101+ Best War Puns and Funny jokes

War is actually as we all know the fight or more specifically an armed conflict or confrontation between any two groups or even between any two countries. We all must actually make efforts for maintaining international peace as well as cooperation rather than these warfares. 

War Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Open that DRA – WAR and take out that very book from it 
  • Could you please take that pen out of that DRA – WAR 
  • Do you actually know that what is WAR – WAR 
  • WAR – WAR is actually a gelatinous substance 
  • I actually got my very interior done from D DEWAR 
  • The very interior designing of my house was actually done by D DEWAR 
  • WAR you nuts 
  • Why WAR you actually at the back of me 
  • WAR you really interested in actually talking to me 
  • How WARE you actually say this to me 
  • Would any one of you like to play Truth and WARE 
  • I guess there is actually some kind of MALWARE in my phone 
  • Every one should actually be careful from all these MALWARE that may actually harm your devices. 
  • WARING is actually a good habit 
  • When you actually WARE then you actually care 
  • Do you really WARE for me 
  • Tell me do you actually WARE for me 
  • Mother actually always WARES for her children 
  • You must actually be AWARE of what is actually happening around you 
  • AWARENESS is actually very very necessary for all of us specially in today’s world 
  • WAR you actually aware of her habits 
War Puns
  • Today I actually purchased a WAR 
  • Volkswagen is actually my favourite WAR company 
  • My WAR had actually been taken for maintenance 
  • How WAR do you actually live 
  • That place is actually too very WAR 
  • Your house is actually too WAR for me to reach there 
  • One day you would definitely be a Super – SWAR 
  • I actually really wish you to be SWAR some day 
  • I am actually the ROCK – SWAR 
  • I am actually going to attend that SEMI – WAR 
  • Have you actually been to that very SEMI – WAR 
  • That SEMI – WAR was actually so very productive for all the participants 
  • The unit for velocity is meter WAR second square 
  • You can actually not WAR me from entering in to that very conference hall 
  • You are actually no one to WAR me from going through that very way 
  • Could you actually please get me a WAR of chocolate to eat 
  • Did you actually ate that very WAR of chocolate 
  • I would actually like to have that very WAR of chocolate 
  • I am actually going to take WAR
  • I am actually going to the washroom for taking WAR 
  • Did you actually took WAR today 
  • Did you actually consulted you very doctor for the treatment of these SWARS 
  • Did you actually ever tried CI – WAR in your entire life 
  • Do you actually know how to smoke a CI – WAR 
War Puns

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War Quotes

  • CIG – WARETTE is actually cancerous to your very health 
  • You must actually stop smoking CIG – WARETTES as they are actually so very harmful to your very health 
  • I actually did all my shopping from Big BA – WAR 
  • Have you actually ever been to Big BAWAR for your shopping 
  • I actually redeemed all my BIG BAWAR’s points today after shopping 
  • She is actually SWAREING at me from so very long 
  • That guy is actually SWAREING at me continuously from so very long 
  • Don’t even try to SWARE me 
  • I am actually not at all SWARED of the ghosts 
  • WAR you actually SWARED of ghosts 
  • Could you actually please pass me with that very WAR of pickle 
  • The pickle is actually filled in that very WAR 
  • She actually broke that very WAR last night 
  • That very WAR actually broke because of her mistake
  • They WAR actually waiting for you 
  • WAR were you 
  • WAR is actually that place 
  • Only Half an WAR more then it would actually be completed
  • Could you actually wait for Half an WAR more so that I could actually complete this work of mine 
  • This is actually not WARE 
  • This milk is actually not WARM 
War Puns
  • Today I actually saw so many EARTH – WARMS 
  • EARTH – WARMS are actually also eaten by many people around the world 
  • TAPE – WARMS actually live inside our very intestines 
  • Do you actually know that you can find TAPE – WARMS inside your intestines 
  • As WAR the information that I received it is actually going to rain so very heavily 
  • Have you actually studied about the WAR level in the hospitality class 
  • The prices of the oil BATTLE are actually rising 
  • The wines are actually matured in the oak BATTLES 
  • Could you please change that BATTLE on the television 
  • BBC is actually the British Broadcast BATTLE 
  • BATTLE farming is actually the very source of livelihood for so many farmers 
  • BATTLE rearing as well as BATTLE farming actually also add a lot more to the country’s GDP 
  • In deserts type of areas you would actually find maximum of BATTLES as the very mode of transportation 
  • Earlier the BATTLES were actually used by many people around the world as the mode for transportation 
  • I am actually going to do BATTLE ride today 
  • I am actually a BATTLE blogger 
  • I am aspire to be a BATTLE blogger 
  • Could you please lit those BATTLES as there is no electricity 
  • I actually had Cadbury BATTLE chocolate today 
  • Cadbury BATTLE is actually my favourite chocolate 
  • The inner layer of earth is actually made of BATTLE and core 
  • Lithosphere is actually made up of BATTLE and core 
War Puns

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