54+Best Vampire Puns and Funny Quotes

A vampire is a lifeless creature from European lore that sucks blood from humans at night. Share some hilarious and humorous vampire jokes with companions to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a collection of some funny vampire puns.

Vampire Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What would you earn when you traverse a vampire with a computer?

Love at first byte.

  • I have met a vampire face to face who became a novelist.
  • What cocktail a vampire likes the most?

A Bloody Mary.

Vampire Puns

_I had a partnership with a vampire.

Vampires were an actual pain in the neck.

_Where is all the money of vampires kept by them?

In the blood bank.

_Are aged vampires rather old?

Living a life of a vampire truly sucks.

_Why did the vampire end the relationship up with her partner?

Because her boyfriend was not her type.

_I’m thinking of enlisting my name at the local vampire association.

Seemingly they are often searching for new blood.

_Do you know about the vampire who harassed his targets with song?

His team was terrible than his bite.

_I was familiar with a vampire entertainer.

He lost his hope because he wasn’t able to find a part he could truly work productively.

_How do vampires cross the sea?

On blood vessels.

_Vampires are often searching for their necks target.

_Why are vampire households always bound together by strong relationships?

Because water is not thicker than blood.

_Why is there always a necessity for cold medicine for vampires?

For their coffin.

_What is said by an infant vampire before going to sleep?

Switch off the light. I’m fearful of the light.

_In the last Halloween gathering I went there outfitted like Vampire and ate all the dishes.

Vampire Puns

I was Dracula the Buffet slayer.

_What kind of soup vampires like the most?

Scream of tomato.

_What is eaten by vampires for breakfast?

Ready Neck.

_What holiday vampires like the most?


_On mirror, vampires are not that frightening.

_Why does everyone hate vampires?

Because vampires are actual pains in the neck.

_Where do vampires have their meal?

At the casketeria.

_Why do vampires make bad creators?

Because vampires constantly prefer to draw blood.

_What song vampires like the least?

Another One Bites The Dust.

_What would a stupid vampire be called?

A silly sucker.

_What fruit vampires like the most?

A blood orange.

_What food a vampire always avoids to order at the cafe?

A steak.

_Which apartment do vampires often go to when they travel to New York?

The Vampire State Building.

_Why do vampires prefer false teeth?

Because vampires come out at night.

_Why did the vampire continue his crazy behavior?

It is in the blood of all vampires.

_Who participates in striker for the vampire soccer group?

The ghoul scorer.

_What dance form does a Spanish vampire like the most?

The Fang-dango.

_What would you receive when you traverse an authoritarian school educator with a vampire?

Lots of blood tests.

_What type of cheese vampires consume?


_Do you know about the vampire who expired because his partner cheated on him?

He adored it in vein.

What Shakespeare play a vampire like the most?

A Midsummer Bite’s Dream.

_What would a duck with fangs be called?


_Why are lentils eaten by vampires?

Because lentils are so into pulses.

_How does a vampire come into his apartment?

Through the bat flap.

_What would a thug vampire be called?

A fangster.

_Do you know the vampire with one fang?

The vampire just had to smile and bare it.

_If vampires don’t have any reflection, how is their hair done by them?

 _A vampire separated with his ladylove after her blood test because the girl was not his type.

 _To end the existence of a French vampire, all you need to do is stick a French stick through the vampire’s heart.

 _The reason why no one wants to accompany the Dracula is because he is such a pain in the neck.

 _Clearly vampires suck blood because coffee doesn’t let them sleep.

Vampire Puns

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