99+ Spell-Bound Unicorn Puns that Will Jazz up Your Fairy Tale Fantasies

Unicorns are a sight to behold, from their magnificent horns to their exquisite coats. Many people hold the enchantment and joy they stand for to be real, even though they may be legendary beings.

Here we have a set of mystical unicorn puns that will sparkle out some spells that could give you breathless laughter.

Funny Unicorn Puns

These hilarious unicorn puns will make you laugh out loud if you need them. They are smart, intelligent, and of course, a little bit cheesy. These brilliant but mystical unicorn puns appeal to people of all ages, the same as the unicorns. Let’s get started, shall we? I simply hope that you won’t find our unicorn puns to be too corny.

  • One time I attempted to tickle a unicorn but failed. It was a mys-tical experience.
  • Just because unicorns don’t galloper as much as horses, princesses like to ride them.
  • Uni-corns are what grains and corn would be called if they appeared magically.
  • In the forest, I believed I spotted a horned, magical horse, but when I went back to look for it, it had uni-gone.
  • What will a unicorn that has a negative attitude toward everything do?
It Neighs
  • Where do the unicorns live?
Mane Street is often where unicorns reside.
  • Unicorns always go star grazing when they are awaken to take a midnight feast.
  • Just say, “Uni-can do it!” to a doubtful unicorn to make him feel more confident.
  • Unicorns typically buy their magical items in the fairy-tail store when they go shopping.
  • Why are they referred to as “unicorns” rather than “unihorns”?
  • What does the unicorns love to eat for breakfast?
They love to eat horn flakes.
  • The unicorn remarked, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t giddyup,” after falling off his unicycle.
  • What is the favorite period of the unicorns in school?
It is the horse-story hour.
  • The unicorn was the suspect in the mane case. Therefore she had to appear in uni-court.
  • A perceptive unicorn that is always honest should be referred to as an A-corn in school.
  • After a long absence, the unicorn ran into a former student and apologized, “I am very sorry, but I seem to have forgotten your mane.”
  • A little unicorn should be referred to as a puny-corn if an adult unicorn is referred to as a unicorn.
  • Young unicorns love to go to the unicorn-ival that is put to ride the merry-go-round.
  • Uni Corn is where most unicorns go to college.
  • For breakfast, unicorns adore eating corn flakes and milk.
  • Facebook shouldn’t allow unicorns because everybody gets poked all day by them.
Unicorn Puns
  • The majority of the unicorns enjoy using a unicorn-icopia to show off their fall harvests.
  • Unicorns love playing the uni-cordians, thus they like to make polka music.
  • Unicorns always enjoy baking uni-corn muffins for breakfast.
  • Unicorns adore wearing their uniforms. Therefore they enjoy going to school.
  • Because they always go right to the point, unicorns are renowned for never horse around the wagons.
  • A uni-cone is what a unicorn receives when it just wants one scoop of ice cream.
  • “U-no-corn,” the unicorn exclaims as she discovers a bag of peas while searching for corn.
  • What do we call a smelly unicorn?
We call it eww-nicorn
  • “Somewhere over the rainbow” is the music that unicorns like listening to the most.
  • Every unicorn is nothing but just a horse with an opinion.
  • The unicorn sought the appropriate uni-form since he wanted to join the police band.
  • What do unicorns call their dad?
They call their dads as popcorn.
  • Because her pony horsed around much too much, the fairy princess chose to ride her unicorn.
  • Running in mare-athons is a unicorn’s favorite preferred sport.
  • Why did the unicorn cross the roads?
The unicorn wanted to interact with its neighbors, so it crossed the street.
  • Because they are familiar with all the uni-chords, most unicorns are incredibly talented guitarists.
  • A fashionicorn is the proper name for a posh, stylish, and recognizable unicorn.
  • Because unicorns have a soft spot for unicordians, they like listening to polka music.
  • A unicorn is what you get when you cross a corn cob with a unicycle.
  • Before going to bed, every newborn unicorn enjoys listening to their favorite fairy tail.
  • A night-mare is one that frightens unicorn children into waking up in the middle of the night.
  • What is a Mexican unicorn known as?
It is called as a Junicorn.
  • Have you seen Jake’s brand-new, personalized trumpet?
Yes, that horn is pretty distinctive; I could recognize it anywhere.
  • Have you heard about the monk who was discovered abusing children?
Yes, Bastard instructed the underprivileged children to touch his eunuch-horn.
  • What would you describe as a resilient unicorn that has escaped illness?
It is called as an immunicorn?
  • Have you heard about the unruly unicorn?
Yes, but I didn’t realize these animals could become that horny.
  • Uni-corn?
I assumed that’s how you refer to a single grain or corn.
  • Why is it impossible to locate a unicorn in the military?
Due to the fact that they dislike wearing uniforms.
  • What was the unicorn’s message to the bean bag?
  • I couldn’t believe it when my kid claimed to have seen some obese unicorns at the zoo. However, they turned out to be merely rhinos.
  • Your football team cannot play in the corn field just because they go by the name Unicorns.
  • What is dandruff seen on unicorn manes known as?
It is called corn flakes.
  • If a dog is a man’s best friend, would a corn dog be a unicorn’s best buddy?
  • It ceased to be amusing to be canned corn when the unicorn lost his job.
  • Would you refer to a man riding a unicycle while munching on corn as a unicorn on the cob?
  • The stallion unicorn was impossible to tame; at best, it would merely horn wild.
  • Why did so many unicorns swarm the brand-new spa?
They were informed that it was unisex.
  • Have you heard the story of the murderous unicorn lumberjack?
He thought he was doing an act of random kindness.
  • Why are unicorns regarded as among the impatient animal species?
They get to the point.
  • Given that all they do on Facebook is poke people, unicorns need to be outlawed.
  • Have you heard the tale of the unicorn genius who excelled in every subject?
He was definitely an A corn.
  • In order for him to take action, the young unicorn notified his pop-corn while he was being tormented at school.
  • The existence of magical unicorns in Americorn in the past has been confirmed by recent archaeological findings.
  • What do we call a smart unicorn that consistently achieves excellent grades in school? –
A corn.
  • Where do death-row unicorn criminals go?
They proceed down a row of maize.
Unicorn Puns

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Clever Unicorn Puns

Given that unicorns are mythical, mystical animals that are the subject of numerous legends and stories, it is understandable why young children are so enthralled by them. These unique, albeit rather ‘corny’ unicorn puns, are sure to make you laugh, whether or not they are unicorn fans.

  • What distinguishes a unicorn from a carrot?
One is a comical creature, while the other is a bun.
  • What kind of currency do unicorns use?
They use the cornbread.
  • You may spend a night with me every night, but it will always seem like a fantasy. It’s similar to riding a unicorn.
  • Do I resemble a unicorn?
It is because you are definitely giving me the horny vibe.
  • I’m sorry to interrupt your evening, but I just had to let you know that, based on the way you appear, you must be a unicorn.
  • Are you a unicorn, girl?
I want to take you on a trip over the rainbow, so please excuse me.
  • What is the name for an elegant unicorn?
The glamicorn.
  • How would you recognize a unicorn in your home?
They spread glitter all everywhere!
  • What side of a unicorn has more hair than the other?
The exterior.
  • What distinguishes an honest politician from a unicorn?
Absolutely nothing. They are both made-up individuals.
  • In what way do unicorns enter the park?
It is by riding a unicycle.
Unicorn Puns
  • Why should you believe everything a unicorn says?
Because they are no bull.
  • What kind of card game are unicorns into?
They are into playing Uno.
  • What resembles a unicorn in half?
the second half
  • What results from breeding a cow with a unicorn?
We obtain horned cattle.
  • What is the proper name for a unicorn with long eyelashes?
We call it the U-ni-brow.
  • What consumes like a unicorn and is black and white?
It is the zebra.
  • What kind of tale is most appropriate to tell a runaway unicorn?
It is called a whoa story!
  • Why do unicorns enjoy polka music?
They enjoy listening to unicordians.
  • How does the unicorn show off the harvest’s spoils?
A unicornicopia is used.
  • When a unicorn wakes up for a late-night snack, what do you call it?
We call it Star grazing.
  • What happens to bad unicorns?
They go to the Unicourt
  • Why do unicorns enjoy slapstick humor?
They are uni-corny, that’s why.
  • Why did the unicorn play guitar so well?
It is because he was fully versed in unichords.
  • Why was the little unicorn told to go to bed without having dinner?
It is because she continued to play horsing at the dinner table.
  • Have you heard about the unruly unicorn?
Yes, but I didn’t realize these animals could become that horny.
  • New York City is home to unicorns, did you know that?
Why do you suppose they are named uNYCorns, I beg you?
  • Why are unicorns regarded as among the impatient animal species?
They get to the point.
  • Someone promptly responded, “U-need-corn,” when the chef inquired which elements were lacking from the cuisine’s distinctive dish.
  • Where do death-row unicorn criminals go?
They proceed down a corn-row.
  • Let’s get started, shall we?
I simply hope that you won’t find my gags about unicorns to be too obvious. If a unicorn is referred to as an adult, are its young ones referred to as puny-corns?
  • Have you heard the tale of the unicorn genius who excelled in every subject?
He was definitely an A corn.
Unicorn Puns

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