61+ Best Water Puns

Puns are the most funny way of putting for ward a sentence. Using puns about some simple thing like water that is talked about the most will make your sentences hilarious. Here are some water puns that you can use to make people around you laugh. 

Water Puns

  • Water you doing?
  • Water you doing here in the dense of the forest alone?
  • Water they going to do to the baby lion they caught in the fields?
  • Watery going to do when college gets over? We do not even have a plan.
  • Watery going to wear on her wedding as bridesmaid? 
  • I have not made any plans tonight. Watery doing near the pool? 
  • Water bout your loss?
  • Water bout if you guys have lunch with us today and then we all can go for some fun. 
  • Water you think about him and me getting married? 
  • I haven’t given much of a thought to going out with them. Water you think? Should we go?
  • Waterever the case is, I will not let him go if he is guilty. 
Water Puns
  • Waterever it is, really do not care what do you think about me. I will do as I wish. You cannot control that. 
  • They were dead. Icey them floating over the water in the pond. It was a horrible sight. 
  • I told him waterever he wanted to know and still he kept me in there for like a day and kept torturing me.
  • Icey him being cold to me. I cannot understand his this kind of behavior. 
  • Icey him going out with the new girl a lot nowadays. I think something is going on. 
  • Icey it is raining. It might snow later at night. The temperature will be falling drastically. 
  • I have just met them one time but they steam to be good people. 
  • The dress did not look so good in pictures but when it arrived, it steamed gorgeous. 
  • It was so cold due to the storm but that I could not inhail properly. 
  • We had to rain fast in order to not get wet. 
  • This is so sad to say that the present government does not care about the people or democra-sea. 
Water Puns
  • It was government poli-sea to not consider any of these papers and get the new ones made for the registration. 
  • He arrived so late that I had to wet for him in the rain and due to this I got sick. 
  • I have been wetting for this opportunity since a very long time. I will not at any cost miss this. 
  • Dew you want to grab some coffee and a sandwich and then carry on with the road because it is going to be a long drive down there.
  • Dew you have some time? I need to sit down with you and talk for a bit. 
  • Dew you drive this car? 
  • How dew you dew? It has been a long time since I have sea-n you. 
  • Beach of you need to grab your towels if you want to go skinny dipping. 
  • The gifts were given to beach of their kids and they became so Happy on receiving them. 
  • He was a shallow man. 
  • Lake her mother, she too is a world class swimmer. 
  • I really lake her but she does not feel the same about me. 
  • There is snow way I am going ti agree with this kind of nonsense behavior of his. 
  • There were snow fish in the sea. 
  • I have snow patience left for him. He just keeps getting on my nerves. 
  • I made a fish that you always stay happy and healthy. 
  • I sea that you are making a loy of sacrifices to make this work but she is too cold to react to anything dew are dew-ing. 
  • Water you wearing tonight at the party? 
Water Puns

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