49+ Best Web Puns and Funny Quotes

Web has become such an important part of our lives. It is because of it we are all connected to the world and it has made things so much easy for us. But little we know that we can use web in our day to day talks and make them humorous. Here are some web puns that will make you giggle.  

Web Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I sat down with the web designer and talked in details as to how he was going to begin. 
  • The web designer they hired was very handsome. The entire office was awestruck. 
  • In the concert web sheeran played and sang. The crowd went crazy and danced to the music. 
  • I need to web used to his ways of doing work if I need to work with him else he might just throw me out.
  • This is the way they talk to people. You better web used to it if you want to survive here like the previous one. 
  • We should start all over again, I think we web off the wrong foot.
  • He was standing on the web. He might fall any time so I asked him to move back after which he was so thankful. 
  • The relationship was on the web. We are waiting for it to end so that we could get some peace. 
  • The house was so old that it was covered with spider webs in all the places. It gave it such a haunted look.
  • I was cleaning the house during the festival and all I had to do was clean the cob webs of the place. 
  • The floor was web and I tripped on it and broke a bone. I should have seen the sign.
  • The clothes are web. Give them time to dry in the sun so that I can fold them and keep the properly. 
  • I told him about everything. He web that I should go and talk to them very soon. 
  • I was waiting for him to reply since a very long time. He web that he was busy and might not be available today. 
  • She told me to keep the web wipes in her bag but it just slipped off my mind. 
  • He was a very famous web of the b town. Everyone liked her.
  • All we wanted was to web some peace of such a chaotic day but the guests kept coming one after another. 
  • I walk on the web and they need to understand that they should not trigger me. 
  • The office installed new webcams after there were things missing from different desks.
  • He did not know that there were webcams in the mall and his activities were being monitored. 
  • The police traced the culprits due to the images they could collect from the webcams at different shops. 
  • The website crashed that night and we had nothing to do other than sit and wait for things to get fixed. 
  • She is a famous person. She has like a million followers on her weblog. That well she writes. 
  • I have recently started writing a weblog. It keeps me occupied and makes me feel good about my day. 
  • The duck’s webbed feet were injured. That was the reason she could not swim properly. 
  • Ducks swim because they have webbed feet. 
  • The webcast was live and we all sat across the hall to watch how will it end. 
  • I am so upset that I missed her webcast. I know she will be me so mad at me. 
  • The weber kept changing as the machine was moved across the room. Everyone got so confused. 
  • She brought such a beautiful webbing strap for me that I was awestruck. 
  • The webbing was so weak of the belt that it could not last much long. 
  • The webbing of his glove was open which lead to his hand injury when the ball hit his hand with full speed. 
  • There was his name engraved on the webbing of his gloves. He gets them done specially. 
  • The webpages were filled with the news of his death. I was taken aback. 
Web Puns

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