125+ Catchy Tuna Puns and Jokes that Will Make You Laugh

Tuna is also known by the name Tunny. It is actually the saltwater fish which comes from the tribe which is called as Thunnini, or you can also say from the mackerel family. They are long as well as streamlined and also serves as food for many around the world. 

Tuna Puns

Mentioned below are some Tuna puns and quotes which you can actually always use. 

Tuna is a saltwater fish that is consumed in a lot of countries in a lot of different forms. They come from a tribe called thunini.  Here are some cool tuna puns, that might offer some humor to your entertainment buds.

  • What did the tuna fish receive after clearing all the exams?

He was honored with roll 

tuna puns
  •  What is the difference between a tuna and a piano?

You can tuna a piano but you can not piano a tuna 

  • How do you tuna?

Well, for starters you can raise the scales or lower them 

  • How did the tuna cross the road?

It tried to get to the other tide 

  • The kittens were out of cat food, so they got tuna 

They are certainly spoiled to the alba-core 

  • How do people in Mexico open a tuna can?

They figure it with albacore-key 

  • What is the heavy metal do tuna fish can look like?

It looks like albacore

  • What did the tuna say when he got off the jail?

I got off the hook really quick 

  • Why is it easy to weigh tuna?

Because they come with their own scales 

  • What is a tuna’s sleeping spot?
  • A river bed  
  • Why do tuna despised basketball?

Because they are haunted by nets 

  • A tuna came dressed up in a tuxedo 

It sure did look like a fancy feast 

  • How did the tuna hit on a girl?

Well, he said “hey girl, tuna around and let me see that base “

  • How does a tuna sell her community around?

It invited others and told them its an amazing tunaverse !

  • How did the tuna community vote for their leader?


  • What mythical creature is popular in aquatic world?


  • What process does a graduate tuna use to study his species?

The Tunafication in the river bed 

tuna puns
  • How did the teacher instruct the tuna fishes to line up for school?

She asked them to stand Tunaformly in a line 

  • Where did all the tuna fishes go to study?

They went to study in a tunaversity 

  • What did the tuna fish wanted to become after watching its favorite cartoon shows ?

A cartunaist 

  • How did the tuna manage to get off the hook before getting served on the platter?

It made sure to make the best of the opportunaty 

  • Why did the tuna got scared about its future?

It went to a fortuna-teller previously 

  • How did the tuna escape from the nets?

The tuna was fortunate enough 

  • How did the tuna hold itself when came in crises?

It kept hold of every bit of faith tuanciously 

  • How do you tuna fish?

You adjust their scales 

  • Why did the fish always sing off key?

Because one cannot tuna a fish!

  • Which is the only fish that is made of only two sodium atoms 

Its 2NA

  • What did the mother say to the tuna fishes when they caught them creating wreck ?

She yelled saying “You should be tunashamed of yourself “

  • Where do the tuna go to celebrate their holiday?

They visit tunasee !

  • Which is the favorite super hero of the tuna fishes?

Its captunamerica 

  • How long did it take to cook the fish?

It took them Tuna half minutes 

  • How did the fishermen failed in playing guitar?

He lost track of the tuna 

  • How did the tuna fishes pay tribute to the deceased tuna?

They called it their Role-Model 

  • What did the fishes think about, when they got their first guitar?

They wondered if the guitar was even tuna-able

  • For a fish to survive it takes a good oppotunaty and sheer fortuna with a lot faith in its tunaverse 

  • How did the fishermen take out the fishes from the net for supper?

He picked out each one of them tunanimously 

Tuna Jokes

  • TUNAVERSE is actually so very amazing place to learn about !
  • You are actually so FINNY !
  • There are actually millions of stars in our TUNAVERSE !
  • All the childhood stories were actually more fantasising because they had TUNACORN in them !
  • All what you actually did for our TUNAFICATION is so very appreciable !
  • I really find TUNACORN so very fancy !
  • All the very members of this association actually voted TUNANIMOUSLY for that particular bill !
  • The weight of this carton is actually around hundred TUNAS !
  • They all actually passed that bill TUNANIMOUSLY !
  • TUNAS and TUNAS of thanks to you for all what you actually did for me ! 
  • We all are actually on the same page and we all TUNANIMOUSLY favour the decision of helping poor and needy !
  • I really hate your very habit of taking decisions so TUNALATERALLY !
  • I actually just don’t like those who take all the decisions TUNALATERALLY !
  • You all must wear your TUNAFORMS daily !
  • Be in proper TUNAFORMS when you come to school !
  • Those who do not come in their complete TUNAFORMS are not supposed to enter in the premises of the school !
  • Change your TUNAFORMS and have your food !
  • I just want TUNAFORMITY in all of your work !
  • Who is actually your favourite CARTUNAIST !
  • No one should ever loose that very golden OPPORTUNATY which they actually get in their life !
  • I actually promise to work even much more harder if I just that very OPPORTUNATY !
  • Could you get me one TUNALITY !
  • My TUNALITY actually makes so very perfect vibrations !
  • Today I just came across a FORTUNA – TELLER !
  • Very often I actually visit to those FORTUNA – TELLER !
  • You are just an OPPORTUNAIST !
  • I just hate those are actually just OPPORTUNAIST !
  • Do you actually know how to TUNA violin !
  • Could you please help me TUNAING my guitar !
  • Do just keep waiting for that OPPORTUNATY to come but always make efforts !
  • OPPORTUNATY would actually never come to you on its own, you must take the first step !
  • Previously I just thought to be a CARTUNAIST !
  • Welcome to my TUNAVERSITY !
  • I would actually suggest you to study at my TUNAVERSITY ! 
  • You must actually know that Earth revolves around the Sun and this is the TUNAVERSAL truth !
  • This saloon is actually TUNASEXUAL !
  • This is such a TUNADIRECTIONAL !
  • Some states also have a TUNACAMERAL legislature !
  • This very college RETUNAION  was such a great fun !
  • You are actually so very FINTASTIC ! 
  • Could you please switch on that FIN as I am feeling so hot !
  • Amoeba is actually the TUNACELLULAR organism !
  • You must always feel yourself to be the TUNAQUE one !
  • Every one on this earth is a TUNAQUE person !
  • I just believe in TUNAVERSALISM !
  • I so very disliked this app and so I am just TUNASTALLING it !
  • You must never ever loose that TUNAQUENESS that you have in yourself !
  • I just all those TUNAFORMIST !
  • Lets all of us TUNAFY this Sunday !
  • You must actually TUNASTALL all those programs that are just harming your computer !
  • I just so prefer using all those TUNASEX deodorants as well as perfumes !
  • All of you just get ready with your TUNAFORMS and come to the stage for performance !
  • I just like all those very people who are confident as well as TUNAQUE !
  • The Standard TUNAT of Force is Newton !
  • Was it Isaac TUNATON who actually first understood the gravity !
  • Now a days all the companies have in them these trade TUNAIONS !
  • All the very Labour TUNAIONS are on protest for today !
  • I personally dislike this TUNATARY system of government and rather like the Federal one !
  • I am actually going to party TUNAIGHT !
  • Hey Friends ! TUNAIGHT is just the party night !
  • You all should actually just work in TUNAFORMINESS ! 
  • I just need TUNA rupees for purchasing those chocolates !
  • I just need some TUNAQUE ideas for my blog !
  • My professor is actually the best one in the entire TUNAVERSITY !
  • No one should blindly trust all the news that is actually spread through the WHATSAPP TUNAVERSITY !
  • Let all of us actually TUNANIMOUSLY raise our voices against all the fake news as well as that misinformation being spread around!
Tuna Puns

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