95+ Hilarious TV Puns to Turn Your Mood On

Here is a selection of humorous TV puns. There are some TV puns that no one knows and will make you laugh out loud. Take your time reading through the tv puns and puzzles. We hope you find these TV projector puns amusing enough to tell others and make them laugh.

Funny TV Puns

Today, we let it all hang out as we share amusing TV puns. When you combine some of your favorite varieties of amusement with these TV puns, you’ll undoubtedly laugh right along with your fellow buddies as you read them aloud!

  • I exhibited my new smart TV to a friend. He stated, “How clever can it be? It’s encased in a box!”
  • I purchased a smart television. It does not depict Trump.
  • We should make a TV show in which illegal immigrants seek down sex offenders in order to gain citizenship. It’s called “Alien vs. Predator.”
  • Breaking Bad is the shortest TV series (Canadian version).
  • What do mushrooms watch on television? Spores.
  • What do you call a late-night TV show host who is incarcerated? Jimmy Felon.
  • I recently returned home to find my wife somewhat inebriated and watching TV. “No! Don’t go inside! “Don’t be so dumb!” she yelled. She had been viewing our wedding video.
  • Someone is selling a 42-inch Smart TV for £70. There is something really wrong with the audio system, but you can’t turn it down for the price.
  • The main character in my favorite crime drama is a duck. He never fails to quack the case.
  • What TV channel should folks on a diet avoid? M&MTV.
  • I hid the TV remote control. I’m not apologetic in the least.
  • In Russia, how do you say “No TV”? Nietflix.
  • What is Christopher Columbus’ favorite television channel? The Discovery Network.
  • Why didn’t the rabbit hunter want to appear on television? Because he was having a rough day as a hare.
  • Because I was fascinated with acting like a TV news presenter, my wife threatened to divorce me. More on that after the jump.
  • Yo mom is so big that she walked right by the TV, causing me to miss three programs.
  • What TV series are free of scandal? Television soap operas
  • Yo momma is so foolish that she sat on the TV to watch the couch.
  • “You ought to stop watching TV and read more!” say your parents. So I activated the subtitles.
  • On television, Putin’s propagandists claimed that nuclear war is fine because loyal Russians will go to Heaven. When Heaven heard about it, she instantly applied for membership in NATO!
  • What Broadway musical revolves around pickles? Guys and Dills
  • When burglars broke in and took the television, Yo Momma went outside and cried to them, “Hey, you missed the remote!”
  • My uncle had a television set in his car, but it caused some problems. He was sitting in his car, watching the tv, while his wife drove sixty miles per hour on the highway. The ad came on, and he stepped outside to use the restroom.
  • One startling fact is that Afghanistan does not have a television. It’s because of the Tele-ban.
  • What is the maestro’s favorite pudding? Cello Pudding Pops.
  • On Sesame Street, what type of cheese do they eat? Muenster Cookie
  • So Bill Cosby was freed from prison, and now I hear he’s going to have his own TV show? Women say the most bizarre things.
  • I have a guy who works on television transmitter towers, some of which are over 1000 feet tall. When climbing, he does not always wear a safety harness. I don’t believe he understands the gravity of the situation.

TV puns

I’ve always questioned what my parents did to pass the time before the internet and televisions were invented. Think no further! Because, in addition to television, we give you a fantastic collection of TV puns. Enjoy these amusing TV puns with your family.

  • What should you do if your television begins to float in the middle of the night? Tell the black man to turn off the TV and threaten to call the cops.
  • The development of television has resulted in the abolition of famine in Ireland. When the crops in the garden fail, the populace can now grow couch potatoes in the living room.
  • I requested that the CIA retrieve my forgotten Gmail password. They delivered it to my smart TV.
  • Tonight’s television presentation is about the history of perfume. It airs at 8 p.m. on Chanel 5!
  • Since anyone can fly a plane for a few seconds, the first episode of a TV show is referred to as a “Pilot.” However, you must demonstrate that your puns are effective.
  • Whoever gave it the term “television”… should have been dubbed a watching machine.
  • I asked my grandmother what her parents used to do for amusement before television. I asked her seven brothers and sisters, who also had no idea.
  • My television despises the outer world. When it looks out the window, it just glares.
  • I never expected to see Chris Rock get smacked on national television. But, I suppose, where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • What is my least favorite aspect of network television? Learn more after the jump.
  • It’s incredible that Dubai does not broadcast The Flintstones… but Abu Dhabi does!
  • What do conventional televisions and “smart” televisions have in common? You use them to watch television. A “smart” television is also watching you.
  • A man and his wife are seated in front of the television, watching a boxing event. “This is disheartening,” says the spouse, sighing. It was only for 30 seconds!” “Good,” his wife said. “You now understand how I usually feel.”
  • I have a friend who grew up in the Soviet Union. He claims there were just two channels on the television. Channel 1 was just Russian propaganda about how great Stalin was, and the second line was a KGB agent encouraging you to switch back to channel 1.
  • My wife caught me watching a porn channel one day, so I quickly changed the channel to a fishing channel. ‘You should stay on the porn channel,’ she added on her way out. You know how to catch fish!’
  • The pilot for a terrific TV program about the Air Force was canceled after one of the actors was accused of sexual misconduct.
  • What do you call a kangaroo who spends too much time watching television? A potato pouch.
  • What exactly is a Smart TV? In-telly-gent.
  • Did you know that this year’s Origami competition will be broadcast on ESPN? I heard it’s a pay-per-view event…
  • Television is a medium because anything done effectively is uncommon.
  • In which TV show did the astronaut appear? The show Dancing with the Stars.
  • I saw an advertisement that said, “TV for sale, $1, volume stuck on full.” “I can’t say no to that!” I told myself.
  • Two television antennas meet on a roof, fall in love, and marry… The ceremony was dull, but the reception was fantastic.
  • What do you call a normal potato who is a sports broadcaster? A typical tater.
  • I couldn’t get enough of this flirting TV remote… It was an instant connection.
  • My son once asked me why I never appeared to misplace the TV remote when he was a kid. I assured him I’d always keep it somewhere out of the way of the mess… A faraway location.
  • How does a dog interrupt a television show? He presses his paws together!
  • When Master Yoda saw himself on television, what did he say? HDMI.
  • I bring my TV remote with me to every sports bar I visit so that I may change the channel whenever I want. It is a game changer.
  • My wife has announced that she is divorcing me due to my fixation with television dramas. But will she abandon me…? Next week, we’ll find out.

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