101+ Viking Puns to Make You Giggle Like Crazy

Undoubtedly cheesy as they can be, sharing amusing puns always makes people laugh, and in this day and age, we could all use a little more of that. You’ve definitely heard your fair share of humorous puns before. With this extensive list of the 101 funniest Viking puns, though, we’re increasing the ante and advancing our deft puns. 

These top 101 humorous Viking puns cover a wide range of topics and are all quick and easy ways to make people laugh.

Funny Viking Puns

Are you looking for some humor today? No matter what kind of jokes you’re looking for, short puns, corny puns, or even terrible puns that make you laugh—you can always count on us to have the funniest ones.

But these funny stories offer something unique: They not only make people laugh, but they also make you sound intelligent. Win-win situation! 

Some of these Viking puns will have you perplexed. We’ve explained each one, so you won’t need to worry. You can still impress them with your wit and intelligence.

  • Where do seafaring Viking zombies go? Death Sea! 
  • What alphabet letter is a Viking’s favorite? Rrrrrrrr! 
  • What happens to old Vikings? The Norse abode! 
  • What have fangs, plunders, and raids? Norsferatu! 
  • What would you call a Viking disco group? The Pillage Folks! 
  • What kind of music do Vikings enjoy? Ragna-rock! 
  • Where do the Viking rodents live? Miceland! 
  • How about a Viking joke? Never mind, you can purchase it in Norway! 
  • Which day of the week is the loveliest for Vikings? It’s Valentines’ Day! 
  • What happened to the reincarnated Viking? He was once more Bjorn! 
  • If a Viking doesn’t consume animal products, what do you name them? Norvegan! 
  • The Viking addressed her husband in what way? “Deer, I think it’s going to rain!” 
  • How do Vikings exchange ideas? Norse writing! 
  • What transpired to the Viking deity that unintentionally struckRudolph the Red, a Viking, was gazing out his window one night when he abruptly announced, “It’s going to rain.” How do you know? His wife enquired. Rudolph the Red is aware of the rain, my love. 
  • How did Vikings communicate in secret? Norse script. 
  • What do you call a Viking who is a vegetarian? Norvegan. 
  • Have you heard about the reincarnated Viking? He was once more Korea.
  • A child had to take part in a raid in accordance with the Vikings’ initiative tradition in order to become a full man. It is said that it costs a fortune to raise a child. The sixth generation of kings is the Vikings. 
  • What did the Vikings call America when they first arrived there? America the Norse.
  • In the backyard, I was excavating when I discovered an abundance of Viking coins. I nearly went inside to inform my wife because I was so excited. For a while, I forgot why I was digging. 

Viking Puns

Even when they are made at someone else’s expense, puns are a great part of life. The next best thing to smile; laughter increases pleasure, enhances satisfaction, and makes life happier.

So long as the majority of us are able to laugh, I believe it is acceptable for some people to cry—specifically, those who are the target of the joke. The final phrase is a joke. Or perhaps it isn’t. You have to decide which Viking joke made you crazy the most.

  • Why are Nordic women so attractive? The ugly ones weren’t brought back by the Vikings. 
  • My girlfriend threatened to fight me to the death if I didn’t give up my passion for Viking culture. Jokes on you, I retorted. “I’ll go straight to Valhalla if I die in combat.” 
  • Are you up for some Viking humor? Never mind, you might make fun of it in Norway. 
  • How do you get in touch with a Viking warrior’s spirit? An Ouija board, of course. 
  • When a well-known Viking explorer arrived home after a journey, he discovered that his name was missing from the town record. His wife insisted on complaining to the neighborhood councilman, who sincerely apologized and said: Leif must no longer be on my census, I thought. I’m forming a disco group with several of my buddies.
  • What utters a Muslim Viking in a theatre? The snack bar Valhalla.
  • What beverages are the Vikings’ favorites? Little Sodas.
  • A Viking embellishes a newly constructed axe with symbols. “Oh no, I’ve run it,” said whoever replaced the Vikings. 
  • Those Z-kings, My girlfriend, threatened to fight me to the death if I didn’t give up my passion for Viking culture. Jokes on you, I retorted. “I’ll go straight to Valhalla if I die in combat.” 
  • How did the Viking gathering go? Lovely Loki. 
  • How do Vikings draw attention to one another? A ValHolla! Even though it may take a village to raise a child, all it takes is one Viking to level a whole settlement. 
  • What made the Viking boxer so popular? He “rocked” the residence. Viking strolled
  • When you leave the homes of Scandinavian nobility, what do you say? Viking.
  • When a ship or Vikings mysteriously disappear, there is a commotion in the Norse culture. 
  • There’s a computer game called Valkyrie’s Profile that centers on an FBI psychologist who is on the prowl for a Viking Angel of Death. 
  • A Viking’s baby is kept where? In the Norsery,” joked the Vikings.
  • Why are the Vikings so popular among West Virginians? From their cousins, they contract theilens. As they say, it takes plunder to raise a child. 
  • The Vikings had an innovative custom where a youngster had to take part in a raid to become a full man.
  • What dance is a Viking’s favorite? Loki’s cokey. 
  • How does a Viking drive a vehicle? Brrrr.
  • What letter is a Viking’s favorite? Of course, it’s the C! 
  • When questioned about his motivations, the Viking chieftain said what? I intend to stay in the long hall. Have you heard about the reincarnated Viking? He was once more Bjorn. 
  • A child had to take part in a raid in accordance with the Vikings’ initiative tradition in order to become a full man. It is said that it costs a fortune to raise a child. 
  • When a man enters a Chinese restaurant, he encounters individuals in Viking garb. “Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. Being a seasoned traveler, the environment on my outings must be ideal. I must politely request that you go.” A large, strong man in Viking armor approached the other person. He added, “Norway,” The earliest Viking parenting book, has been discovered by Norwegian archaeologists. The title is “It Takes a Pillage,” when translated into modern English.
  • What do you call a defeated Viking who is worn out? Low-energy.
  • Bluetooth Not exactly the best at drinking games were the Vikings. They were VERY MEADER. 
  • What do you call the steadfast mount of a Viking soldier? Obviously, a horse in the Norse force. 
  • What do Vikings refer to when they get their hair cut? Barberians. 
  • What distinguishes a Viking from the Bond character in the space movie? One is a “Moonraker,” while the other creates runes. 
  • Why did the instructor choose to lecture about Thor’s development in Viking mythology?
  • Both literature and the history of Northern Europe in her class? She intended to use a Meta-Thor to illustrate. 
  • After a dad joke, what did a Viking say to the other? What did you do there, Aesir? 
  • What did the Vikings call America when they first arrived there? America the Norse
  • What is a Viking who has been bitten by a vampire known as? Norseferatu
  • What legends did the Vikings teach their young ones? The Norse rhymes.
  •  What addressed the wayward marauders in the Viking boss’s band? Either go my way or go to Norway! 
  • Why did the Vikings use longboats to travel to England? Too far to swim, actually! 
  • The Vikings were excellent navigators; why? A Norse can be convinced to drink, but you can’t make him drown. Why do businesses worldwide
  • Is there a Viking apocalypse? Owing to their expertise in hacking A Viking, was Henry VI? 
  • What do you call a Viking who plays basketball exceptionally well? a Ballad of Vallhalla. 
  • What gaming system is most favored by Vikings? The toolbox.
  • What do the Vikings refer to as English villages? Cutting facilities. 
  • Why is cereal off-limits to Vikings fans? So they suffocate before they ever get to the dish. 
  • When Vikings age, where do they go? The Norse residence. 
  • Did the Vikings hold reincarnation beliefs? It’s a rhetorical query, you know. 
  • Where was the Viking’s instrument purchased? Roman warriors for Nordstrom are well-trained.
  • But Bjorn is a Viking. What is a Viking cat called? Valholla.
  • How did Vikings communicate in secret? Coda Norse 
  • What did Voluptuous Valkyrie hear from Dead Viking? There is Valhalla. 
  • What do you name a bike club in Sweden? A Viking Bicycle
  • My Viking simply does not enjoy old Norse cuisine. When they pass on, where do Viking warrior scrabble champions go? Vowel-Halla Why are there barcodes on Viking ships? It’s so they can do a naval scan. 
  • How does a Viking demonstrate the simultaneous raiding and pillaging that they engage in? The Sven Diagram is employed. 
  • Death doesn’t terrify the Vikings. They are aware that Bjorn will reappear. 
  • Did you hear about the Viking who bit his tongue and struck his thumb with a hammer? Thor appeared. 
  • What is the name of the Viking cemetery? a fjord of grey. 
  • Don’t send our invitations to a wedding with a Viking theme unless the date is confirmed. They might also run. 
  • Where do the ancestors of the southern Vikings go after death? Y’allhalla. 
  • What music did the Vikings prefer to listen to when they invaded England? Pearl Jam’s Heathen Flow 
  • Do you want to hear a Viking joke? Never mind, you might make fun of it in Norway. 
  • Have you heard about the cannibal Viking? He had Swedish teeth. 
  • What was said between two Viking war paints? You are a Thane, Poly. 
  • The Vikings’ lack of high doorknobs is understandable. Owing to Loki. 

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