vodka if you please.
  • Looking for a Caterpillar and the tomato plants can be risky since you can be run over by a tank.
  • The lovely ripe tomatoes said that you actually ripe what you sow.
  • These ones really need to-matone for their wrongdoings if they wish to avoid going to jail.
  • What can tomato juice?
You might as well Bloody Mary it.
  • I hate salsa dancing because getting these tomato stains out afterwards is a headache.
  • Are catsup and ketchup the same?
  • At the check-up, the tomato said, “please check me from my head to-ma-toes.”
  • It is only Tabasco when it comes from that region in Mexico. Otherwise, it is just sparkling tomato juice.
  • No tomatoes are actually what you can kiss when it’s red and invisible.
  • You got it ripe the first time when you started eating tomatoes.
  • Everyone else made fun of the smallest tomato by calling him the bottomato.
  • The inventor of autocorrect has expired. His funnel is tomato.
  • Putting coriander on my fried tomatoes is practically soup-herb.
Tomato Puns

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