78+ Best Train Puns and Funny Quotes

It might be the fact that you are interested in steam locomotives or bullet trains and, in that case, the subsequent train puns will really make you roll with laughter. So, let us not waste time and delve deep into these intriguing puns right now.

Train Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I am making an attempt to write a fantastic birthday message to my grandmother who is reaching 80 years of age and has an affinity for trains. Any suggestions?
  • Yesterday night, my friend and I watched “Snowpiercer”. I spent the subsequent ninety minutes attacking him with train jokes.
  • My boss told me that I happen to be the worst train operator that he has come across and he questioned me regarding the number of trains I have derailed previous year.
  • I told him that I was not sanguine since it is difficult to keep track.
  • How are trains able to eat? They chew chew.
  • Have you heard of the train conductor who got detained for murder in Mexico? Yes, he possessed locomotives.
  • I made an attempt to tell my preferred joke regarding trains …
  • However, it was derailed.
  • For what reason was the train forced to rush to the toilet?
  • Because it was toot toot tootin throughout the day.
  • All the new electric trains are going to run on conductors.
  • What type of ears do the trains possess? Engineers.
  • Why was the conductor not able to do anything when he found his train to be missing? Because he had not been trained to do this.
  • What will you call an individual who is attracted to trains sexually? A tramsexual.
  • Where are lobsters and crabs able to get hold of their trains? King’s Crustation.
  • What was told by the train while they visited a sister in South Korea? Hello, Seoul Sister!
Train Puns
  • In case climbing trains would have been a sport they would have named it as training.
  • When I had been on the train, a light indicated me that the toilet was engaged.
  • Congratulations, toilet!
  • I became quite embarrassed when I was court playing with the train set of my son by my wife.
  • I threw a bed sheet over it and thought that I was able to cover my tracks.
  • What was told by the monkey when his tail was run over by a speeding train? Will not be long now.
  • Pigeons are secretly trained by the US Army to help them in ousting aggressive foreign governments.
  • It happens to be a military coo.
  • Although I had been running to catch a train the last day, I realized that my net was not large enough just when I was approaching it.
  • What are you going to do at present given that smoking has been banned on the public trains? Chew chew.
  • Shout out to the trains for helping me remain on track.
  • Have you heard regarding the blind person who was hit by the train?
  • He never watched it coming.
  • How long will it take for electricity to traverse the entire length of a train having 10 cars.
  • It was going to depend on the conductor.
  • Does metrosexual imply that you get attracted by trains?
  • Never believe in trains since they have got locomotives.
Train Puns
  • Trains have got peculiar desires because of their locomotives.
  • How can trains drink? Trains simply chug.
  • What is a ticket inspector on board a maglev train called? A superconductor.
  • What type of train consumes a lot of food? A chew chew train.
  • Riding a train will not be easier.
  • It happens to be a straightforward procedure.
  • If you like to learn how to drive it train you must undergo some training.
  • How is it possible for the ice cream outlet to train its employees? At Sundae school!
  • Have you heard of the man who was sitting beside his own clone on the train?
  • He had been beside his own self.
  • For what reason did the train visit the sauna?
  • For blowing off some steam.
  • I like to stand in the train.
  • And I am not able to stand sitting.
  • How will you be able to understand that a train has gone by a short while ago? You will be able to see the tracks.
  • My friend departed from town by railway after quitting his job as a reporter. It had been an ex-press train.
  • I simply hate the troll that resides beneath the local railway bridge. He happens to be a haughty enemy of mine.
  • Once I had been to a railway fancy dress celebration. Everybody was putting on platforms.
  • I was always a fan of one-liners.
  • For that reason, I happen to be a fan of monorails.
Train Puns

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