78+ Best Vegetable Puns

Vegetables can be boring and specially for children. They just do not like to eat them. Bit if we associate some laughter with these boring vegies, they may find a reason to eat them. Next time in vegetable market or dinner table, here are some puns for you that you can say and laugh a bit. 

Vegetable Puns

  • The only dressing that impressed me in your party was salad dressing. 
  • I wish she dressed as well as she dresses her salad. 
  • My wife looked so yum that I told her that she was looking radish-ing. 
  • On Sunday’s service of vegetables at the church the carrots were amazing. 
  • On Christmas eve, the carrot singing started and we were all awestruck.
  • The way you have bean is recommendable. 
  • The green dress that you wore was bean admired. 
  • It is difficult to find such a amazing human bean like you. 
  • You just kicked the ass-paragass out of him. 
  • Asparagus was not the only ass that was talked about that night. 
  • You looked beautiful from head Tomato. 
  • Spinach was not the only green leaves we had that night. 
  • Potatoes and we got baked at the same time with some green leave respectively. 
  • My mom entered the house and looked at my mush-room and screamed at me. 
  • I just love the way your Ass-paragass looks.
  • As she walked in, my heart- beet just fell off. 
  • I was so angry that I wanted to beet the shit out of him. 
Vegetable Puns
  • I went on my knees and asked her is she would be peas be mine. 
  • I told him very clearly that I want is my peas of mind. 
  • My weekends are just about wine, dine and peas.
  • If you are a peas loving person, you and I can be friends. 
  • Do not ruin my peas of mind. 
  • She had to shut up Because I gave her a peas of my mind. 
  • You are peas of my heart. 
  • Life gets better when you do not carrot at all. 
  • I have stopped carrot-ing and it does not hurt me any more. 
  • The more you carrot, the more you suffer. 
  • She beets me in English test. 
  • I am a very adjusting person, I do not need mushroom. 
  • DJ said that we should put our hands in the air because he is going to turnip the beet. 
  • Can we turnip the music and sway on the dance floor?
  • Can you give me some beet, said the Guitarist to the drummer. 
  • You know how much I am in love with uni-corn. 
  • People started going inside because it was getting chilli. 
  • As the ice broke, the limes got blurred. 
Vegetable Puns
  • We had so much alcohol that the limes blurred. 
  • Barak-oli was good was US’s health. 
  • You might be corn tomorrow. 
  • You got to understand that olive you so much. 
  • They way they talked about their colleage, I was s-pea-chless. 
  • Bean there. Done that. All a long time ago. 
  • I was not expecting that you would turnip. 
  • Keep calm and peas if you want to live happily. 
  • No matter what anyone says, I know I yam a good person. 
  • I told him not to take so much alcohol that the limes are crossed. 
  • I have some limes, I do not go beyond them
  • I have some limes, you must have a look at them. 
  • You should know about your limes and not go beyond them. 
  • There is this thing about my uncle, he gets corn-y after some time. 
  • The condition of city was scary. The police asked everyone to maintain law and peas.
  • Peas is important. Without it, everything becomes dull. 
  • There is a mushroom for you in my heart. 
  • She thinks that she is not important but she is a peas of my heart. 
  • We had some extra cabbage. We had to pay more to the airlines. 
  • Do you speak spinach?
  • Her sense of humor is amazing. She is just cabbage. 
Vegetable Puns

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