65+ Catchy Walking Puns and Funny Quotes

Walking early in the morning helps in the proper circulation of blood within our system and we are able to get rid of our day-to-day worries and anxieties as well. In fact, the doctors suggest that people walk on a regular basis for at least 30 minutes daily. Here are some intriguing walking puns.

Walking Puns

  • A person has gone out for walking his canines. 
  • When one person asked him whether those are Jack Russels, the man quickly replied that no, they belong to him.
  • I had been walking past an establishment when I came across a guy who was hammering the roof and he called me a little paranoid weirdo. 
  • In morse code. 
  • 3 guys had been walking through the forest one day and all of a sudden they stumbled upon some tracks.
  • While the first boy told that those happen to be deer tracks, the second one told that those were actually bear tracks for sure. 
Walking Puns

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  • The other lad was eventually hit by a train.
  • Santa Claus, Spiderman, and one talented member of Nickelback have been walking down the road when they found a bill of $100. 
  • It is Spiderman who gets the bill since Santa actually does not exist and nothing is there as a talented Nickelback member.
  • A couple of blondes has been walking through the park when one told the other to look at a poor little pup having one eye.
  • The second blonde asks were after covering one of her eyes with her hand.
  • Have you heard of the man who was picked up by the cop because of carrying with him a secondary stick for walking?
  • He had been detained for possessing cocane.
  • A couple of guys is walking down the street when they come across a pooch relaxing on the sidewalk and licking the balls. 
Walking Puns
  • One of the men told the other that he wants to do that as well. 
  • The other guy suggests he pet the dog first.
  • 3 peanuts have been walking down the road. 
  • One of them had been assaulted.
  • That day my buddy and I watched an alligator that was dehydrated while we had been walking right through the zoo, and I asked my buddy regarding what ought to be done by us. 
  • My friend responded that the vet should be called such that the alligator could get some GatorAid”.
  • A rabbi and a priest had been walking down the road when a small lad of about 8 years of age jumped right in front of them and mooned them prior to smiling and running away. 
  • While the rabbi told that somebody should have done something to that little brute the priest told smilingly that he was thinking exactly that!

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Walking Puns

Inspirational Walking Quotes

  • While a police officer watches a lady walking along the road with one of her tits hanging out he tells her that she needed to adjust her shirt. 
  • In reply, she says that she has left her infant on the bus!     
  • My pup had been walking somewhat weird and then I came to understand that he had a couple of left feet.
  • Last Saturday I purchased some walking boots, several waterproofs, and a rucksack. 
  • I walked towards the local national park this morning, strolled for around 5 miles, and then sat close to the waterfall while enjoying a cup of coffee. Following this, I walked for 5 more miles and ate a biscuit … Sorry, I am rambling.
  • A Shinto priest had been walking by a Japanese Communist Party member holding a Marx’s Manifesto copy. 
  • After pointing at the man, he shouted whether he was a kami.
  • A couple of psychics bumps into one another while walking along the road …
  • One of them tells the other one that the second person had been doing alright, and what about him?
  • I had been walking with a buddy down the street and discovered a couple of blind men fighting.
  • We went closer and I was told them that the one holding the knife is going to win the bout. 
Walking Puns

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