51+ Best Troops Puns and Funny Quotes

Troops come of use to us in many ways including killing the enemies and digging trenches in the battlefield. They help us to safeguard our country against the enemies and also fight against other troops in case we’re being attacked.

The army men need to remain in top physical condition at all times. Here we have mentioned some intriguing troops puns for your interest.

Troops Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What was told by the commander to the troops on this day?

March fourth.

  • I respect our troops to a great extent.

The husband of my girlfriend fights every day for us.

Troops Puns

_What are the troops who are directly behind the front line of the French army called?


_A group of troops had been under fire by the ISIS troops all of a sudden.

Officer: Guys! Fire at Will!

Will asked what should be done by him.

_A commanding officer of the Army is speaking to one of the troops.

“For what reason were the Grenadine people explosives sent by you rather than the medical supplies promised by us?”

“You told to dispatch Gren aid”.

_For what reason does President Trump want the troops to withdraw from the battle?


_A subordinate got into the chamber of Hitler where Hitler had been sitting with 8 dead bodies and a gun in one hand. 

The subordinate asked him whether he killed 8 more troops just now. 

Shouting “Nein!”, Hitler ended up shooting at the subordinate.

_Being a paramilitary troop supplier, I am able to confirm …

None has complained regarding the fact that their parachute has not opened mid-flight.

_The American and Russian generals have been talking regarding their troops …

While the Russian general told that they feed their troops 1,500 calories every single day, the American general told that their troops are being fed at least 5,000 calories every single day. 

The Russian general exclaimed that it was impossible since it is not possible for a man to consume a whole sack of potatoes in 1 day.

_What was told by the general when he did not have adequate troops?

Seems as if it is a personnel problem.

_A report is given to Trump by a high ranking army official.

He told that he regrets the fact that 3 Brazilian troops have lost their lives in combat.

Getting stunned, Trump somehow gathered himself and answered that it was indeed terrible news. He also questioned how much was a brazillion.

_What was said by Custer to his troops on this very day 140 years earlier?


_How can you differentiate the Rockettes from a troop of acrobats?

One happens to be a crafty collection of stunts. 

_How is gratitude shown by the generals to their troops?

Troops Puns

They provide tanks.

_For what reason was it not feasible for the Grim Reaper to head out to war?

Since all troops are supported by him.

_When a German soldier asked a Swiss soldier regarding the number of soldiers that Switzerland would be able to mobilize in case Germany were to invade, the Swiss soldier said half a million within a couple of days. 

When again asked if Germany does invade with 1 million troops, he replied that they would shoot two times and then return home.

_WW1 is going on in Gallipoli, and the soldiers are all set to charge from the trenches.

The English officers make a motivating speech to the troops: “Listen here boys, have you all been here to give your lives?” In reply, the Australian said “Nope mate, I have come here yesterday”.

_What happens to be the largest and the most renowned export of the United States?


_A Viagra bomb has been developed by the Russians.

It does not allow the enemy troops to crawl. 

_For what reason was condiments squirt by the drill instructor in the morning on the trainees?

He mustard his troops in this manner.

_What is the collective noun for vehicles in case that of the kangaroos happens to be a “troop”?

A Lot.

_Every time I listen to Trump talking, it seems to me that a civil war leader is rallying his troops.

I mean, simply generally speaking.

_I have come to know that the troops in Afghanistan had a tough time counting …

Ever since the tally was banned.

_How are his French-Native troops addressed by Louis Riel?

Ahoy Métis!

_For what reason do I put on American flag briefs?

For supporting the troops.

_My sweetheart had been performing her makeup and she informed me that her base was completed.

“Then begin making troops”.

_My daughter happens to be a scout leader.

She informed her mother that she was going to teach how to tie knots to her troop the subsequent week. In reply, her mother said that the father of the girl had been in scouts and he would be able to show her how to get the job done. I had been in the scouts about 40 years earlier and I told “knot really”.

Troops Puns

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