65+ Best Tortoise Puns and Funny Quotes

These creatures are slow but they are precious to mother nature. Well, we have tried to make them more funnier and interesting to you with the help of puns so that you laugh and also you think of them for a while. Well, here are some of the tortoise puns

Tortoise Puns and Funny Quotes

  • We-Can you guess what does the Ninja tortoise call the selfies it take? Shelfies
  • Simmon walked between a turtle and a porcupine, what shall he be called now?Nothing else than a Slowpoke.
  • Remember the last time you walked away slowly like a tortoise after we quarrelled for a hour?
  • You know what I actually missed you like a shell, just after a few moments.
  • How does the tortoise celebrate his birthday? Nice and slow with all freedom.
  • What will you call a tortoise if ever see him carrying a hammer? Thortoise.
  • Tortoise 1 : I think we are moving too fast in our relationship, we should take things slowly now.
  • Tortoise 2 : Obviously, it will take time time for me to get out of your shell.
Tortoise Puns
  • How can you see a tortoise and say it is a social tortoise or an antisocial one? If, it is an antisocial onel it will never come out of its shell.
  • The great aristurtle said once that love is composed of two soul inhabiting within two shells.
  • The cake shop in turte street serves turtly awesome cakes. 
  • The cricket match between India and Pakistan was a turtle-effic match as it had a nail biting finish.
  • The night party is going to be turtley disastrous as the weather is so hot .
  • The red T-shirt that Kane was wearing was funky like a tortoise tank.
  • You can only be selected in the Indian Army if you are as hard as the tortoise shell.
  • I am not at all ashamed to admit the fact that I am turtley in love with you.
Tortoise Puns
  • Nobody looks as good as the tortoise does even when it is two hundred years old.
  • What will you call a turtle who can fly like a helicopter? What else than a Shellicopter.
  • Did you ever wonder how do the turtle communicate with each other? Yes, they communicate with help of a shell phone.
  • I just saw the tortoise crossing the road, I wonder where is he going? Well, I guess he is going the shell station.
  • What will you call a tortoise who has taken up photography as a profession? Calling him a snapping tortoise will be no wrong.
  • A truck which was loaded with tortoise crushed into a train loaded with coal, now what shall you call such disaster? You can call it a turtle disaster  
  • What will you call a chef who cooks very slowly? Tortoise chef.
  • Robin’s pet tortoise died after staying alive for almost hundred and five years 
Tortoise Puns
  • He was a bit shell-shocked rather than being upset.
  • Stephen performed turtley bad it was because he was a remiss this year with his academics.
  • What is the major difference between the shell of a tortoise and 
  • Do you know how the tortoise won the race between him and the Rabbit.
  • They made the deal of going inside the home first as the tortoise went inside his shell and won It. 
  • The smell of ocean nearby brought the tortoise out of his shell.
  • Have you ever heard of the mythological animal which carries a hard shell and has the ability to control lightning with his hammer? Well he is named as Thortoise.
  • I was s-turted when I was saw the tortoise suddenly moving towards me.
  • What will call a Indian wrap with some tortoise meat inside it? Tortilla wrap will be a nice name .
  • What will you call an Italian preparation that has tortoise meat in it? Well, you can call it a typical type of Turtle-ini pasta.
  • Do know how the tortoise greet each other? They say “Shallo”.
Tortoise Puns

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